No Green Time

It rained all morning and most of the days as forecast. There is no Green Time planned for the day. All inside taking care of things which are important, playing indoor games, reading, and watching movies  All this was possible as I have kept my phone in the drawer for the whole day. Let me tell you not looking at things made all things possible without interruptions. 
Green Time is what I learned yesterday in one of the wellness class which my company has organized for all of us to attend. I do it you do it we all do it but did not know that it has a noun. It is a time when we spend outside walking, running, hiking watch those green around us. Got Green Time? 
One thing which we surprised me from a fellow blogger and I have asked her how part and till I get please read on what it is…The Swiss love chocolate. They eat over 11 kilos of chocolate per person each year. Yet they have the least obese population in the whole of Europe, Do you know how that is possible? 

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