Admission for M.Sc. in Yoga.

Today received an email about my admission to M.Sc Yoga under ODL, S- VYASA ( A Yoga University) (

S-VYASA has set the World-class Yoga Education benchmark with a system that matches best practices, theories, resources, and standards backed up with Yoga research.

At ODL, S-VYASA is dedicated to the Vision “ Yoga through Education “ and Mission “ Yoga to Every doorstep”.

The journey of a lifetime is beginning and to start on the right foot to pursue Advance Yoga Education while working…this afternoon I did go for a 5K run and did push up to celebrate!

Both running for solutions and push are required in life.

The real story about my Yoga Instructor

The good news is our instructor( by professional computer engineer) told us that she did 3 months of Bhujangasana and some other complementary asana like Salabhasana and her lower back pain is gone in 3 months and no medications since then. She is also part of YIC and now M.Sc.

Man has tried to imitate the many animal postures while in a prone position like that of the cobra in Bhujangasana, which in turn has helped him to give stimulation to various organs of the body.

Today’s asana is BHUJANGASANA

Sthiti ( Starting position ): Prone Posture


  1. Bend the arms at the elbows and place the palms beside the lower change at the level of the last rib exerting the least pressure on the palms.
  2. Keep the elbows close to each other and let them not spread out.
  3. Inhale and come up.
  4. Arch the dorsal spine and neck backward as far as you can.
  5. Keeping the body below the navel in touch with the ground.
  6. Maintain the final position with normal breathing for 30 to 60 seconds with the least pressure on palms.
  7. While exhaling come back to Sthithi position.
  8. Relax in Makarasana.

Brings flexibility to the dorsal spine. Strengthens the spine muscles. Reduces abdominal fat. Useful in management of bronchial problems and back problems.

Those who have undergone abdominal surgery may avoid this Asana for a few months. Process cautiously in cervical spondylitis.

To Reset

Try this and this is from NPL ( Neuro Programming Language ) class and this is something very simple 2 questions one should ask self or others.

1. What was the last grocery bill ?

2. What did you eat at lunch yesterday?

When you ask this Kind of question, the mind of the person goes back and tries to remember and thus reset on its own and come back to the present.

You can ask any two questions from the past to yourself. Your minds reset and help your to transcend

15th January 1929

15th January is the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. His birthday is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January.

Here are 7 of his saying…

1. “You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.”

2. “The time is always right to do what is right.”

3. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

4. “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”

5. “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

6. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

7. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Do you have any of his saying which you like or follow?

All on 14

1. I did start the Suryanamaskar which is part of 75crore Suryanamaskar for the 75th independence of India. Each one of us who is part of has to do 13 Suryanamaskar every day for 21 days.

2. Each Suryanamaskar burns 13.9 calories.

3. Suryanamaskar has both asanas (pose) and pranayama ( breathe control). It provide complete exercise to one’s body and mind.

4. Since the temperature in the morning was 34F…I did run for my 5K – the best is folks do smile and wave their hand. It’s always a very warm feeling even on a cold morning.

5. We have a few festivals in different parts of India and it all has to worship Sun. Sun is the source of energy and we provide our gratitude. The festival are Lohri, Bihu, Pongal, and Makar Sankaranti.

6. We did go to the grocery to get some special sweets. In today’s time, we get everything everywhere. The internet is also has made the world very local.

7. I learned to silence our brain is to prolong the time between two consecutive thoughts.

8. Gratitude helps from unnecessary noise in the mind.

9. The end of child credit made someone very emotional in his interview and he mentioned his name is J.J. HALL ll and he would not have been able to afford 3 children who he would have named J.J. Hall lll ( Not a real name)

10. Today’s my Dad birthday and we got very good news which he shared that his only granddaughter got a job offer from the college campus. She is final year computer science student.

11. Don’t give advice especially on Marriage is takeaway from WordPress.

12. We all adapted Science and technology because it helped us and now there is so much of it that it’s hurting as well. Balance!

13. What comes to your mind if you hear the word Face? To me, this is what we remember of anyone even if they are not with us.

14. What is the two things our brain is supposed to do or possess is the question I did ask this morning. It’s 1. Creativity and 2. Will power.

The first run of 2022

The first run of 2022

Kid This Morning: You seem to dress for one of your favorite occasion.
Me: Yes the temperature is 34F and the path looks dry and clean.
Kid: So this will be your debut run for 2022.
Me: Yes!
Kid: I remember your last on the beach for 2021.
Me: Yes, that was a beautiful year-end run with Surya Namaskar at the Sunset and on the Beach.
Kid: So you plan to do Surya Namaskar on snow after you touch the finish line.
Me: Thank you for the idea and Yes now will do.
Me to self: After touching the finish line of 5K. Let’s switch on the video.
Me: First I tried with shoes off and messed up some of the asanas.
Me: I put my shoes back and did and this time based on the situations things came out good if not perfect.
Sand or Snow do Suryanamaskar to get the energy from the Sun.

1st run of 2022



Arunoday…I learned the meaning in recent Kaun Banega crorepati* show- where a 9 year old kid from Himachal Pradesh (came to play the game and he explained the meaning of his name to the host Amitabh Bachan – the red color just before the sun rise is known as Arunoday!

* Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Eleven On 11

What I am going to write here is we are already on the 11th of January and many are talking about so many old or new things. Here is my 11.

1. Enjoy life and at the same time don’t overindulge.

2. Family dinner time is about breaking bread together. It’s not about quantity and quality but a fun time to talk about everything and anything.

3. Unplug.

4. What did you achieve for yourself in 2021? How did you do it? Is there a story about it do share.

5. January is a hobby month. I find real joy in finding other people’s hobbies. I guess that’s my hobby. What’s your hobby?

6. How much exercise to do is like asking how much money I require to live a decent life.

7. Standing reflects rush so drink and eat your food while sitting.

8. Vitamin D for a few of us in winter is less from Sunny days. So another alternative is to get chew your food properly.

9. Walking is the best for every one of us.

10. Read more.

11. Don’t overlook your short-term goal for a long-term goal.

Dry January

Early Monday morning while dropping one of them for school I am listening to radio and after the weather news, they start talking about Dry January.

My focus is still on the road, the walkway/ driveway of houses which looks very slippery from the temperature plunging sub-zero, brutal cold, and my mind is not able to sink this new piece of news how can be January be dry.

It took a few seconds to get back to the present topic Dry January and here is the full story as heard on Radio.

Once upon a time when folks were going to the office either they took lunch from home or went out to eat and the budget was like 9.99 which included a pop or cold drink.

Past 22 months folks are working from home and what some of them start doing at lunch is having a glass of wine thinking or considering it healthy. The consumption did increase so is sales and now comes January folks started realizing it did not do well either to their wallet or in general hence the resolution is not to have any spirit and they are calling it Dry January.

This week in My Yoga Journey Class is About Gut

Here are 9 things from my mental note while hearing them out and practicing along for 45 minutes.

  1. The guts are the second brain so keep it strong.
  2. 40% of the world’s population faces some kind of digestive disorder. Let’s not be part of it.
  3. If one wake-up before sunrise 40% of the problem will be resolved provided we do a set of the right things. For example, slowly sipping warm water after waking up. More I will write on it by end of the week.
  4. Sitting in Vajrasana ( Thunderbolt Pose) and this is one pose one can do after eating as well. Good for the digestive system.
  5. Walking after lunch and dinner. Engage your thighs while walking. Feel that movement and also swing your arms. This is one of the homework we all have to do starting today
  6. The second homework is Malasana ( Garland Pose). Doing this for 30 seconds to 1 minute can help in many ways. Consult your doctor before doing any Yoga.
  7. If Gut is not right you feel fatigued/have less energy.
  8. Poor hormonal conditions. All reason to make the second brain stronger.
  9. Even if we eat nutritional food and if the gut is not properly functional the body
  10. would not absorb those nutrients.

In photo day 4 of 40…2 minutes of total plank including sides plus walking indoor.