I will try to see if I have done 16 things on 16 or not

1. The best thing I was asked does I still do Plank which I started as a 30 days challenge last year from the company. The answer is affirmative. 1-minute front and 30 seconds for each side. This all started like 115 days back! 

2. The early morning run of 5k took 26.26. Can you tell me the pace?

3. Blue tooth for calls. For short calls like an hour, its good or else start bothering. The speakerphone is the best.

4. Watched TED How to succeed, get more sleep. Do you know our organ sleep from 11 PM to 3 AM. whether we sleep or not? 

5. Work

6. Lunch Break. These days this one is very important and the best thing to avoid taking lunch at your work table. 

7. Ice cream socials at the kid’s school. All the teachers were there waving and we did not have to get down from the car. It was the best part to see everyone. Real-time is actual-time.

8. Lawn mowing. Summer is coming to end and we did not have much growth of grass as it was dry August. 

9. Taking helps of kids for car and bicycle wash. 

10. Asking kids and taking their help to fold laundry. How online we go certain things we have to do no matter what? What do you say?

 11. Reading

12. Looking at memories. On this day!

13. Researching more on news on why Tesla stocks would go higher as they have coming up with a million miles battery. Do you think in our lifetime we can do something like a million miles like walking/bicycling/running or ____

14. Discarding or recycling old stuff.

15. Listening to folks. 

16. Based on point no 15 for some of their points telling them if you want to feel bad start comparing yourself with others especially on what electronics they have. Gadgets have importance but they are not everything. This is more like I have to keep self reminding me and them. 

Bonus Breathing!

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