Tuesday 3 T’s

Fill up the blank, ” The Tuesday is the _____day of the Week”. 

PS: I consulted the physical Websters’ Dictionary and it says its noun and the third day of the week. 

Well, the point I am trying to say if we have 7 days in a week any day we can make it a start or end but things do not work that way as we have to an agreement as a citizen, community, and continent. 

Let’s talk about 3 T’s on our Tuesday, what are those, and are we born with or can be developed. 

  1. Talent: One is born with and it can be developed over time as well. 
  2. Traditional Wisdom: It has to be shared from one generation to another keep writing and share it. 
  3. Thing: One thing it should be by default on your face or you have to bring on someone’s face and it’s the smile. 

That’s all from my side!

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