It’s 25 Jan…

… only 11 months to Christmas! One month has passed from the last one and here are few of my observations –

  1. The Christmas light which look so good does not have the same impact in January.
  2. Buy 2 get 2 free is also a sign on the retail window shops.
  3. Magazines have cover page loose belly. Well normally I see loose weights. They were also there!
  4. Winter caps and gloves are damn cheap.
  5. File your tax and get instant refund are on billboards and digital. They know you need money to pay off your debts.
  6. Two holidays one of-course New Year and second Dr King’s birthday.
  7. Gym membership is as attractive as it could be!
  8. Offers on new car.
  9. Deals on hot weather vacations.
  10. Kids / students focus on their studies for board examinations ( Grade 10 and 12).
  11. Let’s write the script what we need rather what we wish for.

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