Thanks for Giving

Today, I thank you all my fellow blogosphere reader for all the likes you all have given and plus comments.

In my phone there are nine things I follow or utilize religiously:

  • Phone calls – this was/is what phone is meant for right!
  • Emails – All emails at one place and they are so many. I skim through some, and read important one’s on my laptop.
  • Text Message – I text to share some important no or days as those stays there for future reference.
  • Facebook – This keeps us aware what’s happening in friends and family life. Once I visited India and my Aunty was not aware…she mentioned it seems seeing me in person feels like I just got downloaded myself from the Facebook. I think that’s a good compliment. What do you all think?
  • Whatsapp – I have a mixed feeling. There is so many group and most of the time fwded messages keep coming.
  • YouTube – Use for viewing songs,bhajans , mantras.
  • Weather – I see more weather updates than NASDAQ.
  • Garmin Connect – just to make sure I am on closers to my goals.
  • Camera – They say Pictures says more than 1000 words. Old saying still takes memory.

Well out of all…Wordpress definitely takes precedence and this all because of you blogosphere. There is so much to learn everyday from you all. Keep writing!


2 Choice

I had 2 choice or actually three this afternoon on a beautiful afternoon of fourth Thursday of November aka celebrated as a Thanksgiving. The temperature was/is 46F, sunny and my three choices were to :

  1. The first obvious one…run.
  2. Go shopping and this one I seriously dislike on Thanksgiving!
  3. Yard work

The yard work took priority…I got three bags full of leaves, lawn mowed, collected rotten apples fallen on the ground, some weeds.

I also cleaned the garage and I am so thankful that I choose no 3.

This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving…I am thankful to GOD, Parents, Family, Friends, Farmers, Colleagues, Government, Society, Community, Acquaintance, Bloggers , Readers, Ecosystem, and to

  • Teeth to chew food which farmers grows.
  • Heart to love the GOD creations.
  • Abs ( dream to make it Eight pack) which Running is helping.
  • Nose to smell good thing around and discard bad.
  • Knees to balance the upper body weight.
  • Skin to protect our inside body.
  • Gum to protect our tooth.
  • Intestine to digest our food.
  • Voice to speak, communicate
  • Iris which helps in defining the color of eyes and control the amount of light.
  • Neck to turn around
  • Gametes which helped in bringing more life in the World.

To those who celebrate Happy Thanksgiving and lets be thankful to thanksgiving in us.

Guava, The Fruit

Ironically, in America Guava is one of the expensive fruits when it comes to price but we do get some time sale on it for example 99 cent per pound.

Last week doing grocery I saw this Mexican Guava on sale and picked it up. While growing up in India we had many Guava trees in our front and backyard. I used to pluck it morning and eat it. In my parents new house they still have the trees but not as many as it used to be…but now we are not there so the quantities and quality is the same for them and for us when we visit them. Talking of visiting them we need to see them soon.

There are many benefits of Guava…the super fruit and will list down few which I believe has always worked for me.

  1. Helps in digestion
  2. Helps in Winter as immune to cold and cough.
  3. Helps skin to shine.
  4. They say it has manganese.
  5. It helps in nervous relaxation.

Eat your fruits in morning for more benefits.

Mystery Architect

What comes to your mind when you get to see the Nest…the very own house – made by bird?

First to me they seem like a mystery architect.

Secondly, in my mind:

1. They did not go to any school that we know of still they do it so well. This shows following traits to me.

  • They learn from their parents.
  • They Observe, Interpret, and Apply.
  • They never give up.

2. The big Nest they build till their offspring are with them and then they downsize it.

  • There is no point to keep or have Big Nest unless Full space is utilized.
  • The right size has their own advantages.
  • Keep it simple and maintainable.

Bottomline: To make Nest or Not to make is not the question – they will make it as its part of ecosystem to grow families and/or rest after day is spent.

Found it

There was something missing since last Thursday and found it in 42F and sprinkles rain. The weather has been all kind – we saw all four seasons in last four days. I have been doing walking , Yoga etc not running. This morning I had me time of 35 minutes and thought let me utilize for running. After run I know what I was missing…a run.

While you work


Dad and son mobile car maintenance and car service has been for 30 years. They go to parking lots of many companies and take care of your car. Over weekend they are in airport taking care of rental cars maintenance.

The sludge story:

It was Year 2012 when I saw first time the engine light on even though I changed the oil very recently. So, I took it to the dealer and they changed the oil. They mentioned changing the engine oil every 3000 miles instead of 5000 miles. This worked for some time till I met Dad and Son Mobile car maintenance company at one of the client’s locations was told two things:

  1. Change it to synthetic oil. This works good for older cars.
  2. Top oil every 1000 miles and keep checking.

I also googled after and many owner for this model had sludge problem when the car became old. Thankfully keeping those advice in mind and regularly doing it the car is still with me after 5 years when the problem surfaced

Bottomline: When the car age it does have an average of $1200 maintenance per annum but it’s better than monthly payment of loan.

The way one see the World

Running can not change the world… running can change the way one see the world – not in any or particularly order.

  • Running brings Patience in you.
  • Running helps in Admiring things around you.
  • Running creates Resources within you.
  • Running modify Thoughts which helps one’s action.
  • Running builds Interest for a new creativity.
  • Running lessen one’s Complaining unnecessary.
  • Running adds value to Upscale one’s choice for the right food.
  • Running intense Love for life.
  • Running finds you Amazing ideas to do things differently.
  • Running will Relate to you to your true self.
  • Running is Learning which is for life long.
  • Running shows You the potential in you.

M for Mushroom

Last summer during my walk I spotted Mushroom and posted it in a social media. The story goes like …Today, I am skipping grocery store in the evening as already spotted Mushroom in the office campus 🙂

Having a fruitful oops vegiful day!

There were only 4 likes and 13 comments and most of them told these are not edible. Some told to cultivate at home and they also recommend How part of it.

Here is what Carlo has to say – I’m picky about mushrooms, too. Not a blanket fan!

I love Truffles and search them out in restaurants in November and December and buy them, too. I like fresh Shiitake for Asian cooking, but will use dried in some situations. Oyster is a good meat substitute (I’m mainly vegetarian), and a few very flavorful ones like morels…and that is about it.

Sliced white or brown, like in a salad or pizza – no. Portobello…just like the white, but overgrown – no.

I’m two years into my new home, a new pool, and I had to neglect my garden. I grew garlic, shallots, lettuce, herbs, peppers, tomatoes, in year two of asparagus, bumper crop of cherries from a small tree, a very small harvest of apricots; orange/lemon had six seasons this year! Very confused trees, and no fruit.

I want a graded, level and fenced growing garden to keep out the birds, deer, cats, raccoons, and others. I want an 8’x8’x8′ greenhouse with ventilation.