Ah! Only 12 Miles today

The sign says it all…Saturday morning!


100 Days

Today, September 22nd is the 265 days and we have 100 days left in 2017. Here is the list of 100 things to do!


  1. Happy fall…they say it’s a season where every leaf is a flower. Enjoy those extra flowers till it falls off.
  2. If you walk 20000 steps everyday…all your body fat will fall off. Go for it this Fall!
  3. Breathe…yes, it’s very important. Keep checking on it more than your smartphones. It connects mind and body to make it one.
  4. Research says every 7 minutes we are forcing ourselves to see our phone…if you think it is too much then please do the point no 3.
  5. Donate your summer clothes which you would not need for next summer.
  6. Make your bed every morning…it will give you a sense of accomplishment and one task finished.
  7. Check your Personal Goal of 2017.
  8. Check your Professional Goal…are you on track and how you can make it better.
  9. Work as if you own what you are working on even if you work for others.
  10. Look at the movie list which you would have missed in the summer. Time to catch up during holidays.
  11. Maintain your house or home. Change broken things.
  12. Recycle electronics.
  13. Invest in some hobby.
  14. Take some new classes in community colleges.
  15. Organize a Fall Party in your backyard with your neighbors.
  16. Check your Financial Goal of 2017…Good time to refinance as rates are low.
  17. Rack leaves and involves Family. It’s Fun
  18. Clean the Garage for Winter.
  19. Change outdoor bulbs.
  20. Don’t buy electronics just because you want it.
  21. Go and eat out with your friends and Connect.
  22. For Holiday Gifts…give part of a gift to their Educations.
  23. Invest, reinvest time on Family…as Family life is the greatest blessing.
  24. Focus on engaging writing…taking away readers from the reader while they are reading your content. They will appreciate their time.
  25. Try something giving up for a day and make it a month. For example, don’t put creamer in your coffee.
  26. Be a part of a family event like running together as a family or supporting some organizations.
  27. Take your kids to a place where your parents would have taken you. It would be a good revisit of current and memory.
  28. Walk and Talk over the phone.
  29. Change your password and make it a stronger one.
  30. Polish your shoes.
  31. Wash your running shoes.
  32. Clean your TV screen.
  33. Every week take a good look on your fridge. Discard things which do not good.
  34. Wash your automobiles.
  35. Spend time in your garden. Plant new flowers.
  36. Visit your library. Pick something which you have never read.
  37. Read Obituary of a common and some famous people.
  38. Help in setting up Dinner for Family.
  39. Clean dishes with a good heart.
  40. Call friends who you have not heard a voice for long.
  41. Visit your worship place.
  42. If possible plant a tree and see it growing in your lifetime.
  43. Don’t waste water as its one of the natural resource which very few of us are privileged to have!
  44. Always stand up if you are sitting to handshake.
  45. Wear matching shoes and belt. For example Brown shoes and brown belt.
  46. Open your home windows to let fresh air come in the morning.
  47. Go for ice-creams social…it’s fun.
  48. Wash your hands before eating.
  49. Clean your mouth once you are done.
  50. Take 3 minutes bath every day. See point no 43.
  51. Read something new every day for 20 minutes.
  52. Exercise every day for 30 minutes.
  53. Meditate every day for 10 minutes.
  54. The sum of point no 51, 52, and 53 is called Me Time. Use it well.
  55. Keep photo journal like post a daily photo every day in a private mode in Facebook.
  56. Record a 1 or 2 seconds video and post in a private mode in Facebook.
  57. On this day a feature from Facebook will keep you pre-occupied from point 55, and 56 – a year after. I know many of you would not be using Facebook. You can keep it on your personal computer.
  58. Look at the Finish Line…things may be slow or challenging in the middle of the course. Keep going.
  59. Take care of your muscle, money, and mind – they lose if not taken care of!
  60. Plan your run and run your plan.
  61. Indulge in food which you crave for once in a month or year.
  62. Meet your parents and in-laws… life is too short to have grudges.
  63. Check your wallet or purse for unnecessary things.
  64. Check air pressure in your automobile tires.
  65. Drink water…body will like it get something familiar reason we are 80% made of water.
  66. If possible eat only four times in a day, for example, 8AM, 12O’clock, 4PM, and 8PM. It will take a lot of practice.
  67. It’s important to think what kids will become tomorrow…it’s also important to know what they are today.
  68. Date with nature…go for a walk. See point no. 2
  69. Watch some old movies from your childhood memory.
  70. Don’t type fast…maybe the reader would not be able to read so fast.
  71. Call guest at your home and prepare homemade food.
  72. If a crazy idea like this comes to write 100 things for 100 days…start writing about it. The idea is as good as implemented.
  73. Buy books from old bookstores or garage sell…you may gem books.
  74. There is great power in prayers. You have to do it to see it.
  75. Zoom your happiness.
  76. Yield results for your work.
  77. X-ray your thoughts as it becomes a word.
  78. Write everyday
  79. Validate your portfolio
  80. Update your profile picture
  81. Train today to reap tomorrow.
  82. Set goals for a day, month, or 100 days.
  83. Recommend book or movie to your friends and family.
  84. Quote of the day…try to write!
  85. Participate in life.
  86. Obey Rules.
  87. Negotiate in middle.
  88. Master one thing.
  89. Listen to people, nature, and self.
  90. Keep up with the present.
  91. Join the Gym.
  92. Implement the change the change you want to see.
  93. Help where required.
  94. Give what you can.
  95. F_T, or F_T. Fill it with and the choice is ’I’ or ‘A’. See point no 2.
  96. Enjoy till it last.
  97. Double your happiness by doing the thing you like.
  98. Connect with nature, animals, and people.
  99. Balance your budget.
  100. Attract positivity.




The Last Day

Today, September 21 marked the last day of the Summer. The best part we had record high temperature of 102 F depending on which part of Chicago one was…this was not a magnify temperature – it’s actual which is very rare at this time of the year.

Many of us complained about the hot day even though we had a very mild summer. It seems its really difficult to enjoy something these days. What would you readers do if you get one day of 100F?


Magnify Your …..

Magnify Your…I say what and this happens when I am sitting while my son is taking his Violin class on Thursday evening. This magazine interests me … the reason I see the word of the day from the daily prompt and not the whole picture. It’s like Warren Buffet said in his interview…if he is playing bridge his concentration is so high on the game no matter if some _ _ _ _ gal crosses he would not take a look at her.  Well, that’s Warren Buffet who is the richest person on the earth who still eats his breakfast at McDonald’s for a dollar or two, drink cherry coke, lives in the same house he purchased for 50,000 USD 50 years back or so and now the value is 650K. This is one example of magnifying life. 

Enough of Warren Buffet and slight deviation from the topic. Hope none of us has to magnify to see the picture as our eye vision be right at 20/20. My story which I was thinking to write before I saw this magazine is:

I thrive to magnify my mind to work on new challenging things and keep it calm on adversity.

I thrive to magnify my attitude which takes me to the right altitude without adding any pride.

I thrive to magnify my gratitude for the people who have been directly or indirectly helping me by praying for their wellbeing.

I thrive to magnify my nature to nurture the mother earth who we are all guest so we all live a blessed life.

I thrive to magnify my integrity so that I keep doing things even if no one is looking at it.

I thrive to magnify my faith in the GOD for providing me the strength for all the deed and HIS directional help.

I thrive to magnify my youth energy in all phases of my life.


Teacher knows the best

It’s a first day of the Kindergarten and teacher is trying to do old school theory by listening to her students…telling who is who.

The Class Teacher and 5 students are there and here is a situational question for them:
No matter how clean is your home, if you drop a small piece of breadcrumb…the possibilities are you home would be invaded by an insect said the teacher. The idea is not to drop…even if you drop, make sure it is cleaned.

What would all do about it?
All of them raise their hands to answer this situational question.

Cathy said, ” Clean it as fast as we can.”
Raul said, ” If you find instect…broom the area and relocate them to their places”
Ursula mentioned, ” Untidy invites unwanted guests and you have to push them out of the home”
Mark told, ” Move out and let bugs finish the crumb…and they will go back to where they came and don’t make a mess again”.
Bobby said, ” Blow it hard”.

The teacher was happy with all the answer reason…when these kids open their mouth on their first day of the school…she could relate to their parents as she has been friends of all the parents.

Moral: Kid(s) may not look like their parents…but when they open their mouth to answer/ask/arguments/discussions – you can see yourself( in this case teacher could see all of her friends) in them. As they say, kids may not be listening to you but they are observing you…don’t let those bad crumb fall on them!



If I keep…


If I keep my exercise plan tentative…chances of doing is minimal and even if it happens the outcome would be not as effective.


If I keep my plan of writing tentatively…chances of good writing with a grip of interest which the readers can hold is grim.


If I keep my meetings tentative…chance of attending is minimal.


If I keep my plans for visiting my parents tentative…other things take priority and dates keep pushing.


If  I keep my plans for revising my financial goal tentative…someone will have more returns on their investment.

If I keep all my tentative away…the outcome is pure bliss.



Bestow Glory

Once upon a time, a man sold his scooter to travel to find the roadmap on how to bestow glory in this life. After traveling many miles empty stomach in jungles he found eight meditating saints and from each by sitting in front of them gathered the mantras.

When lost…the mantra is to know thyself and help oneself to bestow glory moments and here is the roadmap. The man not only got his scooter back and also purchased all means of transportation where he could help other selflessly.

The 8 Glorious Mantras are:

  • Good to Great – Work towards it.
  • Larger than Life – Live your life every day! If you take out the negativity from the equation that leads to more creativity.
  • Off to On- Don’t let your mood downgrade you. Meditation helps.
  • Rag to Richness – Many are examples and you can be too
  • Insufficient to Improvement – Prove your worth!
  • One to One Hundred – The value of zero is more after 1’s.
  • Uninterested to Up-and-coming: Research on the subject.
  • Selfish to Selfless: Once you are bestowed with glory…be a directional help to others.


Number Talks

Two Highlights from last week…instant gratification in the Digital World.
1. On a mission and its Writing…103 Likes on a single day- the World where I don’t know any of you personally is reading my WordPress, “Train Today to Reap Tomorrow”.  Thank you so much for a record high like on a single day.

2. The Garmin overall 3rd position in 100k challenge steps in a week…it was only possible because of training for Chicago Marathon.


Talking of Marathon ( Half, Full, or 5K)…I still remember my first Half Debut Wisconsin Marathon in 2013.Wisconsin Marathon registration is open and I have signed it today on a very first day. Requesting readers to come and run…if it’s your first or 10th – You will love it. It just takes 12 weeks of training for Half Marathon and you will love yourself more upon touching the Finish line!

Bottomline: One like a time will make it to 100, so is one step will make it to 100,000.

Stating Obvious

We all know when a honey bee sting a person…it dies after – thus it’s a loss for the World, bee family, and a pain for the person.

The similar anecdotes which come to my mind are from Budda – Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

And, I suffice this by the photo I clicked this evening from a store where I could see two things…the beautiful sky outside which looked like a fire and a fire extinguisher next to the door.

Bottomline: Don’t do something which harms your life,  anger is one letter less than danger, and see the bigger picture.




To create, co-create or recreate

The question is not about to create or co-create…it is about Recreate!

With my rhythmic breathing, I will recreate my new Personal Record for my marathon Run.

With my learning every day, I will recreate my value of my Education stronger.

With my not complaining attitude, I will recreate more Creativity around.

With my less spending, I will recreate more Richness in my saving accounts.

With my eating habits, I will recreate more Enjoyable.

With my goal, I will recreate my Accomplishment known!

With no place for hate, We should all create more Tolerance in the World.

With more creativity, co-creating, We should all make our stay in the World more Enjoyable!!