Boss with a Purple Necktie

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What do you think? 

Colleen Travers was always asked by her Boss Robert Risk. Most of the time her answer was never taken into considerations.

Colleen was very well educated from one of the best school. Still, something was missing every time she gave her best except on the day her Boss was wearing a Purple Necktie. She labeled it a day as Boss with a Purple Tie.

m02Her twin sister who used to work in the same building was observing her sister was not in good mood at home or in office campus walking with her. This was taking a toll and disturbing the positive vibes of the home or walk. Neelloc suggested something which she has learned in recent times in her class about, ” How to achieve goals in life with colors”? This color thing has helped her to lose 50 pounds. We will come to that part of the story later but to let you know it was more of green colors on her plate has helped her to lose 49 pounds and another pound by purple grapes. 

Neelloc wanted to help her sister Colleen. She has seen the report published from the 5 days seminar which Colleen and Robert have attended. In that report, her observations – only thing  Colleen’s boss Mr. Risk has different was the color of the Necktie. She gave this task to notice what color neckties Robert wore from Monday to Friday.

Colleen collected the data and the color of the Necktie for Robert Risk came as a pattern: Monday: Purple; Tuesday: Red; Wednesday: White; Thursday: Yellow; Friday: Orange.

Neelloc suggested Colleen say the same thing what she has logical thought of the question, ” What do you think? How to say on a particular color day is the key she asked her to practice.

The day Robert wears:

  • Purple Necktie – purple, the color between blue and red. Robert is looking for making more wealth and stability. Colleen should speak on how the company can be risk adverse and still make more money.

Monday Mantra Money! 

  • Red Necktie – red is the color for energy, strength, determination. Robert is looking for more optimizations. Colleen should provide an answer on improvising.

Tuesday Truthfulness! 

  • White Necktie – white is the color for perfection and purity. Robert is ready to make improvements in the strategy as a team. Colleen should suggest improvements.

Wednesday White about Illuminations*! 

  • Yellow Necktie – yellow is the color of sunshine. That day Robert wanted to be the centered of attraction just like the Sun. Colleen should say it’s the best and ask the same question to Robert. What do you think?

Thursday Thirstiness about being Centre of the attraction! 

  • Orange Necktie- orange combines the energy of red and happiness of yellow. On Friday, Robert Risk has enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, and encouragement.

Thank GOD it’s Friday and Colleen should provide the genuine answer. 

Colleen was talented and with learning about the color she accomplished her goal and promotions in the Organization.

When it was time to celebrate, she got a new Boss who is committed to a chosen uniform of a blue mock turtleneck, purple jeans and red Asics sneakers.

What do you think?”

*The color is white!




Symbiosis between Young and Old

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

After 20 years Karan and Arjun met at Vegas in the Aladdin Hotel Gym – Curve. Both have come to attend and present the seminar.  Arjun was practicing Kickboxing with a loud music when Karan entered to do his Planks, Burpees, etc.

The room was slightly dark, music was loud but the song ( I want to break free, I want to break free I want to break free from your lies by Queen) was very familiar to Karan.

After the song was done, both had face to face encounter and the World has come to pause reason they both could recognize each other. After so many years things had not changed at all for them.

Karan and Arjun stayed in the same colony when they were kids and Arjun parents had to move for work.

To catch up on all those days, they did what they used to do as a kid together.They rented a bike and went to the desert to discuss how to create a culture which was/is so dear to them while growing up. A Sanskrit words – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam which means ‘The World is one Family’.

During their cycle trip, they stopped in a Nursing Home to talk to people who would be once like them. Everything seemed okay on the surface but they felt something was missing. They saw many old people left behind to live their rest of life. They thought for a moment what would bring smiles in their face.

As they were leaving, they meet with the farmers family working on their harvest with many small kids.Karan Arjun invited them for a whole day program in the Nursing Home and arranged full day meal for the old and young.

The whole eight hours of interaction was full of heartfelt. The common thing they witnessed an extraordinary symbiosis between young children and senior citizens with each group nurturing each other.

After a year, Karan and Arjun opened 2-Day Centers adjacent to each other. One for Young and other for Senior Citizen with common activities for them and together!

What happens in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas – A Symbiosis Center for Excellence for Young and Old was launched on 24th February with a motto  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam (which means ‘The World is one Family’).

Meaningful Vs. Meaningless

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

On a (wet) Saturday morning, Sandra went out for a run and it started raining. Anything less than a mile is so meaningless to her when she has set an hour aside to run. Luckily, her friend was going to the gym and gave her a ride.

Sandra selected virtual run on the Treadmill and the place Los Angeles. To make it more meaningful she had the following which pop-up as a Quiz. The title of the Quiz: Meaningful Vs. Meaningless.  The short answer has to be ‘Yes’ to be on the right side!


The time starts now came to Sandra’s mind – Enjoy the LA in one Hour.

@00 mile: Goal

Q: Do you have a goal in life? What is your most important goal(s)? What are you doing for it?

@01 mile: Feel

Q: How do you feel you can most effectively serve your community? ( School, Subdivision, Sports League)

@02 mile: Short Break

@03 mile: Purpose

Q: What is the purpose of your existence in the earth?

@04 mile: Work

Q: What ideas do you have to help grow your organization?

@05 mile: Song Break 

Kenny Loggins Foot Loose, Been Working so Hard…Now I gotta cut loose…Kickoff the Sunday Shoes.

@06.08 mile Retrospect ( Looking back!) 

Q: What have you been the most successful at? Can you do a replica of it?

At the end of Meaningful Vs. Meaningless Quiz, Sandra won a prize which is a running shoe. The suffix to a powerful word like ‘Meaning’ is up to us to make it more inflectional element.

‘Less’ or ‘Ful’ – The ‘Meaning’ is yours to prefix!!  Sandra is going to kick off the Sunday (new) shoes.






The power of Ordinary People.

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


George K opened his speech, ” If I take names of following famous personalities”

Bill Gates -Warren Buffet
Mark Zuckerberg – Steve Jobs
Richard Branson – Sir Freddie Laker

What two things comes to your mind?

I raised my mind and a microphone was given to me. My answer – People on the left got mentored by people on the right and they are now extraordinary people like them.

I added none of them were born to rich and famous and they are successful, famous and in the top list of richest people.

George was very impressed with my answer reason I spoke his mind or in this instance the answers. He continued – I personally believe there is Power of Ordinary People. His speech which I sketched on a piece of paper. George was also born to an ordinary family had a lot of hardship and became successful at the age when many people would give up.



His story, as told by him. In the modern world, we are born in two ways – either we get pushed or C-Section. Both has its own advantage and we will keep it for the other day discussion. In other words, we are born to push the limits and some of us forget in the comfort. Push yourself is the first mantra. We may be born ordinary but the choice to make extraordinary is ours.

As  Floyd Mayweather said, ” Everybody is blessed with a certain talent, you have to know what that talent is…you have to maximize it and push it to the limit”.


Organize, the opposite is clutter which only slows us down. Organize is not a Project ( Project has a start date and end date), hence saying Organize is a continuous process. Make more room in your mind, and the place you stay and let more positivity flow in.

For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned.` Anonymous


Work – wish there could have any substitute for it. We are born to work.
If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito – African Proverb


Time may be same for all of us, energy makes all the difference. Be passionate and let the energy flows in the right directions.
As Oprah Winfrey said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”.


Everything is about an outcome, when we go to bed we want to wake up fresh. Keep the end result in the mind and prepare for it.

You can only have two things in life, reasons, and results. Reasons do not count. As Robert Anthony told!

Cycle of Ordinary to Extraordinary 

You are the POWER in the cycle of Ordinary to Extraordinary and my mantra Be a new You every day!


Red Carpet Walk

Thursday afternoon was chilled and there was  something telling me to go for walk. I am glad I did reason Nature asked me 5 beautiful questions:

1. What would I like to be remembered for?

– An Author who has written 25 📚 and people are glued to it.

2. What has been your greatest accomplishment in recent months?

– My first full marathon which I decided just two weeks before the day. An Untold Story of My First Marathon was an instant hit and inspirational to many.

3. What has brought you the most fulfillment in your life?

– This I will come back and for now, I will say 50 miles Bike 🚴 ride in Door County. This was on an old Fuji bike of 1980 with original tires. After 25 miles, bike mechanic told me you will not be able to reach the destination. To him, I told if I have come 25 miles – another 25 miles would be with effort and faith.It did happen without anything going wrong hence my most fulfillment day.

4. What was the happiest day of your life?

– I will keep long answer for some other day, for short answer day I was born.Birthday is the greatest gift from the GOD.


5. What do you wish your younger self had known about that you know today?

– Make time for what is important in your life and who is important in your life. Time is elastic and it helps you to make it happen.

That’s  all from my Date with Mother Nature!

12 Symptoms of Running Thief!

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

1. You check Weather more than Nasdaq and wait for the temperature to be in 50F and go outside to run.
2. Frequent checking your running shoes and look for a discount to buy a newer one.
3. Feelings of using apps and telling other you ran so many miles not to brag but to encourage them to run.
4. After running and once the endorphin kicks off you feel like you can be a writer. You start writing too!
5. You bring yourself to present even how hard people pull you in the past.
6. You discover yourself more than anyone else can see you as you.
7. You do not take any interest in any bullshit…you lost the interest in conflict.

8. You do not have the ability to label or filter or judge people.
9. You do not have the ability to judge yourself. You are like particles which attract like-minded people and encourage others.
10. You move on from Like-Button of Facebook to Love and WOW button. You start liking more Reds and Yellow than plain blue.
11. You start thinking every problem has solutions. You don’t run away from the problem but you run for solutions.
12. You smile for no reason to cover those few extra miles to reach the finish line.

An Extraordinary Acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance



On a beautiful cold sunny Wednesday, Wendy was running on a river trail to clear her mind at lunch time. After the 5K finish line, the phone rang and it was the Principal of the school and at the same time her brain has pumped out two powerful feel-good chemicals, endorphin and endocannabinoids.

Principal Pat had a health related emergency and wanted Ms.Wendy to go RACSO AWARD in the evening where their school has been nominated for producing more entrepreneurs in total combined of all school from the Land of Cheese.

There was a slight pause and Principal Pat assumed probably Ms.Wendy is not ready with Acceptance Speech. Wendy after taking a deep breath said only on one condition it is going to be my speech. The principal had no choice but to say Okay!

After stretching, Wendy took out a piece of paper and started working on her Speech.  In evening she was on a Blue Carpet talking to fellow nominees and feeling very positive about all the outcome the school has put in making entrepreneurs.

The Nominees for Producing More Entrepreneurs are  Michael G, Kennedy G, and Edison H. The award goes…Edison H.

Wendy proudly received the award on behalf of the school and began her speech. I will be lying if I said I have been preparing for the award. I was told to come a few hours back when I finished my 5K run. Three things happened at the same time – my brain has pumped out two powerful feel-good chemicals, endorphins and endocannabinoids, and a call from Principal.

Principal Pat was supposed to come for the award. Don’t worry All is Well at his end just got text his Wisdom Tooth has been extracted which was giving a lot of pain. The Celebration is planned for both the award and subsiding wisdom pain of the Principal. This award is the result of a Change a positive one which we thought for our younger minds. Efficiency runs in our blood in doing day to day work either related to studies, sports, problem-solving. All this is possible with the support we got from the community, the teachers, the students, and the sponsors from the Industry. The combination of each unit become whole and was Pain-Free except in the last when Principal got it. We really Take Pride in our success and failure reason one teaches to be humble and other to go strong. We all found A Reason for Being entrepreneurs early and here we are in all sector of life – be it Science, be it Art, be it Maths, be it Social, be in Media! We Nurture the heart and mind from the very beginning and We always keep ourselves Current. Thank You!

Later, Ms. Wendy piece of paper and Award speech was published in the Year Book to showcase how one can prepare in such short notice. Wendy got the award of An Extraordinary Acceptance!


Behind the Scene

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

Once upon in Antartica, Karm Nhoj is a self-made multi-millionaire Business Tycoon who has his own Island in Antartica.  We do not have to travel as my story is going to reveal his life. Hop onto the time capsule and simply press the Go green button!

Karm was 12 years old when his Dad died and his mother was left with responsibilities to raise a total of 5 kids ranging from 5 to 15.  Karm was adopted by his parental Uncle who used to live in remote Desert area which was known for very nice Golf Resort. To ease the burden or not to be a burden of finance, after coming from school, Karm used to go to Golf Resort and work as Golf Caddie.

At minimal Karm always had three things ( he always wore and carried all time):
1. A very well dressed for his age. Clean, Crisp and Sharp.
2. Three questions for the players:

a. How did you get started?

b. Why do you do what you do? and

c. What in your life has given you the greatest fulfillment?

3. Smiles

Every day, working as Golf Caddie, Karm used to get 4 miles of walk and answer of his three questions from different clients. Same question but different answers which he used to write in the night every day before going to bed in his little notepad. All the data he collected give him enough information, knowledge, and wisdom, ” What it takes to become rags to riches?”.

For the last question, he used to get the question back from the players which he told the same answers as growing up he wants to open a Software Company for the database and diverse his money for the Wealth Management. One of the players was so much impressed by his Data Collection, Information which he created, it simply showed the knowledge and Wisdom this 21 years Karm had, that day thing changed and a new Minimal Database company was created and rest is on the island of Antarctica


First Day of Spring

Today, when Chris called the Rebu to go to an important meeting at client location a very clean Land Rover stopped in his driveway. He knew most of it because all the data showed up who is coming on what car and what time.

They both greeted each other with their first name and started towards Chris actually their destination. The weather was just perfect on the very first day of the Spring. Run, Radio and Ride are three things which are worth sharing:

  1. John shared about his good 10 miles run early morning which he did with his Dog, Danny. This can be another story but for now, lets hear what Chris has to say. Chris mentioned he could not run but did his rowing machines where he competed against the machine for 1000 meters. Well, Chris lost the rowing race against the Michelle the machine. There is no result to show and for John and Danny, we will accept on the Face Value. monday 333
  2. There was an interesting topic coming up on a radio and they both wanted to hear it out. It’s about Forest Bathing. What it is and Why it’s the latest way to De-Stress.This will be another day story as well.
  3. They reached the destination actually, they had so much to talk the RIDE seemed to be a quick one.

Chris was a few minutes early and went to the reception and directed to meet the Director. To his surprise, one of the people in the meeting was John C who drove him in a Rebu. They worked on the proposals and went out very well.

John mentioned he does Rebu as a hobby during going to his office and while coming. All the money which he earns on his way donates for education and toilet sanitary for a country which is very close to his heart.

In Evening, they came together and stopped by an Icecream QD for a free Icecream social for the First Day of Spring.



via Daily Prompt: Label

As growing up Maureen was very fascinated by all kind of labels. One of her hobbies was to read all labels from Cornflakes Box to Cookie Box. This was good for her but not for her parents as they could not bring the same grocery all the time. They purchased what Maureen put in the Grocery Cart.

Time passed and Maureen interest changed as most of the labels or warning labels had similar kind of message and only 0.1% of the population read it. Even who read could not retain much of it.

As all kids growing up she has moving dreams and aspirations – one dream at a time and then another. Whenever she discussed her dream over dinner their parents always had warning message. It seemed her parents wanted her to be in a safe professional like Doctor, Scientist.

One day when she was with her grandparents walking on a brand new and the first day of Spring she told them she wants to launch her own designer clothes label.

Her grandparents by hearing this got excited and they were happy to see someone in their family wants to be Entrepreneur. GOD also sent them an indicator when one of the people on a bike did not respect the warning sign – Slippery When Wet and fell off.


When they approached the person for any help they found the person was alright. After talking found person has enough money and could be a Venture Capitalist for Maureen’s next dream project.

Maureen kept her Designer Clothes Label as Slippery When Wet with the blessing of her grandparents and the person who fell off from a bike by ignoring the warning sign.

When parents are not on  your side seek the blessing of your Grandparents and sign of the GOD.