Monday Magical Mindfulness

Why have chicken which gives the egg? Even though it’s not a golden egg. Well, that’s a different story for some another day.

Here, on my 3 M’s…the top 3 reasons why I love eggs – resonates with reason number 2 moreover others. Mainly, the 1st part “It is very filling”.

  1. Eggs provide a great source of Vitamin D.
  2. Eggs are filling and help with weight management.
  3. Eggs are nutrient-rich.

Now, the question to all readers…what one food makes you full even if you eat less of it?

PS: Please consult your nutritionist to have or not to have eggs.

One thought on “Monday Magical Mindfulness

  1. They look scrambled, which can be delicious plain or with almost any spice according to taste. 😋
    Anita and I almost every day have a boiled egg and yogurt for lunch. I like mine soft boiled, with a runny yolk, but she always boils hers longer.

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