1000 Fraternity Members

Last night while coming from the library my elder one asked how many followers you have in WordPress. They call it ‘Followers’…I like to call it Fraternity Members reason we share a common interest – to write, to read, and to be read!

I said: 998

His answer: By tomorrow you will reach 1000 for sure.

We both…smiled!

Him: Again, how long you have been writing.

Me: On WordPress December of 2016.

We both…smiled (again)!!

This morning, I have 1000 and I want to thank you all:

  1. For the knowledge you shared
  2. For the experience you shared
  3. For the culture you shared
  4. For the smile you shared
  5. For the encouraging comments, you shared
  6. For the likes, you had for my writing
  7. For the reblogging, you had for my blog
  8. For the travel essay photo, you motivated to travel more
  9. For the book or movie review, helps to pick next
  10. For 1000…none of us know each other personally – we are always there to write, to read, and to be read!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!


Thursday Harvest

Thursday is a day where we have had a culture to Thank people, colleague, friends, and family to Thank them for the help they have been doing to us. It still there but some Thursday we do skip. Talking of Thankfulness….I am so thankful to GOD for providing a backyard where I tasted one of the best and sweet Mellon.


Also, another thing I noted…if there is a desire to grow – even the fence does not matter. ( Cucumber in the photo)


Three takeaways:

  1. Work on your dream.
  2. Enjoy your harvest for the work you have done earlier.
  3. Grow in spite of constraints or obstructions.


What brings you here?

background: Saturday, August 11 novice marathoner had 15 miles training run and after the run, I had a tough time walking. They had announced in the beginning someone from the cara organizing would come to help/teach you stretching and also identify your weak points. After changing my sweaty T-Shirt and literally throwing the shoes I slowly approached the stretch area. What happens next we will go in Q & A mode?

before run

Her: What brings you here? It is not that she has not seen me struggle to walk and thumb rule is nothing on assumptions…hence the question -what brings you here?

Me: We have multiple guests coming over the weekend and there are lot many things I have to do at home.

Her: I know how it goes as I have been married for 35 years…it does not mean just because you have run a big run – you get an excuse. The only solution, for now, is stretch and for the long run, you have to make to work on your core.

Me: Move your magic wand.

Her: It will take more than the magic wand, the reason you seem to be not focusing on your core this year and it reflects. Be religious about the core and take it as a mantra from today onwards.

Me: Why today… let’s do it now!

Her: You summed it well the importance of ‘Now’.First thing first at home fold the towel, duct tape it, and put the leg at an angle and take your other feet in the front. Alternate it and do it twice a day. ( As shown in the photo).

to post in wp


Me: This changed everything. I could have gone for more running and then I reminded myself there are guests coming home and I have tasks to complete before next long miles.

Her: Here are lists of exercise…do it twice a day.

Me: I thanked and went to a Fresh Market to do the grocery.

Me Again: Came home took bath, ate breakfast, some rest, and then started on my contributions.

Lesson Re-learned: Warm up, Run, Stretch, Go to Gym, Follow the training schedule…and above all keep the core strong.

Water Cooler

Water Cooler Conversation/Comment: We missed you seeing in the India Day. This made me think, ” Do all plans work?

Short Answer: ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Long Answer: On Sunday my 3 of 3 which was meant to watch India Day did not work – the saying in Hindi, “Gayi Bhains Paani Mein*” would be the right to describe the reason behind it.

* When buffalo goes into water…they do not come on your terms – they come when they are done.

The water park was so tempting kid’s and kids’ in me took longer to enjoy the day and in the event, the youngest one got so tired… he got slight temperature which only went away with a good evening and night sleep.

The takeaway from the water cooler conversation:
1. The parade was very colorful
2. Food choices and stalls enough which gave the opportunity to walk and reach daily 2X of footsteps, and
3. Songs like ‘Jai Ho’ sang 4 times…not able to make it’s a -complain or compliment.

Talking of compliments, I told them all of you…who posted – your live videos, photos are sure looking great and dressed for the occasion.

water cooler

Left Handers Day

My Papà reminded me today August 13 is all the left-handers day. His eldest son and youngest grandson are both Left Handers. My brother when kid would have been corrected so many times…we did not even try to stop the youngest left handed ever in our family. With time we change!

In photo: Aryash at his Dada- Dadi’s place in 2014

Hope writing is not replaced or else if everyone started typing we would not know who is a ledger handed.

Wishing every left handed a very happy day.

To walk or not to walk

As per Marathon training plan, Friday is a rest day from running. Some of us think its actually a rest day but then later I realized it could be for anything which does not strain your legs too much before your long run on Saturday. There are still who run every day and I am not certainly one of them. Normally, I have Friday where I discuss with my Personal Trainer how to optimize muscles which would enable me to touch the finish line for a particular day.  This Friday because of carpeting work in the Gym got canceled so the question popped up into my mind to go for Walk or Not! Gald I said yes for the 5K walk.

Five Thoughts  From Friday Five K Walk: 

  1. Movement of any kind gives freedom to your thoughts, breath, heart, and soul.
    • I say this because my plan for the day was not very clear but it came as I progressed in my miles.
    • Second, I spoke to my breath and it was two ways. Inhale for certain steps and exhale for certain steps plus more.
    • Smile to passer-by was from the heart.
    • Waving hands was soulful.
  2. Mantra…I was thinking about Mantra as I read last night in WordPress. For those who do not know the mantra is repetitive saying of some positive words for the postive outcome ( at least that’s the definition I had). If you are self-talking negative…it becomes a negative mantra which I had no idea. Now if any negative thoughts come I stop repeating.
  3. Cleaningness…they say is – next to GOD. I am glad I am thinking that way too.
  4. Fruits…today’s advertisement is so embedded that kids think having cereal with fruits flavors blended in the cereal – they had the fruits.
  5. Scan your path and look straight while walking or running reason if you do the first part you will get tired. The gravity is the cause! If you do not believe try yourself in your next walk or run.

Wrap Up: The Clean and forward movement is the fruitful manta.

Stay Fresh

Once upon a time when we did not have the future like today…the mantra was to have everything fresh and thus stay fresh was a – norm.

Fast forward: Now we have everything in abundance ( well not for all)…we keep those refrigerated – take it out – cook or warm and consume it.

The ask for the present: Stay fresh by activating your brain, body, and soul every day. It’s easier than said and here is how:

  1. Take your morning seriously…stretch at least for 15 minutes.
  2. Cook for self to consume. It could be as simple as toast, cereals, or bowl of fruits.
  3. You can eat your lunch outside.
  4. Come home and cook and consume within 45 minutes of its preparation.
  5. Eliminate electronics before bed.
  6. Sleep effectively.
  7. Repeat and Stay Fresh!

PS: This post is inspired by a reclosable zipper which says Stay Fresh.

The Seven Weekday Luxury

Yesterday was 7 and it was the busiest day…professionally, personally, and socially. I am sure you all would be wandering in the middle of the week a busy day because of personal and social life. How is that possible?

Short Question: Isn’t personal and social life meant for weekdays?

Short Answer: No and Yes.

Long Answer: People who can live their life every day has achieved what 24 hours are meant for us agnostic of rich/poor, tall/short, and so forth.

Here are my 7 favorites for the day:

  1. Early morning Bike to Gym and Back. Total distance 2 times 3.23 miles, and resistance exercise. Repeat this on Thursday.
  2. At Lunch, we talked about the best, worst, and pretty things about Indian Cooked food. Also why fruits should be consumed in the morning before noon was a fruitful discussion.
  3. The coffee break talk was about Kids and their college. A mom said I want to share my opnion kids already are doing so much …Why so much pressure even to join the local school club – I do not underdstand it. Niether do I.
  4. At parking lot one of my colleague saw me in a running dress and asked me where I am heading towards. My quick answer was Speed Training for a marathon which is two months from today. I knew what would be a follow up questions so I mentioned this is my first ever so we will talk about tomorrow.
  5. Once I reached the training track…greated and told what we are going to accomplish in the evening. Run 8 rounds to warm up which is sums up into 2 miles followed by dynamics stretching, and then pace run. I told them would not be able to stay for the entire training as I have to go and celebrate two birthdays one of a friend and another friends Dad 70th. They said then make it more speedy.
  6. Glad the party was near and at their home. We had full fun…food, dance, and songs. The food was prepared at home and it was Daal Batti which was out of Rajasthan. They said it was one of the best birthday and they are going to remember this celebration when Uncle and Aunty returns to India next week after staying couple of months with their family.
  7. Did I tell I went for a Car Wash in the morning too and it rained in the afternoon when my car was parked outside? A clean car with more wash is always good.