Number 1 is Walking

“I am really bad about walking.”

“I don’t have time to walk”

“I don’t have a place to walk”

“I am too young or old or fat or slim to walk”

Do any of the above comments sound like something you have thought or said? Even if these thoughts have crossed your lips or mind, do not let them keep you from enjoying the benefits of a walk.

As a long runner why I am writing about walking…what is Better For One can not be Better for All?

Everything can not be better for everyone and there is one thing which is…good for all of us its called -Walking!

Once upon a Reader Digest when I was 12 years old about the same as my elder son now… I read an article based called how a person has been walking 4 miles every day and has felt/looked 10 less of the age from the friend circle and family members. Talking of Reader Digest my elder one started reading/liking as we could not get books from the library in the initial lockdown. The best he keep looking if the postal has delivered it or not for the month. There is something that can not change from the generations and its the Reader Digest!

Research and Reading will reveal or if you believe in what you reading now …the best for any of us or individuals is in this order -1. Walking 2. Bicycling 3. Swimming, 4.Elliptical, and 5. Running.

So No. 1 is Walking and how many miles …the optimum is 4 miles – the Rx is simple if you don’t see the benefit either you increase miles or increase the days.

Talking of Rx in Japan doctors prescribe what is called in their language is SHINRIN -YOKU ( Forest Bathing and it is walking in the Woods). The sounds of the forest, the scent of the trees, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the fresh, clean air helps in comfort, ease out stress and worry, help to relax, and help think more clearly. Japanese don’t believe in magic pills you got to move!

After walk, you will be back of energy, vitality, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Takeaways from my post…Walk Walk Walk Walk – don’t go with what others do you do what is No. 1 in the list!

4 Miles is just a walking distance!

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