Sunil Sunday Short Story

Well, my name is Sunil, and I am starting from today short story and calling it, “ Sunil Sunday Short Story”

I met someone who stopped taking his Master’s course when it started over Zoom. The reasons

This course when joined was to learn more by being in the classroom. Not virtual.

How was that possible?

The 2nd reason is that this is an additional Master’s degree enrolled part-time while earning and running a household. No rush!

To sum, the idea is to get more understanding by being in the classroom which helps in more face-to-face interaction, asking the right questions and responding real time.

That’s all on Sunil Sunday Short Story and the title is I want to be in the classroom.

5 thoughts on “Sunil Sunday Short Story

  1. “Short and sweet.” 😉
    So is Sunil YOUR name? And just wondering, if you are the Master’s student?
    In any case, Zoom can be used very effectively, almost as good as in-person classroom time, depending of course, on how many students are in the class.
    But faculty that are Zooming with students usually make extra time for real learners because they are always a joy to a teacher, as opposed to those who do not really want to learn.
    Sadly, some just want a grade so they can get another job, and do not really value learning.

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    1. Yes, my name is Sunil. This story is about my friend who has already one master’s degree in risk management and now he is pursuing private equity. So on his 8 hours day job, he is already zooming with his team. Hence he opted out and now since classes have started…he is going to classrooms.

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