5 on 5

During our lunch, I came to know about a person who eats only twice a day. The person wakes up at 3: 30 AM…takes his first food at 4:00 AM and then the second and last meal is at 8:00 AM. This person has surely stopped his aging. That’s my 1 of 5!

Choir singing brings students together and the opportunity to perform in front of their parents which provides them confidence. We attended one today and it was music to ears and happiness to our eyes.  That’s 2 of 5!

IF you make the food fresh and with your heart. It is going to taste delicious. I had to go out for lunch and I gave my lunch box to one of my colleagues and it was thoroughly enjoyed. That’s 3 of 5!

If you listen attentively. The answer will be in the question itself. Most of us know what part and missing the How part. That’s 4 of 5!  AND

The move is a new mantra and if you have to have in your wrist the smartwatch to see how much you have moved. Give one to each of your family members and see the outcome. Today at the end of the day some of us were 12K steps. That’s our 5 of 5!





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