What if dream comes true?

Overheard elder one telling to younger on Sunday morning I saw a dream last night, “Papa doing a marathon in 2 hours today”.

Younger one that can’t be true.

Elder one: Why?

Younger one: It’s been raining cats and dogs all day.

Me to self to make part of their dream true I walked 2 hours inside on the treadmill.

Thank GOD it rained. The reason even the pro can’t make it in 2 hours.



Some part of the days are planned for you

Some part of the days you make for yourself

Some part of the days will be pleasant

Some part of the days will be struggle

Some part of the days will be tiring

Some part of the days will be relaxing

(If/Most/or) Some part of the days will be more on screen then bed, well then you got to manage this one. You and only you can do it.

How Sam keeps changing himself?

Once upon a time, there was Sam who in his childhood used to sell bags from house to house. Not very typical from today’s time reason either we are buying online or no one is doing door-to-door sales because of pandemics we are part of it. If Sam would be growing in today’s time …he would do sell online or recommend!

Sam even in those days of students had a mindset of growth and still has and what it means is to keep learning even though education has long done. Always be like curious Student(s)!

Even in those days, some or part of the profit went into investment and a portion of it enjoying the current moment aka life. Then it would be buying the best bicycle now it would be the best car or both. Earning money is imperative and enjoy the life!

Sam never took things for granted so he had respect for then and has for now. There is always a value for things and things for value or both are the biggest message he has for himself and others. 

Sam saves enough for rainy days so that he still could maintain a good lifestyle for his needs and come back in momentum to the same where he was in sunny days. 

Last, not least pray, believe, and thank for all the luck or lucky you keep getting. 

Let’s thank Sam today for sharing his sacred words. What do you say?

Ritual and Routine for Running 101

Get Handle On:

1. Yourself: Be Honest To Yourself and Find out why you want to run. I run to find solutions. 

2. Time: Budget your time…out of 24 Hours – 33% percent goes to sleep. Good sleep is a must for a good run. 

3. Technology: Harnessing Technology When to go for a Run. For example, I always check for temperature or air quality. 

Build Up: 

4. Rome was not built in one day so you may not see what you see in others born runner. 

5. Break from running is also running. It’s called Reset.

5 Days a week is enough. 6. Work on muscles which help to propel your forward. 

Long Runs:

7. Choose one day of the weekend. 

8. It can be done as an individual or a very small group if you need a running partner. 


 9.  On running apparel.  Once upon a time when shopping was a family event…my family always found me in -Men’s Sports Apparel & Gear Sports. 

10. Shoes. A size and half-inch bigger than your regular office shoes.  

11. Sweet Potatoes, Nuts, Beets. 

Next Steps: 

12. Read books or articles on running.  Find out, “Why Kenyans are good runners?  They have very GFR. ( Good Form Running). 

13. Find out about folks from your own country runs. It could be they have very breathing techniques.

14. Read from novice runners like me and others.

15. Write your story in your journal!

Your school of thoughts on what you just read on Ritual on Routine on Running 101!

Fall and Fly

Imagine the wind blowing at 30 mph. This velocity will have different aspects in different seasons. The hot and cold becomes very brutal and if it’s raining and snowing it’s wet.
Today wind blowing actually helped as half of the leaf racking…just needed a little lift from their fall – in this Fall and they will fly with just little effort.

Now, what do you do if you planned an hour to do the work? I will wait for your answer and for me I will just run not run from the work but just going for a 5K run before starting the racking.
The weather channel has a disclosure that it’s going to be gusty so do your activities accordingly. Since it was a dry day the risk was calculated in my plan and it was more like I wanted to repeat the last year run but just better than what I had done. Was I successful? Yes. the distance of 3.2 last year took 32:20 minutes and today 27.14. Was a wind a factor or hindrance? Well, that a topic for a different day.
How do I know what I did last year? No secret I post things every day in a private mode or some just for friends for a few days and then make it private.
Now back to Fall and Fly…what does nature teach us by shredding leaves in Autumn- we need to offload to survive the tough time like winter and thrive in the spring.

13 Questions for 13

To ask or not to ask and I think it’s to ask…

  1. The first one is, “Is asking questions easy? “.It depends who you are asking to?
  2. What one or two things you should focus when things are not going good? Focus on your breathe.
  3. What do you do when you fully understand the topic or subject? Read it again.
  4. Is it good to give example to some one grievance ? No, everyone situation is different.
  5. Why two good type of food may be bad at the same time. ? The bowl of cereal, banana, and juice s not a good combination reason you have two portions of carbohydrates and a protein from milk. You have to have a combination of carbs, protein, and healthy fat.
  6. Ask every meal where I am getting protein from. ?
  7. Ask if my carbs is whole or processed. ?
  8. Once upon a time they said it’s Work and Life Balance then it’s changed to Work and Life Integration and now it’s Life and everything comes to it. Do you agree?
  9. Can argue with out getting angry or annoyed? If yes you are the best communicator.
  10. Are you clear when you start your story to say r write? Do you know the plot?
  11. Are you clear what to share and what not in social media?
  12. Now since everything is streaming on your TV? Does the definition of TV changed?
  13. When do you think things will become normal on the world we are living?

The new and old about Monday

The old is this day I have started visiting the local library and the new is I started going by walking. The new is I have been doing since last 3 months.
Why walking and Monday?

For some reasons evening has worked and it’s kind of quiet when it come to foot traffic. There is no one between you and the book which you are browsing to take home.

Secondly Monday seems to be a good day to walk and it lights on body and it helps in clearing the fog for the future days and helps minds to plan ahead.

Third and final it becomes like a Monday Prime Time and nothing is more important then walking to the library.

Birthday with the Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and 16 miles

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan said, “Aapne kabhi na kabhi apni hatheli ko gaur se dekha hi hoga. Heart line, life line, fate line, baccho ki line, sukh-dhan ki line, yash vaibhav sabki line. Lekin sapno ki line? Wo kaha hoti hai? Darasal sapno ki koi line nahi hoti hai. Kyuki sapne jaha se shuru hote hain, line bhi wahin se shuru hoti hai. (You must have closely studied your palms, sometime. Heart line, life line, fate line, line for kids, money, fame. But the line of dreams?

On Today’s Birthday of Amitabh Bachchan(AB)the question which I (SSP) felt I am  being asked during my sweet sixteen miles: 
AB. How do you make time when others are complaining they do not have enough? 
SSP: Not subscribing to everything that the TV world has to be served. My favorite time is not to watch TV.
AB: How do you keep yourself updated on the run world? SSP: Reading books that I borrow from the local library. 
AB: Is running every day will improve your pace? SSP: No, for more information read on my blog 7 Absolute Habits for Running. Link (https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/bikeclimbrunswimrunyoga.wordpress.com/12514 ) 

Wishing Amitabh Bachchan a very Happy Birthday and keep inspiring us about the Dream Line. 

Miles: 16.01; 2:29:54; 9:22 mile/hour

Friday Mask Helped and Saved

Never imagined going out without taking bath and today was exceptional. I had to quickly run to a grocery store to pick two things early morning. When I looked in the rearview mirror my face did not seems to be ready but then I wore the mask as it was mandatory to go inside. 
Masked saved the water as I did not have to take bath twice and kept my face value. 

Got Mask?