Wishing you …

…and yours a joyous Easter holiday this weekend! 

ps: To those who celebrate!


The Morning Breeze

Last night, I heard this saying of Rumi first time ( The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep) in one of the Videos on a guided Meditation and caught my attention as the speaker was supporting with his findings, research, and his own success stories.

On Good Friday I could have dozed little more but the saying of Rumi stuck and got me up an hour before and I started some reading which I would have done later. Having pure me time actually some of the words which I would have escaped thinking I know the meaning or would have made meaning …paused and saw the words in the dictionary – some new and some known to see if dictionary and I have a common understanding.

3 Takeaways: 

  1. There is 4 AM or 5 AM club where all the Chiefs are waking up and getting a lot done. Once upon a kid, I used to wake up at 5 AM and things changed. Instead of 6 AM…I want to get into 5 AM club and get a lot done. Wake Up Early!
  2. Reading is not just finishing a book but pausing at new words to find the meaning, thinking while dating the mind of the writer at that moment to see if we are comprehending correctly. Slow Down!
  3. The lost sleep can be quickly recovered by meditating for 20 minutes later in the day. Try meditating for 20 minutes in the middle of the day for yourself!


Just 3 Things

  • 3 takeaways for today:
    1. Dressed for the occasion – it’s for run or office. 5K on a cold and about to rain before I finish was fun.
      Say No if you already got tiffin for sudden plan to go and eat out. Luckily the same thing what my colleague went to eat I got for dinner and that too homemade. The things which is meant to be in your plate will be there.
      (Heard this while doing meditation and listening to one of the guided one).Rumi said once — ‘The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you…Don’t go back to sleep!You must ask for what you really want.Don’t go back to sleep! The speaker added who gets an idea to write every morning when he wakes up at 3:13 AM in Hawaii. He says if you ever feel deprived of less sleep do meditation for 20 minutes and you will recover sleep of 4 hours.

    Lunch With Colleague

    It so happens that I did not have my lunch box or rather I did not take reason it was more of a breakfast thing for lunch. Also, I had purchased an annual coupon for a restaurant which if not used will expire in a month.

    It worked out the good reason it was buying one get one free. My colleague has never been to this kind of place. Takeaways:

    1. Go for lunch for someplace new. Change is good.
    2. Talk about things not related to work. Try to know about the person about their interest, hobby. etc
    3. If you are offered to drive their Tesla. Do so reason its a very different experience. All elective and environmentally friendly.
    4. Try to pull them in something good which they were and not able to do because of time. Bring their best again.
    5. Repeat with other colleague or friend.

    Bottom line: The lunch place does not have to be expensive.



    Snow in April

    It’s not a surprise for us …we do get snow in April – what is a surprise that we have lost the patience of handling it. It’s kind of prolong Winter for us when most part is enjoying spring or summer.

    The best part it was totally indoor for us except for making a snowman. Some of the comments I came across are:

    1. Since our body is not like summer or beach like hence we are having prolong winter.
    2. Just like we all clicked and posted photos of first snow of the seasons…let’s do the same thing hoping it’s a last.
    3. If snow is on the Sunday…stay inside – organize or reorganize your home with the family. There is always so much we can do to make it more welcoming.
    4. Eat home made meals together for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
    5. Hear some music or songs together while working as a family.

    That’s all…what would you do in Snow in April.

    The Default Tenant Left – A Letter!

    Background: Today the default tenant of my Dad left and he was not there for last 40 days reason we had to switch off his water and electricity reason he was not paying bills for the last several months. He came to take his stuff and he would have taken very easily and kept the door locked but my Dad would not have taken a stand of locking the entrance gate. The other tenants asked him to call the Landlord to open the door and he did and my father gave a deadline to take his stuff. A few months back we also put Camera’s on the whole campus so that his action could be captured.

    Below is a letter I wrote to my family stating some points just to keep in mind for future tenants.

    Dear Family,

    I know he has left but he has left with a lesson that we should not be dying or living because of anyone occupancy at our premises. We have to be strong enough and not attached to any one behavior.

    The lesson learned:

    1. Have a contract written in such a way that their water and electricity would be cut if they are a defaulter for 2 months.  We should have enough money to take control of stop their water and electricity. These are two important things the default renter had to leave. You can not survive without these two basic amenities. 
    2. We would not go to Court because the contract is signed between the landlord and tenant. Court has to do more important works and Police we had called in India also had stated to the Default Renter if we get rentals like you… our full time would job would be to solve this. If you have no issues and paying rent is the first thing to do please do so. They also instructed my Dad to take some actions and thus point no 1. Tenants primary responsibilities would be to pay off the rent. 
    3. Rent has to be paid on time and they should come and deliver it or transfer into the account. We all have to pay the bills, Tenants or Landlords. 

    Sincerely, One of your Family Team!

    ( Happy Navratri and Chhath Puja)



    April, a love story!

    Once upon a time not long ago…there was a girl named April – she was a princess of her parents and grandparents. They all had hoped she will do something big in educations as no one in her family was educated.

    April started very well in her elementary school which is the longest one spend ( for a record its 6 years), as she moved to her middle school ( 3 years) her inclination was towards Science and then in high school of 4 years she really did well.

    For college, she chooses Pre-Med and continued her path to become a doctor. The family was very happy for her and they thought it would be good if April practice in some village or remote area as there is a scarcity of Doctors in those locations.

    Meanwhile, she had found a Prince from the same background and they got married and lived ever after together to make the Village Healthy, Happy and Hopeful place to live. They prescribed healthy, organic, walk, play for all age group as Rx and thus till today in their memory…April, a love story! is the name of the institute which helping the community, county, and the country to thrive.