In Short Conversations with Water Meter Personal

In general, we would not see them as they come to the outside of the house…for reading the meters with their handheld device, physically inspect the device for any irregularities or damage or defect or unauthorized use, and/or even they can stop the usage for not paying the bill. Well, you get the mental picture.

Today our timing matched and I just happen to be done with my morning run so we exchanged Good Morning followed by a question, “How are you”?

I had one more question…How many miles do you walk a day?

The short answer and long miles translate to 20. Yes, you read it right Twenty Miles.

When I was listening the face of the person was beaming with smile and miles…a few words of wisdom embedded in the short answer- love what you do and do what you love sums up or boils down!

8 Things Not To Do First Thing After Waking Up:

8 Things Not To Do First Thing After Waking Up:

1. Leave the bed as is. You should make it so that it is welcoming at night.

2. Look at your Facebook. It can wait…its not a place to get the first update. You can look at some other physical book if you want.

3. Unless you are in a different time zone or continents don’t go to Whats app. If you go this apps will hijack your good amount of time and many will be similar forwards in a different groups.

4. Sit and get comfortable unless it’s required.

5. Make other wake-ups by stating you are still sleeping the whole world is awake. You can first open the curtain for them and then say in a soft voice its time to wake up!

6. Drink Cold Water. You should warm it.

7. Switch on the TV. Unless you are looking for some specific News

8. Ungrateful. You just got a fresh day!

Tuesday Morning Maha Mantra

Maha ( Meaning Big) Mantra ( Meaning  A slogan or phrase often repeated)

When it comes to fitness, we should focus on our form…shapes will come and calories will burn – for some in a day, for some in a week, for some in a month, for some in six months, for some in a year, and for some in multiple years.

To sum up, it is never too early to begin and also it is never too late to start. The inspiration is every one of us is an individual and we have to compete with oneself. The only common thing to fix in mind is never to surrender!

3 Things to know this morning:

3 Things to know this morning:

  1. Sawan Starts today July 6th and it will end on August 3. There will be two important festivals which will fall [a]. Teej Thursday, July 23 ( Married ladies from eastern India and some part does fasting for their husband) [b]. Raksha Bandhan on August 3rd. ( Sister ties a Rakhi to their brother’s right hand for their safety and long life and in return take care of them in case something happens to them).
  2. We are an authentic vegetarian for a month during Sawan. Personally this detox the inner organs.
  3. What one thing you would recommend watching as a Family? Before I hear from you…here is our The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on Netflix and especially: Season 2, Episode 6 ( India). The first thing in the very beginning they say Mumbai has more Billionaires than LA’s and most of their houses to retreat with family is on the Western Ghats.

Why we should have a goal?

Why we should have a goal?

Before I hear from you…here is a long answer – the crux is in point no 5.

This Sunday Morning I committed for two things and whichever should come first. A]. 10K or/and B]. 1 Hour of Run.

Self Note: The morning was hot and humid and I did not carry any water or did not have any plan to stop at any water fountain or rest area.

What six things I experienced:

1. The First Mile was smooth

2. The Second Miler was smoother

3. The Third Mile plus extra was smoothest where I made a U-Turn.

4. Surprisingly on 4 Mile, I saw the same folks who also had made a U-Turn from the other side and thus we exchanged smiles and waved at each other twice.

5. After completing my 5th Mile which was the high altitude of 631Feet. I stopped. A thought came should I switch off my run and say it’s done. The inner voice came it’s not about others…you are competing with yourself – also you have made a promise in the beginning of the run. I continued my walk for a minute and then continue my run.

6. I am glad I focused on my Goal and finished 6.29 miles in 58:02 and thus giving 1 minute and 58 seconds to my self as extra bonus time.

Runaway: Self-talks to yourself with positive inputs…listen to yourself when it is hard – encourage yourself and go for it.

4 Questions from the 4th of July 4 Miles Run:

4 Questions from the 4th of July 4 Miles Run:

These questions I asked before the start of the run:

1. What does Freedom mean for you?

2. What is Oxygen for you?

3. What is Unity means for you?

4. What is Respect means for you?

The following answers came to me at the end of 4 miles which ended at 35:15.

Ans1: Freedom from clutter at home, and mind.

Ans 2: Free and pure Oxygen for life.

Ans 3: Unity of mind, body, and soul.

Ans 4: Respect for one and all.

Wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July 2020. America’s 244th Birthday!

Late Evening Ride

Thursday was a long day reason could be many but one which is popular is that you work extra before the start of a holiday or long weekends. For us, in America, we have 3rd July off for the 4th of July is on Saturday.

At 7:30 PM on Thursday I went for a bike ride reason it was Sunny as we have sunset at 8:30 PM. During the ride of 10:68 miles in 51 minutes, the school of thoughts which lingered around was:

1. No matter how tired you are by working all day…going out to nature will brighten your day or in my case evening.

2. There is something in the move and it will shift you to the right state of mind.

3. The same food will taste better and nurture your BMS…Body, Mind, and Soul.

Why do you ___?

Why do you ___? Fill up the blank is Homework for all of us!

And, I am filling the fill-up the blank by the word RUN

Why do I run?

Short Answer: To run my day!

Medium Answer: It’s so good to be with nature and especially in a place like Chicago where Summer is very short-lived. Daily run on good weather is an investment in self for snowy days.

Long Answer: More than anything its a reflection on self for the self by the self and of the shelf( the spelling is correct). For example, today is the 183rd day of 2020 and we have exactly the same no of days left in the year. We are in the scenario of still glass half full. What do we want to achieve given in the constraints the world is in now…some of the things I would say –

a) Active Discipline is the key, absolutely no shortcut. For example, follow the guidelines.

b) Building Confidence in individual, community, country, and continents. For example, stop the spread of negative news as they are like wildfire.

c) Collaborate more with the mobility of Doctors and Nurses from the Army or with their help. Their flight can fly and they are more disciplined. Also, there should be civilians helping those Army on duty. So full circle!

That’s my rundown! What one thing you have in your mind to make the world a new normal place for everyone!!

Why we should write our success story?

Why we should write our success story?

Short Answer: We can refer it back!

Long Answer: Well I will have to go to my running World.

Running each day will be a different exposure and something new would be reborn from it…a thought, an idea, something to push up in the priority list, or on how at one thing you will respond and others you would not even react.

Most of us know even we are not be working in IT or doing programming…Garbage In is Garbage Out – that works with our mind or brain as well. It is very important we input right In’s. By the way, I have a question where is the mind resides in our brain? Anyone!

As we all know ( big assumptions on we all know )…Confidence is built and no one is born with and I learned today 85% of the World is facing low esteem and self-confidence according to Dr. Joe.

So any time we try to work towards success we may be giving up in the first place even that has worked in the past. For example weight control. After a few days of exercise or giving up some of our favorite food, we do not see what have believed. Then it is not a problem in our belief its the action we have to take and for how long. If you saw a success even a tiny one in a few days write about it and refer it for a longer time. You will see the outcome.

So in essence we got to write about the story of a successful one so that we can go back to it. If we fall from our 15% category to 85% to come back again to the 15%

June at 30 is leaving

June is leaving us and its in a good note. The fear is there and we all have to take precautions. This needs coordination and orchestrations. Two simple things we have to do:

1. Wear Mask in public. ( Once upon a time not long ago folks used to carry their handkerchiefs all the time. Consider a clean mask as your new handkerchiefs).

2. Keep washing our hands with soap or sanitize. I hope marketing people are thinking to bring sanitizer like perfume so we all smell different.

What’s your June Story? Mine in short….got some personal records, improving on isometric, and other body resistance exercise.