14 Truths to Never Ignore

  1. The number which shows when you step up on the weighting machine.
  2. If your body is tired it will ask for a rest. Listen to it.
  3. If you sleep more than its required you will feel tired. Balance is the key.
  4. Too much of electronics will make you irritable. Take a break from it.
  5. Hot water bath will make you feel good at that point of time but a cold water bath is good for your skin longevity and youth.
  6. Cold water taste good but drinking hot water will do magic to your body.
  7. If you make 5 and 6 practice in your life it will be magical as told by one of the person who climbed the Mount Everest in one of the seminar I attended.
  8. Walking is least we can do and I read once an article there is a person who has been walking 4 miles a day and she looks always 10 years younger to her age.
  9. The 90 minutes exercise if you can afford can do wonder to oneself.
  10. Reading is a gift to oneself.
  11. Your writing read by someone is a return gift.
  12. Situations should be judged with its nature, complexity, and then solutions should be worked.
  13. The current world is trying to make us believe everything in 250 words or less. Doing one research is key for any subject you quickly believe in.
  14. Shutting your mind from time to time is a Reset button which helps next things happens without effort.

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