The last breath…

My Mummy peacefully took her last breath in my elder brother arms on Sunday the 17th night.

We spoke yesterday and we had plans to be together this March.

I am going Home and this time it would be only her memories.

The photo from my last talk!


This morning…

… even after having a good night sleep – did not felt very good about the morning when I looked at the time. There was nothing wrong with the time but something struck it’s been 45 days I have not run outside or run in general ( The last big goal was 50 days of 5K, and Cancun Vacations run). I wanted to check quickly what I did last year… looked at the Memories from the Facebook and this day – I had run 5K in my Atlanta business trip. A thought came to get ready and go and run in the indoor track. Rest is history and here are thoughts which came in today’s 5 K run and captured in these 5 points:

  1. Running is your style…your lifestyle which you have to have in your life. You can craft the way you want to just for you!
  2. To run or not to run will have a lot of constraints – weather, time, disliking treadmills or just being friendly with the letter ‘L’ ( Lazy). Once you go out and run you will see the benefits.
  3. Run can repair you, can enhance you, motivate you or all of what you just read in the point no 3.
  4. Run protects your muscle, prevents aging, repairs you, and eliminate noise from your mind.
  5. One run leads you for another run and helps discovers the next Run!


The Photo Essay of 14th February

The photos are from Work, School ( Parents – Teacher Meetings), Dinner.

Wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day and here is my takeaways:

  1. Ask questions early on.
  2. Don’t just read on …stop and find out meaning of words.
  3. You have to keep in mind there would be a challenge so handle it.
  4. Don’t short sell yourself.
  5. Non Finction can not be criticed at early wriring. Of course it has to have an end.
  6. Don’t get discourage by people remarks.
  7. You will get to handle the situation later.
  8. Do your part of exercise. This investment of your time will help in manage rest very well.
  9. Listen to your heart and musics.
  10. Share your feels by writing it down or with your family and friends.
  11. Laugh it out.
  12. Say something what you like in others.
  13. Get Car wash.
  14. Donate water to school for their kitchen.

My unfiltered thought

Since last few months, every day I think before the call this is what I am going to hear from my parents the problem my parents would have faced for the day because of x y z reasons.

Today I thought instead of feeling bad or reacting to those I should sit for some time and control my breath and mind before getting into the call. I am glad I did…were there not a problem I heard on the phone – yes there was and some of them can be classified into following:

  1. Age-Related…it does play a role and our mind is thinking we can do the way we have been doing and the body says slow down – listen to your body. They (your own body) are the best when it comes to advising you. Body is your temple! Hope my parents slow down and enjoy life more than running for life! 
  2. Taking advantage … all of the tenants of theirs(parents) are giving priorities to their needs than paying rent on time. This makes them(parents) cash deficient when it comes to paying their bills. They are not able to pay:
    1. There are huge electricity bills reason the system(meters are in the name of the landlords) says the landlord has to pay
    1. The cook who comes to cook and cleaners my parents are not able to pay on time.
    1. Paying to newspaper delivery guys or to the cable guy.

It really makes life harder reason once upon a time my parents were always paying their bills on time. Basic needs are suffering and hence they are and I  hope they would have enough on their savings but it is not. Will see what can be done I see them in March. Wish me with a blessing to help them.

I read you are the light not at the end of the tunnel. Just because life is becoming tough we should not think life is hard. We should get lost sometime in the past tense and think about the time when our life was beautiful and meditate to make it better.

Pray, Relax, get Lost in your good past to find your bright new present and future! 




Busy and Very Busy Weekend

We had a cousin from London over last week and she had her own office work in the day time but in the evening and over the weekend we could spend quality time.

What did we do? Lots of things together :

  • Sight-Seeings: Frozen Michigan Lake not all part of it, The Beans, River Walk, The Lemont Temple, and Devon.
  • Watching: Movies ( Bazaar, Rajma Chaeal, and Love by SQ feet) together!
  • Eating out and In.
  • Building Snow Man. This was fun
  • Picking up and dropping off to the airport. This gives some extra time to spend time and chat.
  • Doing Saraswati Puja…the GODDESS for Learning and Wisdom.
  • Photos lots of them and with them.

That’s all for 10th. A short week starts on Monday.



7 days to Towers Of Valentines

Quiz: Do you know which day is the second best business for Resturants in the USA?

Well, if you said its Valentine’s Day you get the price…do enjoy the day in one of your favorite restaurants. If you did not get reservations in the restaurants you can have dark chocolate and  (above 21 of age) a Red Wine.

Changing topic and here are my 7 takeaways for 7:

  1. Meet twice in a year you do business with. You do not have to go the Fancy Resturants…just go for a lunch under $10 or for a cup of coffee. Trust is the most important thing between the partners who we do business with.
  2. Don’t be like a Soda Bottle…when someone shakes you you burst. Be as a water bottle. No side effect upon getting shaken. Remembered one of my colleague who I had shared this many months back.
  3. If not feeling good…do meditations. It does help if you are taking or not taking medicine. Its accelerates recovery. Believe me, it did for me.
  4. Delegate work which is not adding value. You should be able to know what is Urgent, what is important, what is to be delegated and dropped. Do this exercise every day.
  5. Communicate enough and more.
  6. In London, kids are taught the importance of food. One of our cousin who is visiting us told this morning. Her 2nd grader will tell Mommy you did not give me protein in the dinner. They are taught from an early age our body is the most important thing and we have to respect and take care of it.
  7. There are 7 days to Valentine and here is what mathematical education is here for the kids…see in the photo.  For example, 6 minus 1 is equal to 5 which means Totally, Smart, and You ‘re special.


Everything is ABC…








… Happy

… Interesting

… Joyous

… Karma

… Lovable


… Nice

… Ordinary


… Questionable




… Upbeat

… Vintage

… Well

… X Large Size

… Yours


Belly Breathing

If we do one thing correct everything else will be aligned said the Yoga Instructor in the class today…its belly breathing – inhale till it goes to belly and exhales as if it is or coming from the belly. ( I know I have used the word belly so many times…just to give importance to the core).

The good thing about today’s

  1. The pain I had developed recently because of not stretching enough was gone after an hour of Yoga Practice!
  2. That one hour I did not have any phone or electronics. It was just me and belly oops breathe.
  3. Today I felt hungrier after the class. Thank GOD apart from lunch there was someone’s birthday. The only condition you take one cupcake and make sure you wish. How nice.
  4. Giving or helping someone in need in your group is to make sure and assuring you are making GOD people happy.
  5. People are not a problem…people have a problem or problems. Separate the two when dealing.

That’s all for 5th February! What’s your story?


Keep Learning

The word ‘Keep’ in Learning was a head turner for me. Here Keep is not only learning about Knowledge…it is also about your Curiosity – for example, learn about cooking.

Talking about cooking here in the photo is an Indian Dessert called Rabri or Rabdi made by boiling milk till it becomes condense and slightly different in color. Its a home made for a surprise birthday party for a friend.

  • Know
  • Explore
  • Experience
  • Practice


  • Live
  • Envision
  • Achieve
  • Relate
  • Nurture
  • Imagine
  • Nourish
  • Go that extra mile.

What’s your take away from Keep Learning?