10% of life is planned and 90% is how one reacts

Once there was a student who academically and in sports was the numero uno.

That student had only one issue and that was anger.

Despite being so great at anything and everything anger made that student or person fall flat twice in life.

Love with a soulful person helped in getting out of college but being not able to marry the mate made another dent in the professional life of the person.

The two souls had reacted in a way that life together was not meant for them for 8 months.

A big ego came between them and no one made the move first.

One of the soul mates had missed the period but did not connect to share about being pregnant till the other found each other after 8 months.

An array of good bad, and ugly things happened. From a very famous person professionally, a suspended license to practice, alcoholism, use of substances, being in jail for a very short duration, being thrown out of a rental property.

The news of the passing of a grandmother got the person back to the parent’s home.

The person realized that 10% of life is planned…that is life and death and the rest – 90% react to it.

The reaction of the person has been not good. What could be a better way for a realization than a vacation?

While going on a trip the two beautiful soul mates found each other got married and lived ever trying to respond to life!


2 thoughts on “10% of life is planned and 90% is how one reacts

  1. Many do not get that “second chance” and pay for the rest of their lives for their choices, anger and unforgiveness.
    “Regret cannot change your past; worry cannot change your future. Only forgiveness can change your past; only trust can change your future.” (Steve Elliott


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