Lollipop Moments

Almost after 10 years somebody came to me and whom I had lost touch with – told me about the situational question. The question I had asked in the interview and of course the person was selected based on the answer.

I was told because of the question the person thought this would be a great organization to work…and the person did for a decade. That was my Lollipop moment.

Last year, I did my First Marathon and wrote an article, “My Untold Story of First Marathon – It’s DHONI ( Determination, Hours, Nutrients, and Investment). I got a note from one of my friend who got inspired by my article and did the first marathon in April of 2017. That note was my Lollipop moment.

Few years back one of my assignment was to train people into consulting. The whole process was of four months. Some of them were good and some of them really needed a push. Apart from class room session I had introduced one and one meeting with each of them where we used to go for a walk and talk and coffee and a cake. This last part really changed and helped me the weakest link among them to be strong. Two of them came to me in the last and told they learned more from my Walk and Talk…and that was Lollipop moment and of course at the end received the best mentor award.

There has been beautiful comments in WordPress which I can relate to Lollipop moments…when readers like you said my writing inspired them to run, there is always something new for them to read in my writing.



3 Things from Cars 3

Background: Mr. Lightning McQueen started loosing from the latest generations fast cars and eventually the team wins.

Today, yes on Wednesday we planned to watch Cars 3 in the theater. I asked my kids tell me three things which saved Mr. Lightning McQueen to save from disaster after loosing from the latest generations fast cars and there it is :

1. Speed is not everything, experience is and they started training accordingly. Look for Window space was the word while training.

2. Don’t let anyone get into your mind. You not only loose focus but the race also.

3. Make it a team work. The trainer Cruz Ramirez had her own plan and they teamed together to win the final race.

They raced happily ever!

With Whom Matters

It’s not only the food and who we eat along adds taste to it. You get a different savor which is hard to explain at least for me – as it more experienced. I have two short stories for the word Savor:


When food made to offer first and eaten later has its own blessing which we experienced on Sunday when one of our friend invited us to their favorite Gurudwara.



The Office Building owner invited their tenants for annual Parking lot BBQ…the people around made it taste delicious even though something was missing from the menu.


Moral: Food prepared with a cause has its own savor which touches your tongue and remain in your mind for long.

Lunch at Parking Lot

via Photo Challenge: Unusual

Today, we were invited to have lunch at our parking lot from the Business Owner of the Building. They promised us Vegetarian food and they did not order enough…so some of us did not have the Burger – hence very unusual.

Unusual Photos Essay!


Many people had to walk away and manage their lunch outside. Hope some of them get happy once the raffle result is out on Thursday!




Dress the Earth

After Oxygen and Water – Soil is the most important contribution to one's life. Today, this is what comes to my mind for Soil.
What do you all think?
I am sure these things we take for granted or given that we don't think on our day to day life reason there is so many things which takes away us from us.
I am sure we would all take soil into consideration going forward or/and dress our Mother Earth by flowers. Tree, or forest.

In the Park 

In the park you have to bring your own edible and water fountain will be for adult, kids, and our four legged friends. 

The edibles should be enablers for one to walk, run, bike or play.  Recently, I learned after reading an article runners may have more cavity or chances of getting more as they tend to have or 

  • Energy bar 
  • Drink less water 
  • Inhale through mouth
  • Body sweat 
  • Lust for sugary drinks 
  • Exhale through mouth. 

Be a mindful edible eater…follow rules and be a disciplined one. 

Missed by .04

For Sunday I had plan to run and run to plan for 10 miles. I could do walk, run, and walk still missed the goal by .04 – the total came to 9.96 mile. 

.04 mile is nothing and still I miss it reason I could write 4 reasons for it. 

  1. I did not get enough sleep as we were partying till 2:00 AM. Long run requires good sleep. Waking up 7 AM and getting ready for long run was a drag. 
  2. Eating till late in the party or still eating till end was not a good thing. 
  3. There was a foot massager which I used for longer than the specifications Time. Anything of too much even the good thing is not good. 
  4. I could have slept extra hours in the morning and gone for run in the afternoon but once I got up it was difficult to go back to sleep. Also, there were other plans lined up. 

Moral: There is prerequisite to go for Plan your run and run your plan. One has to follow or else will fall short. 

Privacy on Display

Those were days living with parents…when no body knew what size pant I used to wear except the Family Tailor and now looking at my Jeans people can know I wear 32 size waist and 34 length. My privacy is on display as everything is labeled. 

There were advantages and disadvantages of tailored made dresses. 


  • Made to fit you 
  • Unique to you
  • Lots of options 


  • It’s not instant as you pick the ready made dresses. You have to wait as they work for you and your number would come based on how many people are in front of you in their diary 

The retail has made us into Petite, Small, Large, X-Large category…somehow we all 7 plus billion people fit in…not sure how but we do.

Given a choice I would like my clothes to be Tailored and want this profession to be alive with a hope 

  • Tomorrow 
  • Awaits 
  • In the 
  • Life 
  • Of
  • Real people.