Day 231 and 134 Days left

Yes, 19th August is Day 231 and in 2019 134 days are left what one should do to make sure that we call it a year of ABC of 123.

  • Accomplishment
  • Beautiful
  • Creative
  • 1 of the new place visited
  • 2 of the things which you have been doing from previous years like writing and _
  • 3 of the books which influenced you physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Think, Act, and Repeat we still have 36% of days left in 2019. Take it or lose it!




Air and Water Show

This is an annual function held on 3rd Week of August. We always go and watch.

There are about 2 Million people who watch this and we were four of them. Can’t wait for next year to watch this Pilots doing the tricks.

16 on 17

Here is I am thankful on my 16 mile run.

  1. Able to touch the ground before the start.
  2. Blessed with shoes and clothes along with a waist belt to carry essential stuff.
  3. The watch with GPS which track the pace.
  4. Sun Glass with power to ease eyes.
  5. Restrooms and Water fountain on the trail.
  6. Lot of thoughts would come to your mind …good, bad or Ugly – Identify and let go the past the bad and Ugly. Be in present.
  7. Breathe for point no 6. Mind Muscle and other body muscles love Oxygen.
  8. Smile…it’s never – enough!
  9. Stop Stretch Start. Repeat as often required!
  10. If phone comes pick it up but continue what you are doing. This sure can be multitask.
  11. It rained and I had no place to hide. First it felt cold reason we take bath in a warm water. After sometime the skin felt good. It was 15 minutes wet walk after completing my run.
  12. The best part of point no 11 I prayed along. It was Devine.
  13. Check your form. Give yourself a constructive feedback and improvise.
  14. Finish what you promised for even if the pace was not you liked it.
  15. Thank yourself for showing up and people who you saw in the trail.
  16. Thank Mother Earth.

Got some free books

Today while coming out of the school my head turned on the right and my legs rushes towards the table which said,” Free books give them a new home”. We picked a 12 or dozen from sports to science and everything in between.

They say there is nothing free in the World…that could be a norm but there is always – an exception.

12 Questions on 12

Not in any particular order and these were the 12 Questions for me on 12.

  1. If we disclose the name…will be there a better price?
  2. Are you running a lot?
  3. Why did not you come earlier than this?
  4. Where did you go?
  5. Do you have dark chocolate?
  6. What’s your Net Worth? Well there is an article in the newspaper with the same question.
    What makes you forget about the winter?
    Explain negotiations?
    If training fails…who to be blamed?
    Can you fill the form by EOD?
    What’s your preferred time for dinner?
    Can we ice-creams?

Answers to 1, 2, 12 is NO; 4, 9 is Yes and rest can be a topic itself. What’s your question for the day?

In photo books I am reading for this week.

What are you reading this week?

Day of Rain and Sun

Last night my friend in the party asked, how many miles on bike on Sunday morning. I casually answered 20 miles.

Well, woke up in the morning to fulfill what I told and it was raining. Looked at weather and it said will rain from 7 till 10 AM.

Waited for rain to stop or slow down and at 8:30 seemed like it slowed down. Took my bicycle and did 10 miles in an hour. It was a rain bicycle ride and during this meet and great only 10 folks. Some where running , somewhere walking their dogs, some just walking and I was only on the bicycle.

One gentleman who was walking said you are very discipline, and with others exchanged smile and good morning.

Felt in the end this wet bike ride was better than no ride or 20 miles.

12 on 10

Today was one of those planned runs where you have given certain miles to complete. For this long runs the pre-requisite is 1. Hydrate. 2. Have good carbs load. 3. Rest

Well as planned run went well and got my 12 on 10.

Post run: Hydrate again, eat well, and rest.

At the end of the day you should fell all good.

It’s Friday

There is so much happiness I see on Friday…people around will say – Have a nice weekend and if someone has the time they will ask you What’s your weekend plans?

The 9 things people say or do over the weekends and they are ( please tell me yours)

  1. Sleep some extra!
  2. Do the laundry, clean the house!
  3. Go for outdoor activities like a run or a bike or hiking!
  4. Go to Birthday Parties
  5. Host parties and invite friends and family!
  6. Do Grocery!
  7. Going to a fun place – concert , camping, event, beach!
  8. Read books!
  9. Go to worship place on Sundays!

For me, I see all the above!