Me Hour

In this Me Hour, I did not do any multitasking. Whenever my thoughts drifted I tried to anchor them back with my breathe. Was it easy the simple answer is no but as they say everything comes to perfection with practices.

Here is my 8 on 8:

  1. We have more greens. Spring is here.
  2. Some of us forgot to check the weather and I did see them drenching in rain.
  3. A new rule: The school does not allow them to talk inside the class. Speak less and spread less or when required!
  4. They will have vaccinations for everyone above 16 from coming 19.
  5. Gardening is the next thing and some folks are looking forward to it.
  6. Mask is mandatory till May for sure! Some of us are also keeping a backup in our bag.
  7. I took some chips from them before giving them and explained this is an example of tax.
  8. Research shows walking is the most effective exercise. To believe the research and see the outcome you have to walk.

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