Cold Water Bath

Last I remember taking cold… a very cold water bath in the winter of US in the month of February was 2002.  That particular day the apartment did not have the hot water supply and I had to take bath and go to the meeting. Only thing I remember before taking a very cold shower was praying to the GOD and seeking parents blessing. Believe me, the cold water did not feel that cold and it gave me more freshness for the whole day. That was Detroit of 2002.

Fast Forward 16 years…In the middle of winter, today we stopped getting warm/hot water. I went to see the basement and the Water Heater has aged gracefully and stopped working.  I called Friends and posted on Facebook for recommendations. Got three pricing quotes and two willing to do today. One said one hour as they were coming in two and others said four hours of effort even though cheaper than the other. I went with one hour of work reason they shut down your main water and other stuff. Got the appointment set for the afternoon.

Now only thing waiting was taking bath and I can not wait until afternoon. I had to take my morning bath and just like 2002…I prayed to GOD and seek parents blessing. The cold bone-chilling water seems to work the same magic after my bath. Felt very fresh.

Bottomline: Pray to GOD and seek parents blessing in prayers…you will not be only alright but very right!

The new water heater is installed.


Complain or Create

I learned hard way either one can keep complaining and or Create. We will come to this later but now I wanted to tell Only thing which is not constant in Chicago is Weather!

Hence, we have closet always full with Winter and Summer Clothes and Garage is occupied by four and two wheelers 🙂

Photo: @ Left Turn waiting for turn.

Today, I was talking to a person who said Chicago’s winter is too stretched and I said I used to feel the same but something has changed my thoughts. It’s running. Also I have another constant thing I have done is started writing and reading fellow bloggers.

We could not close the topic as we both had to pick our kid from the evening science Olympiad.

But I believe he gets the message…do what Roman Does in Rome or I do in Windy City.

Raining like Cats and Dogs

It’s been raining like cats and dogs. There was a brief pause for an hour or so around 8 AM and the temperature 59F. What more you have to ask?
The run was splashy and the only audience were Geese…so what – A Run done is Run Accomplished!!


  1. Always be ready with your running gear. Even a pause of 30 minutes can give you a great run.
  2. Enjoy the nature.
  3. A run done is mile accomplished…Smile!!




Promise to us.

When it comes to Marriage it’s always good to compromise on:

  • Children – You May say 3 and she 1 … 2 sounds just right.
  • Olive extra virgin oil for cooking and you say Olive oil… Virgin Olive Oil would do just right.
  • Mansion…6 bedrooms and you would say 3 and I believe 4 bedrooms would do just right.
  • Presents for In-Laws. Not three or two. At least one on their Marriage Anniversary. They deserve it Reason because of them both of us are part of current marriage.
  • Ring – Both Diamond. I think one Gold and other Diamond would do.
  • Outdoors- Beaches or Mountains. I would say the one which has both.
  • Money. Spend or Save. Go for saving before spending.
  • Invite: Not just mine or your friend. Go for common, yours and yours and increase the friendship circle.
  • Sleep: 10 hours or 6. I believe 8 hours is just right.
  • Entrainment: Not on phones or tablet. Keep it for a theater.

Mishti Doi

What a Sunday? We had guests at our home as Monday is off for us because of Presidential Day. By the way, Canada is also Off because they have had Family Day.

Talking about Family day all the guests were from the same family. Lots of cooking at home and we ordered only Pizza from the outside. There was no need to order reason out of three …two boxes were not even opened.

We had following food items as starters

  1. Salads
  2. Fish pakoras
  3. Tandoori Chickens
  4. Lobia
  5. Pakoras
  6. Chips

For Main Course

  1. Naan
  2. Chicken curry
  3. Chicken Fry
  4. Kofta
  5. Saag Paneer
  6. Fried rice.
  7. Vegetables.

Birthday Cakes as two of them had a birthday.



  • Mishti Doi – This was a head turner reason many of us would not make it. Everyone loved it.

At the end, we enjoyed a cup of Tea.

Atlanta Running

I was in Atlanta for a day or two and got an opportunity to do my first 5K for February. The only reason the temperature was in 60ies Fahrenheit.

The memory flashed back as I first landed to Atlanta many years ago to US of A.

Fly Forward: Never got an opportunity to visit till yesterday. The city has grown, weather is nice, and traffic is …well I don’t want to comment.

Apart from running and other work also visited Coca Cola World one. It’s certainly a place to visit at least once. Tried some of their drinks from different countries and all tastes different. My favorite was/is still the same and it’s Thumps Up .

Be Suspicious

Be Suspicious of your

  • Self if you are not doing what you are prescribed to do!
  • Understanding which is not helping you take it to the next level!
  • Surroundings and report anything which does not seem normal!
  • Pain if it is not going away!
  • Ignorance and it should not cost you more!
  • Calculations when you are planning to buy a big or small item!
  • Intent even though its good and may have a back impact on others!
  • Odor after an exercise!
  • Underdog…they may have worked hard to become a champion like Eagle!
  • Sugar or Salt Intake!


And..“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Happy Valentine Day to all…Love the way you have all expressed yourself on this V day!