Matinee Show Saina

There are days when you can be out and there are days you get to be inside as it starts raining all day. And a day like today gives you time to watch a Matinee show and it was Saina ( A movie based on Indian Badminton player Saina Nehwal). My takeaway to reach her level and beyond one sure need the following 5 D’s.

  1. Discipline: Like waking up early morning.
  2. Determination: It is not who wants to win but winning is the only way you look at your game.
  3. Diet: It is a very important and good one that plays a dual role at the mind and gut level.
  4. Dream: Something to focus on when you are not playing and then to achieve it when you play.
  5. Do it.

There are 5 S’s as well which the coach told the young and aspiring Badminton player that is an indoor game and it requires 1. Stamina. 2. Strengths 3. Skills 4. Speed, and 5. Spirit. The first four can be trained but the spirit…one has to – bring it on.

Watching with kids they got drawn to the movie when Mom in the movie was feeding Saina… Paratha with lots of butter and they loved the end as everyone were eating Amul Ice Cream!

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