My Day Wednesday

It’s in the middle of the week and they also call it hump day. Let me run my mental note of what I did and it starts with Y and ends with W.

Yoga in the morning

Apple picking from backyard

Dryer for clothes, our midweek chorus

Study on how first medical responders work

Enjoyed dinner with family and friends.

No to things I wanted while doing grocery.

Don’t rush…look before leap

Enter to the investment world by reading

Wear your smile always.

PS: Read the first letter from down to up.

The Mask No One Saw Coming For The Masses

Today while dropping my child at the school, we observed a very touching scenes where a younger brother may be 5 or 6 years old was taking out an extra mask from his backpack and giving back to his big brother. [ Mask is mandatory to get inside, and so is siblings in the family].

Once upon a time, we used to borrow was pencil or pen or a notebook. Do you remember any stories from your school days? [ What’s your story?].

Now kids in the USA have laptop from school. I am not all for it. It’s too many technologies everywhere. No doubt, technology is helping change the face of our earth. Specially last 100 – 125 years has been very rapid and successful. But too much of anything is very bad, for our human-kind be it food or tech. [ There has to be balance].

How do we find balance is the question for all of us? The first thing which comes to my mind is ABCDE:

1.Awareness: Be aware of good, bad, or ugly!

2. Boundary: Draw a fine line between when you need and what you want.

3. Challenge: It’s easy to draw in the flow, so resist it.

4. Disciplines: This is a must! No for wrong things and yes for right!

5. Engage: Personally, meet more often with yourself and others.

6. Fun: Don’t ever forget to have fun!

Invest | Spend | Pay

The question which we all have for ourselves and they are :

1. What should I invest on ?

The short answer: Education, Nutrition, and Exercise!

2. Who should I spend on?

The short answer: 1. Time with family and friends. 2. Reading other folks blog.

3. When should I pay?

The short answer: 1. Someone in need of your talent and time.

Are you doing these 5 things right?

Once upon a time, I was reading a book, and the question which stuck to me, “ Am I doing these 5 things right?

It’s not a day thing it’s a daily thing.

One day we all have to pick this question and ask why not today.

Because till we self nourish ourselves rest is not possible.

Because they say put your oxygen first then we can help others.

Now it’s time to go through these 5 questions:

Are we going RIGHT…

1. Exercise ?

2. Breathing?

3. Thinking?

4. Nutrition?

5. Relaxation?

Follow-up question,” Do any of the above need more attention in your life?“

Answer: If so aim to make changes that will bring this about. For example, buy more fresh vegetables and fruits in your weekly grocery and avoid processed food, or do 15 minutes of Yoga every day or join a mediation class or sleep on time or keep away your phone away from the bedroom.


To buy or not to buy Tesla

Once upon a time, we had a friend with Tesla for a dinner.

Both my kids got a ride and the first question they asked me was, “ When are we buying Tesla Papa?”

I asked them to tell me why we should buy it and their reason:

  1. Save on gas aka more environmentally friendly.
  2. Electric cars are less when it comes to maintenance.

I agree with their point no 1 and point, no 2 told them to let the economy be or the price point is less so that cost of purchase justifies as well.

Meantime, without buying, I promise to help save on both points. The photo says it all!

How: We started going to school on bicycles and then some days it’s cold or raining so to keep my promise I take the bike in the afternoon as shown in the video and photo.

On Lord Ganesha’s Birthday

On Lord Ganesha’s birthday wishing those who celebrate full of modaks* to you and your family!

  • Modaks symbolize nuggets of wisdom.

Once upon a time, the devas visited Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati with divine modak. The condition was the wisest and more knowledgeable should only have it.

Maa Parvati wanted to give to her sons and they were unwilling to share. 

Now, Maa Parvati gave them a task to go around the world 3 times. Whosoever finished fastest would win it.

I think most of us know the story but when we say think we are not sure so let me finish.

Lord Kartikeya set forth to circle the world and thoughtful Ganesha quietly circled his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as they were the world to him.

Since then Lord Ganesha’s love for modak is always pictured in!

Om Namah Ganesha

I love when the dates are uniform and it’s 9/9/2021

Once upon a time (if anyone of you knows please share ) some countries decided to have DD/MM/YYYY while others MM/DD/YYYY.

If it’s written like 9th September 2021, it’s even better. Now let’s move on from this day’s formatting and come to 9 important things which today is teaching us.

1. To those who are celebrating Teej wishing you and your loved ones a very blissful, happy, healthy, prosperous, and longevity life! ( Teej is a festival where a woman keeps fasting for 24 hours and prays to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati). It comes once in a year.

2. Again drink water 30 minutes before your food and after your food. Many of us drink at the same time which is not helpful and healthy.

3. Keep a self journal and write on it. I am going to do Yoga journal.

4. Kids get into a habit of self-study. This is apart from what school and parents tell you to do.

5. Vaccinations if not for yourself takes for others safety.

6. Decision is yours take based on all inputs.

7. We have seen enough waves let’s take precautions and self-control this Covid 19.

8. Make not only hormones balance also happy.

9. Our life is like a beauty pageant parade and we have to improve every day.

3 Things From Ice Cream Social

Here in America once a year at least in elementary school they have an ice cream social. It’s in September and the evening.

Kids prepaid and let their choice know in advance and for some who missed they can walk in and they don’t have a choice. They get what the community has ordered in bulk.

Today evening we had an annual ice cream social. The weather was perfect at this time of the year. Here are the 3 Things

1. One should order their choice and pay in advance so that they enjoy to fullest.

2. After ice cream folks were playing or talking. We are social animals and not an island.

3. Enjoy life-like ice cream before it melts.