The Layers

“The Layers”

From The Outdoor Pickleball in Winter!

By Numbers: We played only 3 – games and that’s all we had the energy or

/and we were full of energy while playing. The time we spent was 39:52 minutes and calories burned ( I prefer saying earned): 432!

By Sun: It could be deceiving especially for Chicago’s Winter. Today, we have had enough of the Sun and temperature lingering around 28-30 F. The gusting wind made it feel like 14F. – Talking of wind last night down south of Illinois, many states had touched down of Toronado. In Winter, I see more of the weather channel than Nasdaq!

By ‘How’ to Enjoy: 1. To be in multiple layers ( Lightweight dress and jackets) and covered from head to toe. 2. Hydrated 3. Share your experience, so others get motivated to go out and enjoy. Even 14 minutes does wonder!

The things that will stay for me on 30th November:

1. Showing up and being consistent will take one to the next level. For the other 50%, you have to put in additional effort.

2. Things may break, but if you know you have properly utilized you won’t feel bad.

3. Being outdoors even for 15 minutes and during that time being active and engaged is very magical!


8 thoughts on “The Layers

  1. Anita and I went for a 2 mile walk today at 38F on the thermometer, but like Tge Windy City, our breezes made it feel like 28❗️ Brrrrr.
    And just night we just got a small touch of the bad storms. A few minutes if big and heavy hail, then heavy rains alllll night long.
    Stay warm, hydrated and safe, my friend. c.a.

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