Investment in self pays off

Never say no to actionable abstract

Venture into knowledge gathering

Energy takes you where you want to be

Sleep is as important as gold

Time is constant for all of us in a day

Mind or muscle if not used properly we loose

Earn and learn

New you can be born and it’s up to you

Tell your story to inspire and encourage!

An Evening Yoga With Dad

There is a Yoga Therapist and Teacher who comes every day to get him some yoga done.

When a teacher is not able to come I do with him and thus the heading An Evening Yoga with Dad.

My Yoga sessions are for an hour and it has the following :

1. Awareness: Recognize your current state in which try to find out how is breathing., surrounding sounds or noise. Take a few deep breathe and get ready for

2. Suhkhs Vayam: It’s a micro Yoga from head to toe.

3. Asana: We did a couple of Asana in supine positions.

4. Pranayama: It’s giving direction to one’s breathe.

5. Yoga Nidra: This is where Mind is active and we are trying to make another part relaxed

The above 5 steps are to give time to your mind, body, breath, muscles, and soul.

Some time someone absent gets you more time with you and your family.