21st September, The Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer of 2020———————————————
Today is the last day of Summer and I am sure it would have been very different for all of us. In Chicago summer is only of 90 days. This summer would be the first one where we have not been to any place. Well, still on a brighter side lot of things got accomplished on personal and professional level. Everyone one of us will remember if asked longest you have stayed in one place without going anywhere would be the home. 
I have a faith this time will go away and the world will be opening for each other soon. People who have to travel should absolutely do it and people don’t can help the local economy. 
Take care and keep praying as prayer has power. 
How would you describe your summer? Before I hear from you my friends mine would be 

1. Superb as I had PR on my Half Marathon

2. Unique as I worked on my goal

3.Managed family time. 

4. Miles on bicycle more than on car. 

5. Enjoyed  reading/writing.

 6. Role model for some. 

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