25 takeaways from their 25th Anniversary


Everyone is on the stage including the host and with the ease of clicking on photos by phone, some of us getting clicked photos of self or/ with friends on the stage.  The party should have started 30 minutes ago and no one is bothered since every one of us is self-soaked to look good in the dress we wore for the occasions. Suddenly a voice a strong one takes the mike and says…Time to leave the stage – get back to your seat and hold on to it tight as fun is about to begin. From her voice till the thank you note here is my 25 takeaways from this family:

 1: A relationship is an Investment

Marriage…arranged or love – needs to revisit the vows we have made for each other. Their vows clearly reflected very well written with love and affections.

2. Make something unique and unforgettable

Kids, when born, need a strong Mom. (Gondh Ka Laddoo…Indian mothers are served this High-Calorie Ladoo Post-Pregnancy). In this foreign country, Mr. Kumar made for his wife.

3.  Both* of them rocked 

We all got the invitation two months back. In this two months of preparation…kids refreshed their memory by talking to their parents individually and performed – very beautiful scripts on multiple Bollywood songs. * Kids!

4. Stay Connected

Family flying far from 7000 miles or within the US speaks the connection.  They came they performed for this special occasion.

5. Keep it multiplying: 

Count your blessing if your families and friends are celebrating with you.

6. X-Factors

Education is key so is sports, dance, and your own culture. Both brother and sister reflect all of the above qualities.

7. Why rent?

Buy your first house is the message which comes very clearly for their elder son after getting his first job.

8. House Warming

Get the Havan and Satyanarayan Puja done and invite youngsters to reflect upon the importance of roof.

9. Empty Nest…Never – Have a Pet

Have a pet (Teddy, the dog) at home so that if kids of other family do not remember your kids’ name…they will say Teddy’s Mom and Dad are having their 25th Marriage Anniversary.

10. Your Kid’s friend 

Make sure you know your child’s friend who has an X – Factors like a Photography or DJ. You get the best always to click a photo. Thank you, Brian, for taking memorable photos.

11. The Family Cake Maker

The cake…the maker knows you and you know them – nothing but best will come for the best occasion. BGM- Birthday, Graduation, Marriage…you name it!

12. Home Vs Banquet Hall 

You can do this at your home but banquet hall minimizes your efforts for the day. Choose the right one.

13. Enjoy the Moment

Talking about beautiful past, and present is only possible if you enjoy the moment…or create a one so that you have beautiful past and present to talk in the future.

14. Taste the food


Go for tasting the food which you are going to order few days before and make changes according to your and guest taste. This homework helps a lot.

15. Order Dress Two Size Smaller

You have planned for the occasion in advance buy a Dress two sizes smaller and work towards it. A new you would reflect or maybe how you looked 25 years back!

16: Quiz your Partner

Keep everyone occupied by getting a game or quiz. The Bollywood quiz was good.

17: In Moderations except

In party do everything in moderations except clapping and applauding for MC, Performer, and the host.

18: No Milestone Celebrations

Any year if there is no milestone celebration at their house they do Mata Ki Chowki, Hanuman Sundarkand path. Reason to be friends and family.

19: Entertainment

If you go to their home… they have two in one table – pool table and dining table. You are being entertained at their home be it game or food.

20: S/He Got Talent

The Vishesh Video for her sister on her Bharatanatyam Arangetram…along with her graduation party – shows a producer on him and his dance performance on their parent’s marriage anniversary shows his dance factor.

21: Know Your ABCD

Know your ABCD – Academically, Bollywood, Culturally, and Dance. They both are equally good.

22. Family Vacations…make memory

Their family vacations from Niagara Falls to France has been memorable.  I remember Mr. Kumar narrating a story when baby Vishesh said he can not walk and Dad got him into his shoulder and crossed the bridge. The pain was temporary but memory is forever. Drinking Wine together at 21 in France was fun.

23: Engage with one and all

Engage with one and all I could see the whole family in the party as well.

24: Repeat

While in the party…smile, clicked or click, perform, participate, talk to friends, make new friends, eat, drink, dance – Repeat.

25. The Dance

Save the last dance for you and your partner. This dance did shows up the coordination, beautiful move, and leap.



7 days after Sunday, Its Sunday!

We have come full circle and it is Sunday. Three things for today, before I start …I really liked the quote from the positive guide/quote which goes like, ” Dream is good but now its time to plan”. You get the essence!

A farmer in me woke up in the morning to dig the grass out and I was there for an hour or so and it starts raining. Even though it was cold morning but nothing dampens my spirit except for the rain. I avoid getting wet when its cold. You all know the reasons!

A runner in me motivated to go and attend the seminar on marathon training conducted by CARA. It did starts on time but finished 1 hours late. Good discussions with various people like… Coach, Nutritionist, Scientist, and Marathoner runners. Three takeaways:

  1. Always run with your head high and straight. Rest gets aligned.
  2. Don’t let your past bad experience ruin your next run. Be narrative write it down. I do practice. You may have read retrospective run etc from my blog.
  3. Nutrition is key and I have to work on it.

A family man in me made me go for grocery, of course, we did go to 5 stores but all well planned. Now if I would be wondering why 5 stores – 1. Meat from one butcher shop. 2. Green Vegetables from a Farmhouse. 3. Indian from Indian stores. 4. Photographs print from an office store, and 5. Milk from a different store.

Sunday to Sunday and in between Sundays is coming to end. Hope you enjoyed as much I writing the series. Tomorrow is a new day a new Monday. Time for a b4plan to work on my dreams.


6 day after Sunday, A Saturday!

A Farmer in Me:

Today, I wore different shoes in the morning as I had to work in my backyard. I decided when I retire I will lead a farmer life. Well, there are many years to both but meantime I will keep playing that role every year in summer which is only in reality 90 days in a year. I have another side to do which I have planned will take two days. I also got tea which one of my kid came…drink tea it will help you to finish fast! Thanks to their Mommy.


Leg and Mind: 

Second, after lunch, we went to the library by bike and we took the locks from them. See the photo Q & A.

A Wedding Anniversary:

Third, we had to drop our kids to friends place as we were invited to friends anniversary.  Three takeaways from the anniversary:

  1. Count your blessing if your families and friends are celebrating with you!
  2. Talking about past, and present indicates the future. Enjoy the moment…so that you have beautiful past and present to talk in the future.
  3. While in the party get Clicked or click, Perform, Talk to friends, Eat, Drink, Dance and Repeat.




5 day after Sunday, A Friday

Reminder, its Friday and the weekend starts! Early morning I read a chapter from a book when I woke and it talks about three C’s – Concept, Capabilities, and Culture.  The book is Hit Refresh and the current CEO of Microsoft is giving an example of previous CEO’s Steve Ballmer who for any new development would make certain all C’s are aligned. Another interesting concept is about Frienemies… a term used back in 1970’s how Apple and Microsoft were rival but both helped to work together for the common cause and it is their customers or consumers. Few examples are: Microsft built Microsoft Office for Macs.   Dell still integrates Microsoft Windows even though they came up with Surface.

The morning was slow running and then I walk to the stores to return few things. One of the items was open from buying one get one free.   I told the cashier I will return only one and I was told if you did not like it …we will take both and return the money to your credit card. That sounds like a knowledgeable cashier. While walking back I see this dollar bill and I think walking helped me to earn extra…if I would have driven to store there was no way this dollar bill would have been mine. Sometime, not driving saves not only gas( petrol) but also you may find something. In this case a dollar.

dollar bill.jpg

Feel bad about the incident in Texas. My heart goes for all and prayers. School is an educational institute where its all about right educations, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Let’s all please keep it that way!

Evening there was a Mehandi night for ladies so we were at home and the movie which one of the kid picked from Netflix for us to watch was a LEAP. I personally liked it…. the reason it is about passions…even though one of thing would have been different- rather taking someone’s letter to participate in Bellaria competition, they would have shown something else. The final question, ” Why do you dance?” The answer was really nice…I dance because – instead of answering I will paraphrase with another question, ” What would be your answer?


4 day after Sunday, A Thursday

I am early tonight for my series X day after Sunday, a _day! Well, most part the day was similar plus musical.

This morning I did not feel like running after long yard work on Wednesday. I still had my an hour for me so thought let’s walk and I am glad walking helped me to be productive for the rest of the day.  Moral: What’s your is yours…don’t give up!

Afternoon read an article about not losing calm just like everyone else. I believe writer did justice to her article. She also says technology has not helped us rather distract us every 11 minutes by sending email, or someone calling us, or text. Moral: This article validates what I practice every day.

The evening was musical. This kids who started choir three months back did their final before the school ends for summer. It was musical which I am stating obvious and magical. It took all worries just like Hurry Hurry. Moral: If nothing works … listen to music.

Overall Moral for Thursday…go with the flow!






3 day after Sunday, A Wednesday!

The last thing to do is write a blog and the time right now is 11:50 PM and in 10 minutes Wednesday will be a history.

What a day, Wednesday?

  1. I had 10 minutes in the morning and enough for the mowing the front yard. What an achievement. The rest backyard took more than 2 hours in the evening for mowing and cleaning up the weeds. Will write about it later.
  2. A quick 5 K run after dropping kids to school and it was a fast run reason the warm-up was already done with point no 1.
  3. Today is 13th Death Anniversary of My Grandma. She was a gem person and full of concentration for whatever she did. She always asked to touch feet of elderly at home before going for the exam as blood flows into the mind and we do well in terms of thinking and writing.
  4. Important celebration at work.
  5. In the evening one of the kids has bowling. I had to pick him up.
  6. After evening Tea… the backyard work started. It looks beautiful and for beauty, I have to work 5 evenings.
  7. I got help from a metal collector before the garbage day. We both got the treadmill from the basement. I feel so happy to get rid of it. Please note I have another one in the first floor which we use it.
  8. We also got rid of two microwaves. That was an easy carrying and I helped till its truck while he was loading the treadmill.
  9. Dinner with family.
  10. Mid week laundry.
  11. Reading for self and Topic for the day for kids.
  12. Back to work to close some of the deliverables.  It’s 11:59 PM…time to publish!


2 day after Sunday, A Tuesday!

An interesting thing happened this morning…I was done with the usual 5K run but the average was really not so encouraging per mile. I ran extra one mile and the last one was the best in two ways – best timing and it improved the overall timing.

What does it tell?

The short answer is to never give up.

The long answer…well I have an analogy – our son got into PI+ for grade 5 for the year 2017-2018. For few marks, he did not qualify for grade 4 but he was going for Honors Maths and English. We just kept telling him to invest his interest in reading, observations, comprehending, and writing. He was reluctant for the last part…writing – but his mother pushed him and instead of one-liner he started writing a paragraph with thoughts from the beginning of the story to middle and till the end.

The result…he will be joining PI+ from the next school year. I hope his reading and writing should continue even though it may be slow in the beginning but in the end, he should finish strong…just like Tuesday Run – an extra mile!

what is pi+

Monday, the day after Sunday


  1. Celebration, the Mother’s Day.
  2. Writing about Mother in law – 13 beautiful things about her.
  3. Family and Friends.

Monday, the day after:

  1. Getting up was hard but we all got up at a time to go to our destinations
  2. The school was first.
  3. Running in between school and 9 AM appointment.
  4. The work – a lot got accomplished
  5. A haircut and hair shampoo.
  6. Library with kids.
  7. Grocery stores…a multiple or three in actual.
  8. Dinner
  9. A conference call

And a promise to self for writing and reading follow bloggers…this is how 24 hours go by – what do you all say!

for monday



13 Things about my Mother in law.

I have written lot about my mother…the writer in me challenged on this mother days to write about my mother-in-law. I thought it would be challenging but once I start writing in a piece of paper as a draft …it went out very fast. Here are 13 things on 13th May on Mothers Day about my Mother in law.

  1. She is born and brought up in Allahabad to a very well known Zamindar ( landlords) family.
  2. She was bright as a student and did her Masters in Hindi. The no 1 did not impact or diverted off on her education.
  3. After getting married she had to come to a different state and she primarily focused on family, kids, and extended family.
  4. One thing I have seen- she keeps her house very clean – very well organized closet, bedroom, study room, family room, and kitchen. Her home is always welcoming.
  5. You can give her something to keep and she will keep it very nicely and she will remember where she has kept it. Once upon a time all the toys for her kids…her grandkids still plays with it.
  6. She prays every day and her way of worshiping is very soulful.
  7. She is pure vegetarian and her food habit is very balanced.
  8. She is one of the best dressed in any parties or in general.
  9. If she screams for right reasons to her grandkids even the neighbors’ kids by fear will get their things done.
  10. She reads every day and if she writes she would be a very good writer too. I believe point no 3 takes priority for her.
  11. Her favorite vacation place is Kashmir after Allababad.
  12. She is well connected to her family, friends, and society.
  13. She loves all of her six grandchildren from her three kids and they all love her equally.

Now, there is a small test for you…Can you write three things about Mother in Law?




May Food Drive

We had received a brown bag a week bag and reminded that postal service will pick the bag on 2nd Saturday of May.

We have been doing this to remind kids that food is important part of our day to day life. We should share it not only when we are asked but otherwise as well.

On this 12 May 12 things which comes to my mind blessed are those…

  1. … who has food to eat.
  2. … who has food to share.
  3. … who does not waste food.
  4. … who cook their food.
  5. …. who cook for their family with love and affection.
  6. … who after eating thank GOD.
  7. … who grow their food.
  8. … who feed their family.
  9. … who take some food to share with their colleagues.
  10. … who invite their friends and cook for them.
  11. … who does not have to eat lot f processed or fast food.
  12. … who write about food in wood press.