Decoding What Your Body and Mind are Saying

Decoding What Your Body and Mind are Saying.

This morning I had plans to run and then after running half a mile I felt it is going to take me long for both running and most important recovering from it. After all its Tuesday!

First I stopped the GPS in Garmin and discarded my run. I selected Walk and touched the Start Button!


Why did I start running in the first place?

I wanted to decode the first question… the answer I found after a few minutes – sometimes we just do because of habit.

In this case, my mind was tuned to run but the body did not because it had enough from Monday run. Listen to your body as they say this is the place you are going to stay!


I realized the body must be slow but my mind was rushing like a car at 40 Miles Per Hour in a speed zone of 25 MPH…What did I do?

I took a brand new path to a forest reserve and this I have seen from outside but never been. There was no one for a mile except for the lush greenery, chirping birds, and sounds on my foot. It though slowed down my mind as I was trying to pay attention to find the familiarity. After a mile I did. You got to slow down your rushing mind. Give a new Challenge, the brain loves it, and mind within it will accept it!


How do you reach your goal?

Either you increase your pace or/and timeline. In other words, Push yourself!

One Last Thing

Be Honest and Open to oneself…Decoding what your mind and body are saying will be – effortless and helpful to yourself!

2 thoughts on “Decoding What Your Body and Mind are Saying

  1. ♡ Agreed because it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Harmony between Head and Heart Pays Dividends in The Currency of Love; there is also Peace of Mind and a Sated Soul



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