Push or Pull

I don’t remember when they last went out at lunch and had some Vitamin D. Maybe December of 2020. Anyway, we know our January is brutal and it does extend to February. What we can’t change we can’t but then this year many things stopped for growing kids especially outdoor sports. A year lost is a year missed!

Today, on the menu we got some Vitamin D and some refreshing air. It’s very important to be out of home even for short durations and for some of us it’s easy as we want to go on our own and some may need a push. The mantra is simple either get pushed or pulled but go outside and get nurtured by nature.

5 thoughts on “Push or Pull

  1. A friend from Canada tells me, “There is no such thing as too cold; only inadequate clothing!” 😁
    So Anita and I bundled up in coats we had from Canada and gloves and hats from Mongolia, and got in walks on most of the days, even when it was 15⁰F (-10⁰C). The only thing that stopped us was when the wind was blowing so hard, or if it was actually sleeting, and one day the ice was sooo slippery, Anita would only go one block with me.
    But today, we actually unzipped our light jackets as we walked, took off our lighter gloves and enjoyed the sunshine (even though, actually, I LIKE cloudy days πŸ˜‰).
    Spring has sprung!

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  2. Great advice! We’re in lockdown still in Toronto and Vitamin D is hard to come by when you’re limited but the importance to health is key. I take supplements right now to make sure I get enough, but nothing beats being outdoors!

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