It took 2 Yog Nidra

Negativity thoughts towards someone if you are not telling are holding fire in your hand and thinking it will burn the other person.

Is it going to burn another person hand by simply holding on your own.

The simple and short answer is NO.

To eliminate that negative thought and not let the day ruin. I did Yog Nidra and it did not help on the first round. I went for another and it did help.

The moral of the story try again!

5 Types of Vegetarians

5 Kinds Of Vegetarian in Hindu Religion

  1. Pure Vegetarian 365 days a year
  2. Days like Tuesday /Thursday/Friday or any day of the week vegetarians
  3. Festive vegetarian like on any Puja or a whole month of Sawan or Karthik or 9 days of Navrathri.
  4. Vegetarian but will eat egg.
  5. Then there are different permutations and combinations of all 4.

Once upon a time 100 years back there were 70-80 % Vegetarian and now we have the same amount of Non-vegetarian. The reason could be non-vegetarian food tastes so delicious ( one which is cooked from scratch)and also now so readily available ( processed packed ready to eat). One can take it out from the fridge, warm it for a few seconds, and put it in the mouth.

Only if vegetarian food is cooked and if one can bring back the same taste as its counterpart we may have a more vegetarian percentage. Not where we once were 100 years ago.

Talking of Vegetarian it being Tuesday I experimented on the most readily available Yellow Vatana ( all 9 essential amino acids which body cannot make) you get from it.

Great I did not make enough reason one of them wanted Bhatura* with it on for dinner. Sometimes good that you don’t have an abundance or else it brings stress too.
*Confession I can’t make Bhatura’s

Monday, My!

Mutton…prepared for lunch!

Obviously it came out good as I made it watching YouTube.

Now a days information is readily available one has spend some time.

During day time I thought I will go and run and just one thing after another did only allow me to walk 2 miles indoor.

A+ was the feedback.

Yoga this month we are pracitimg Suya Namaskar. Every month their is theme.



The Fall of the Friday

It’s so very colorful everywhere and all leaves are falling.

I thought this Friday would be the last fall of all leaves to exit. So my raking of leaves.

But it seems like there would be one more Friday for leaves to stay with their tree.

The Fall of Friday is here to stay till The Black Friday. Am I shopping or raking is to question.

Simple Chicken Curry in 30

Simple Chicken Curry in 30 minutes

Be ready with : Chicken ( Boneless – 2 lbs) , Oil, 4 red cut onions, Garlic , Ginger, tomato- 3 , turmeric ,Chicken masala, Salt, Water.

  1. Sauté/Fry Onion in oil till it become brown – 4 to 5 minutes in high heat
  2. Add garlic and ginger paste (2 tbs) and let it sauté for 2- 3 minutes
  3. Add tomato and mix with 1 and 2 and sauté for 5 minutes
  4. Add Chicken masala(1.5 tbs) ( MDH). Keep mixing for 3 to 4 minutes
  5. Add salt (1tbs) according to your taste and keep frying for 3 minutes
  6. Add boiled water ( 250 ml)
  7. Cover the lid of instant pot and let it cook for 15 minutes…the setting is poultry!

Serve this simple chicken curry with white rice and salad.

Cappuccino with Sunil

I had 4 options before taking them to basketball ball practice Tuesday night.

  1. Tea with Teabag
  2. Masala Tea
  3. Black Coffee
  4. Cappuccino Coffee.

I used my first lifeline 50-50.

Got options 2 and 4.

Used my Other lifeline to call the expert (aka me). The person in me said Masala Tea sounds good but Cappuccino will be great and you will never go wrong with it

In the short video How to Make Cappuccino Coffee.
Background Score: Kids practicing basketball. The divider at court is still there on the left its boys and right ( no point for guessing but you are always welcome for Cappuccino with Sunil)

I am not saying

The more you complain about your problems the more problems you will have to complain about. ZIG ZIGLAR, author and motivational speaker

Today it rained so the only options left walk indoors and do some isometric. Examples of isometric is plank, pushups.

About Push-ups!

  1. Stating obvious you can do it anywhere
  2. It’s a very good isometric exercise.
  3. Body in plank position ( Inhale and exhale )
  4. Hands slightly away from the shoulder
  5. Finger pointing out
  6. Inhale while taking your chest down
  7. Inhale should not make sound
  8. Exhale while coming up
  9. Exhale should be a little audible.
  10. Tummy tucked
  11. Do it based on capacity.
  12. More than how much… consistency is the key.