The Layers

“The Layers”

From The Outdoor Pickleball in Winter!

By Numbers: We played only 3 – games and that’s all we had the energy or

/and we were full of energy while playing. The time we spent was 39:52 minutes and calories burned ( I prefer saying earned): 432!

By Sun: It could be deceiving especially for Chicago’s Winter. Today, we have had enough of the Sun and temperature lingering around 28-30 F. The gusting wind made it feel like 14F. – Talking of wind last night down south of Illinois, many states had touched down of Toronado. In Winter, I see more of the weather channel than Nasdaq!

By ‘How’ to Enjoy: 1. To be in multiple layers ( Lightweight dress and jackets) and covered from head to toe. 2. Hydrated 3. Share your experience, so others get motivated to go out and enjoy. Even 14 minutes does wonder!

The things that will stay for me on 30th November:

1. Showing up and being consistent will take one to the next level. For the other 50%, you have to put in additional effort.

2. Things may break, but if you know you have properly utilized you won’t feel bad.

3. Being outdoors even for 15 minutes and during that time being active and engaged is very magical!


Goal Vs Obstacles

The lines below, are from one of the videos I watched on the Whatsapp group where Mr. Murthy ( Narayan) is saying, “If you focus on your goal you will overcome any obstacles on the way and If you focus on obstacles you will never reach your goal”.

Today above saying helped as it was nice weather to be outside but breezy. The wind was gusting at 18 miles per hour from South to North.

Still, we choose to play Pickleball (goal
) and the obstacle (wind ) did not matter and we played for 45 minutes.

No Egg in the Club store but 3 tips from 60 years old cashiers

No Egg in the Club store but 3 tips from 60 years old cashiers.

The egg was one of the items that I had gone to purchase in the club store.

Guess what?

They did not have a single box of it. This happened for the first time.

I asked the cashier and I did not find the reason as we diverted onto the running topic as I was wearing a Chicago Marathon Hat and the cashier’s Chicago Marathon shoes.

The cashier shared a few tips that are helping even at 60 years and still running and working as a cashier * and they are :

1. Run at least when not training 5 K for 4 or 5 days a week.

2. Stretch and there is no substitute for it.

3. Strengths training is a must.

In my goodbye, I told the cashier you don’t look the age you told me and wished all the best for many more marathons

PS: The cashier job requires 8 hours of standing.

PS1: I did buy eggs on my way home from the other grocery stores.

It’s a Thanksgiving Wrap

It’s a Thanksgiving Wrap

Movie were planned and Mandir was Impromptu!
Dinners were planned and Breakfast was Toasted!
Car Museum for next time, visit of Car Assembly plants were loved by them.
Sports were for day time and Webseries ( Khakhee, from The Bihar Diary) was very engaging even in the late night.
Dumb Charades was hit and Pingpong became the challenge game and the person who wins gets the ice cream.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

3 Yeses

This Wednesday afternoon on my day off had to meet a person.

It so happened there something more important came up for the person and called to reschedule for next early week.

I happily said Yes to 3 things:

  1. It’s okay don’t feel the guilt of not being able to make it.
  2. Next early week sounds absolutely fine.
  3. An inner voice prompted me to go for a walk and in that timeframe logged 2 miles in 29.06.

Aloo Da Bhunjiya aka Fries

Aloo Da Bhunjiya aka Fries

It’s Sunday and any of us who eat non-veg would love to eat chicken or mutton in this cold lazy weather of Chicago.

The problem with my limited cooking…chicken, and chole taste the same and I did not want to spoil the lunch.

For some reason, they love my Vedic way of making aloo Kaa bhujiya and with hot daal -chawal, it goes very well.

And I believe it’s Rice, Lentils, and Potato that makes 100%* Bon Appetite.

Protein: 40%
Fat: 30%
Carbohydrate: 30%

English word for:

1. Aloo: Potato

2. Bhunjiya: Sir Fry