Beware of low price

The price seems too true to be real till it got rejected. Has this happened to you?

Today this happened to me. I did book online through 3rd party who claims to provide the cheapest price and they said it would be 40 dollars for a day. I thought by doing this I am saving another 40 dollars.

When I went to them they said it’s from a third party and you booked it today and asked for it today we are sorry and we are out of it. Can’t do anything about it? I did even correct them to have the right algorithms in the first place. Why would I not look for on World Wide Web if I need something now?

I realized it would be waste of time arguing with them and meantime I tried what I wanted to do in the first place. I got the same price I intended to and thus I went for it. The only benefit of traveling such a distance in the first place got me the service and saved me the hassle!

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