It’s 25 Jan…

… only 11 months to Christmas! One month has passed from the last one and here are few of my observations –

  1. The Christmas light which look so good does not have the same impact in January.
  2. Buy 2 get 2 free is also a sign on the retail window shops.
  3. Magazines have cover page loose belly. Well normally I see loose weights. They were also there!
  4. Winter caps and gloves are damn cheap.
  5. File your tax and get instant refund are on billboards and digital. They know you need money to pay off your debts.
  6. Two holidays one of-course New Year and second Dr King’s birthday.
  7. Gym membership is as attractive as it could be!
  8. Offers on new car.
  9. Deals on hot weather vacations.
  10. Kids / students focus on their studies for board examinations ( Grade 10 and 12).
  11. Let’s write the script what we need rather what we wish for.

January the 23rd

I landed in America on a cold morning of 23rd January of 2020 which happens to be our Marriage Anniversary. In a flight of 15 hours from Delhi to Chicago following thoughts reflected which resonates with the day we got married and journey so far and beyond.

  1. There could be a delay (the flight started late) but reaching a destination without any delay is a smooth experience in itself. Late start does not matter as long as you make up the time.
  2. The pilot and crew members are the key members. Listen to them. There could be something new coming from them even though you may have taken many flights. This we can relate to our family we got to listen to them.
  3. If you are seating in an emergency seat. In case of any incident you help in opening the gate and you will be the last one to come out. The idea is that you should work against the situation and let everyone come and make sure you come out as well. Life is a gift.
  4. It’s not only when you are fueling your car cell phone should be switched off…it’s true when your flight is refueling while you are seating you got to switch off your smartphone. So during a romantic dinner make sure both the phones are in the airplane mode.
  5. After using the toilet make sure it’s clean for other passengers to use. At home don’t give each other reason for a toilet seat or a wet towel on floor/bed to talk about. There are many other’s things!
  6. Whiskey with hot water ( 21+) can be medicinal. How you take things is important.
  7. We all know this if you see something say about it. The toilet paper was out and I think it was out at least two fellow passengers before me. I went and requested the crew members. All of us are responsible to inform those who are accountable for it.
  8. Water is important at 32000 feet as well. You got to sip it. In marriage raising kid(s) we (wife and husband) may forget about themselves but self-reminder will help like a well-hydrated body.
  9. Some of us may not handle food served during flight because of the odd time. Say No to it as this will not only help you but others as well.
  10. Entertainment systems have a headphone. It’s me-time without disturbance.
  11. The reading light can be switched on when the main lights are off. One can have extra time for the good stuff.
  12. Some of us in the flights don’t have to fill the document. The things are obvious and do not have to be declared.
  13. For the flight to take off it creates a momentum’s and once up in the air it may face turbulence and finally landing safely is the ultimate goal.
  14. Smile as it connects us.
  15. Say Thank You as it leave lasting relationships.

That’s all on this special day.

10 is Tensome

Why 10 is Tensome?

One to nine it’s Friday and everyone feels good about Weekend. How about you? _______ ( Good, Great, Grumpy)

If you mentioned anything other than Good and Great in the above fill-up the blank…your list of no 10 would be yours and long. No one bothers anymore or not enough people are considerate as most of us are preoccupied with our smartphone.





9 on nine some

9 questions I asked to self today.

  1. What is my greatest strength/skills?
  2. Why someone is successful in what they do? What I have to learn from them?
  3. What one thing you remember from all who you talked?
  4. Are you ready for extra saving if it requires extra paper works like refinancing your auto or home loans?
  5. What will you accomplish if you don’t hold back like grudge or fear?
  6. What is your first reaction when someone says you got to do?
  7. What did you notice in people you met and did you compliment or complain?
  8. Did you ask any questions what if to yourself?
  9. What question you have for me?

Eight is Eightsome

I met someone who resembles so much to our Chairman. I am not the one who has said…eight people already have mentioned it. They say there are 7 people who will resemble you. If we do the math there are 8 people of similar look! How many you have met?

When you are buying something look for the benefits reason saving fades away over time. What’s in for me is what everyone looks for and the second thing which would be what is for everyone else?

What is so obvious we always forget? Its breath! When you remember, take 3 deep ones!

If you have nothing to do just do not open the electronics you can transcend in some meeting you are going to have….what is this meeting about, what they would ask, how would respond to their ask, and how you will close it with an outcome.

Do any of you remember (X)G? 1G was in 1980 with 2.4 kb/s, 2G was in 1990 with 64kb/s, 3G in 2003 with 2Mb/S, 4G in 2009 with 100mb/s, and finally, we have 5G 20Gb/s. We were happy then with 1G and some of us would not in 5G as well.

Do you want to listen to some weird fact and they are interesting too? I said why not:

  1. Banana is more replenishing then Gatorade
  2. If you taste all kind of apple grown in the World every day it will take 20 years
  3. Snails breathe through their feet
  4. COCO COLA was originally green
  5. Chicken and Ostrich are related to Trex
  6. Making penny cost than their actual value
  7. A shark fish blink with both eyes
  8. 5 Billion Dollar Bill…on top of Lincoln Memorial has – all the 50 states are listed.

That’s all my eightsome! Hope you would have enjoyed reading as much I while writing and listening!









7 is Sevensome

Is 7 a lucky number? It depends on who you are asking? If you ask my younger one and his quick answer is Yes since his birthday is on 7 that too in Summer.

Well, do you think 7 a lucky number? Till I wait for you here is my 7 on 7 and they are sevensome and let me answer that in Q & A

Q 1: What’re the first easy things for today?

Answer: Kids getting up early and on time for their first day of the school after two weeks and a day of Winter Break.

Q 2: What did you did on the 7th which you have not done in earlier years?

Answer: I did not see ‘On this day ‘ in the Facebook…running 5K outside early in the morning at 7:00 AM when the temperature was 28F. This was the second easy thing at the start of the day.

Q 3: What is your retirement plan I asked or actually it was shared?

Answer: I did my Bachelor when I was 52 which is 17 years back took a break and did two Master one in Theology and another Master in Communications and Organization Leadership and now continuing in Ph.D. for Communication and Leadership. This will help to teach me and also be active during the retirement age. That’s to me is always be connected.

Q 4: How are you took me to many years back?

Ans: Once upon a time someone asked me when I landed in America, “How are you and I said I am Well and you”…by the time I asked the person was already gone. Then I learned here its just a norm.

Q 5: Are you taking stairs?

Ans: In fact, it was not even a question, someone saw me taking stairs and stopped going towards the elevator. Sometimes our actions are heard and folks take action upon it.

Q 6: What six words/sentence you heard today which pumped you to know more?

Ans: [a]”Poaching Talent”, [b]”You become more creative if you have Yoga, Meditation, and Running added in your benefits”, [c]” There is study in High School where students can have a career in Coastal protection and restoration”, ” I learned today only 10% of plastic bags we have recovered from the Ocean and it makes me think what happened to 90% of it”, [d]” Finland is trying to implement 6hours a day work”, ” Drones may be cheap but not the war with it”, [d] “One of the books on History Bill Gates suggest all of us to read is These Truths by Jill Lepore, an 800-page U.S. history book”, [e] They say reading is a daily ritual for many of the most powerful people in the world. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett recommends reading at least 500 pages each day. “That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest,” he told Columbia University Business School students in 2000.

Q 7: How many are actually 7 for each of us in this World?

Ans: 7 Days in a week, and 7 Continents ( Quiz for you can you name all of those),





6 for Sixsomes

Extract: For you, it has 1. Self Talk, 2. Importance of reading 3. Importance of chair massage, car wash, and emission test 4. The benefit of coffee 5. Five books to read and 6 songs.


Self Talk is the most important talk they say one can have first in the morning with themselves. I thought let’s meet the self. What did the inner voice say…to move upward and forward the first move your body – it could be even 15 minutes walk.  Well, if you just meet the requirement even if you have the time it would not be justice. So I did 30 minutes of elliptical. That’s my one-some!

Studies show that what we have to do to our bodies, we have to do with our minds. Read a physical book. One of my friends wrote a beautiful blog about how you used to doze after reading two pages and now two weeks with writing a note is just a norm. That sounds twosome.

Few things happen on certain days at a particular location(s). I planned my car wash, chair massage, and emission test ( this comes twice a year for us) in a way that it was all done during lunchtime. That’s a threesome your body and car need to be pampered and of course, your lungs need fresh air.

I had four cups of black coffee. Coffee has lots of antioxidants if you take the way it is supposed to be it is beneficial for your health. They say…improve energy, mood, cognitive functioning and thus makes you smart over a period of time – I second this!

These are the five books which I am going to read and re-read based on other people recommendations or blog I read ? 1. Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. 2. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. By John Maxwell. 3. Believe and Achieve by Kulin Desai. 4. Meditation for Relaxation by Adam O’Neill. 5. The Power of Now, A Guide to Spirituality Enlightenment by Echart Tolle.

As a Family, we heard six songs today and they are 1. Roller Coaster by Jonas Brothers. 2. Gallan Goodiyaan from Dil Dhadakne Do (It is a good number to dance) 3. Young Dumb and Broke by Ed Sheeran 4. Desi Girl from Dostana 5. Ed Sheeran performing “South of the Border” featuring Camilla Cabello and Cardi B official music video 6. Love You Zindagi from Dear Zindagi.

Did you find anything you can relate to and share?





Today Fivesomes

As growing up I used to think or actually know Sunday is the only day which is a universal rest day, to be home, or prayers, family special lunch followed by a movie, enjoy or cleaning day Worldwide. With time I came to know this is not true. They say as long as your mind accepts what is true you are good.

Well, I do focus on some of the things that I mentioned earlier. Cleanliness is next to godliness was first recorded in 1778 by John Wesley but this goes back to very ancient civilizations like Babylonian and Hebrew. So I clean by choice.

After cleaning it is, of course, comes to the Prayers. My Sunday is dedicated to Surya (it is a Hindi name of Sun). I pray for light and warmth which gives birth or rebirth to everything which we survive on.

Talking of light and warmth we had 39F in the afternoon and an hour as me time so went for easy 6 miles run. It was windy but worth a date with self.

Came home stretched and for lunch Hariyali Shrimp was waiting. The ingredient is of course shrimp, spinach, spices, onion, garlic, salt, pepper. You first grind spinach, fry shrimp and mix everything and let it cook for a few minutes. Serve with rice and salads.

After lunch watching a family movie, calls for a bonus family time and we watched MIB International. Except of those alien characters, everything was fun.

Talking of family we had few things which run out of the pantry and the refrigerator so just went and picked from the store.

To sum up my fivesomes on 5…Cleaning by Choice, Prayer to Sun for lights and warmth, Afternoon Run, Homemade Lunch followed by Family Movie, and Quick stop to Grocery!



Today Foursomes

It snowed last night and we woke up in a very wonderful winter morning. I wanted to go run outside but the path was not clear so the only option was to run on the indoor track provided by a neighboring village park district. Well, it’s 10 minutes actually 15 minutes s drive but it was worth it as I spent 63 minutes and completed 6 miles. They say to achieve the happiness you have to put effort and this one was worth it.

Talking of happiness we were invited to our 1st birthday party for 2020. This was again in the indoor yard with 1 hour 30 minutes of activities like soccer, volleyball…not only kids played we adults also did and followed by cake and pizza which turned out to be a guilt-free lunch. Birthday is the greatest gift from GOD.

Talking of gift sometime if you get to nap in the afternoon it’s a free gift. I don’t know it was pizza or all these activities made sleepy. Whatever it was but worth the rest.

Evening we watched Few episodes in the Television. I wanted to watch the movie but they vetoed it. We also had an hour to read the books we got from the library.

Talking of books, I was rushing to finish the book then I thought 70 pages is good enough!

Your thoughts on my Today’s foursomes!