An Evening Yoga With Dad

There is a Yoga Therapist and Teacher who comes every day to get him some yoga done.

When a teacher is not able to come I do with him and thus the heading An Evening Yoga with Dad.

My Yoga sessions are for an hour and it has the following :

1. Awareness: Recognize your current state in which try to find out how is breathing., surrounding sounds or noise. Take a few deep breathe and get ready for

2. Suhkhs Vayam: It’s a micro Yoga from head to toe.

3. Asana: We did a couple of Asana in supine positions.

4. Pranayama: It’s giving direction to one’s breathe.

5. Yoga Nidra: This is where Mind is active and we are trying to make another part relaxed

The above 5 steps are to give time to your mind, body, breath, muscles, and soul.

Some time someone absent gets you more time with you and your family.

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