Impromptu Half Marathon

Today I had in my mind to do 12 Miles and the way to do was to go 6 miles and make a U Turn.

As planned I did what I wanted then while doing Plank after 6 Miles a thought came let’s run 13.1 miles as I have not done any this year.

I am glad I change my plan and it worked out. Sometime extra push oops thought during Plank can take you extra mile and a change.


Story of 13

I think it’s 13… no, I don’t think – I know it’s 13 out of

  1. The rain has wetted the grasses in the brown bag. I got a new one and placed in it. Those grasses smell really bad…anyone of you knows why – clue it’s been the bag for few days.
  2. Took out the weeds. Do you know why weeds grow so fast?
  3. Went for 5 K run and felt it’s an easy one.
  4. When I came home my younger wanted to bike. We went for another 5 K. It’s like a bonus.
  5. The publishing ebook is easy but hard to sell it. Do what’s right.
  6. Took Lychee for everyone in the office. They loved it. It was sure was very Lycheeious.
  7. The distance of 2 miles for the library…I took a longer route and made a total of 6 miles. Sometimes you have to enjoy the scene.
  8. Plank challenge is over but not the plank. Continue which helps you to be you.
  9. Read and read more.
  10. Listen to songs.
  11. The idea is everywhere…be observant.
  12. Cricket fever is On and rain is making it more dampen.
  13. Learned a new technique of whole body exercise and its ice skating like.

What’s your take. ?

In my own 50 words – Plank


Question: What, exactly, is a 30 day Plank Challenge?
My answer…simply put- in an agile way which helped many of us join

1.Gave a Demo
2. Starts with 20 seconds and the goal is to reach 300 seconds on the 30th day
3. To Engage had 5 Questions while doing Plank
4. Plank, Wrote, Publish, Improvise, Repeat

This morning…

…my motivation was to work on my kitchen garden and I am glad I did in-spite the tool was not in my favor – it kept coming out. I manage one side done!

Other thing was mosquitoes…I wish I had full T-Shirt and Track Pant and then I thought summer is the shortest commodities for us.

Take away: Odds May be against you but you have to beat it to make it even.

3 Approach for the 5 Minutes Plank

Day: 28; Plank Meeting at 4:00 PM

Team Available: 3 ( Reason some of us are on Roads and they participate virtually or do it when time permits and the photo or a video is uploaded in the Whatsapp Plank Group)

Planned Goal: 240 second for Day 28  and

Goal to Achieve: Plank for 300 seconds

We called for 3 different approaches and they were:

Approach 1: 1 Minute with a break of 45  seconds and repeat for 5 times ( I did it)

Approach 2: 2.15 Minutes in the 1st,  break of 90 seconds, 1:45 for the second, break of 90 seconds, and 1Minutes in the last. ( VK )

Approach 3: ( For a brand new team member who came from Oregon, a very healthy state). A quick learner who did 5 minutes in small chunks. ( Yuvraj did it)

Question: What does it all say?

The Numbered Answer:

  1. Do a Dress Rehearsal a few days early before the final day. Now we know 5 minutes doable. We just have to convince our mind.
  2. You have to go for your Goal. It all comes with practice!
  3. Always push for more than its asked for…for self and/or for others.
  4. Think, Act, Reform, Act Again!
  5. You compete with your self
  6. Learn the right technique and teach others about it.
  7. Your action should encourage others and enables them to achieve their Goal!

Got Plank?






Weekend Wrap – ABC

The last three days was ABC

  1. Awesome as the Golden Birthday was more than success on all fronts – from guest to theme to food to entertainment. Folks will remember.
  2. Busy like Bee…today I realized one thing I could not do is write – yes writing how can that be possible. I told my self sometime taking a break is also part of writing. Things I have to write for sure is for point no. 2
  3. Challenge, The Plank has been talk of all the three days party. Isn’t something to be proud of …of course!

Hope you all are having fun writing , reading or just blessed to be around.

Six or Half Dozen

Would have not asked for more

  1. Few days back we started with out training wheels and today on Day 3…it was success.
  2. The Laptop Charger pin broke inside and today we could take it out of course with the help.
  3. I could go the Lunch Booth Camp and requested the Instructor to check on my Plank and also asked him to showcase the right way to do it.
  4. Rich Jr…is a big fan of Plank and he loves to get Plank done when they come to his home.
  5. Got sweets from India from one of my colleagues who came from Chennai.
  6. I think will reach 1300 followers today.

You’ve Got Mail

This morning the first thing pops up, “You’ve Got Mail” and subject reads…Get Out to Run – Its Global Running Day! My first reaction the subject is strong and inspiring so I waited for the rain to stop.

The start was not great…the1st mile took 10:42, 2nd miles 10:07, the 3rd 9:23 and the final .10 8:48. ( Average 10.01) Why I am writing about my run analysis is:

  1. ​The start may not be Good and the goal is to finish strong.
  2. Check and improve on your Running Form and timing will get Better.
  3. Validate your breathing and Smile more and often to make things Best.



4 on 4 June

I want to dedicate the 20th Day of Plank to this beautiful quote by H.G.Wells, “Man must allow the clock and the calendar to blind him to the fact that each moment of his life is a miracle and a mystery”.

The Journey of Plank which we started on 14th May with 20 seconds for some of us has reached to 180 seconds. In this, we found a few things which are helping us to enjoy the challenge.

  1. The video posted by Striders taught us what is Cat or Camel position and how to avoid it. They say educations stops learning never! 
  2. When we do individually…time could be different then we do it in a group. Because of doing them I reached 180 seconds much before then the promised day. Team Matters!
  3. You know where your weakness is and for me, it is my upper body which needs more work. Work on your weakness to make it a strength! 
  4. Change the locations to make it more interesting. They say Change is only constant!  

Bonus point no 5:  People may say No and respect that but don’t get discouraged. Keep asking for them for the plank challenge. Nothing on assumptions! 

Got Run? Yes 10.10 Miles on Saturday
Got Bicycling? Yes 20.29 Miles on Sunday
Got Plank? Yes 2:33 in the morning and 2:27 in the evening