8 miles, it’s a wrap

8 miles, it’s a wrap

Today, it’s the end of 18 weeks in the Chicago Marathon training and it’s the last Saturday we run 8 miles.

The idea is not 8 miles but how you run it in a stretch.

I had two plans in my mind. 1. Go west 4 miles and make a U-turn. 2. Go west, turn north, turn east, turn south, and turn east and I am done with 8 miles.

I preferred 2nd as it resonates with NEWS and gives me new scenes. This route has also stopped signs, traffic lights, etc.

Talking of traffic lights there were 17 seconds to cross the 4 Lane road for folks on bikes or walking or running like me. I set my glute on fire and crossed so fast that I am sure everyone who was there would be watching me. At least I felt like that. It was really fast.

Since it was planned 8 miles as soon as my apple watch registered I have done 8 it reminded me but I thought let me stop at 8.08. Don’t ask me why but the message displays you did 101%.


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