1 Thing I learned on 16

I learned:

Just the way we should not go empty handed to our friends and family house… similarly we should do good deeds in our lifetime while living on the  Earth – the outcome of this would be a good gift for the GOD.





6 things in 48 Hours

Friday  we had Summer in the morning and by evening we had all four seasons. The temperature dropped 30 degrees and it rained so the soccer practice was cancelled. When the rain stopped the Weekend kicked off!

1. Friday Night Gift Purchasing:

In today’s World you can order online anything and I think we still goes to stores. Even though we went to three stores…the last store helped to get all three for the planned events.  Some of us thoughts it would have been good to do something else and then what we did it.

1. Saturday 18 miles run:

Tapering starts from coming weeks.  I did not see many runners in the morning because it was cold but others were getting ready for their Sunday Marathon. The run was good and could have been better. I have to upload with slow carbs. Came home and got ready for the first party.

2. House Warming (Saturday):

They say the two biggest investment we do financially is one purchasing a car and second a house. The good thing they have a brand new house and they made it to your taste wherever the builders can make the change. I really liked there extra space to enter from the garage, the bay window in the master room, and laundry in the 2nd floor. I excused myself for an hour for the game and sure no one would have noticed in party of 100 people. Well few did ask how was the game when I joined them for the lunch.

3. Saturday Kids’ Soccer Game:

It was windy and cold. They played it. I think once you keep going cold does not bother you anymore. You and your body adapts it. Their game is improving and in the practice they have to learn its not only passing the ball but to pass it to right team members.

4. Saturday Night Surprise Birthday Party:

The theme was good and some of the performance was real good which one of the friends’ kid practiced in a very short duration. The best part we just do not just eat and talk…we entertain among ourselves by dancing, singing etc. Getting involved is the best mantra.

5. Volunteer for Chicago Marathon:

We were there from 5:30 AM till 1:00 PM…from inside the loop Aid Station 10 and helped pass out fluids, lend encouragement, and help clean up/tear down the aid station. We were thanked with a marathon jacket and hat which I wore also on this chilly Monday morning for my 5K run and I can say its the best.

6. Sunday Hawaiian Birthday Party

The best part they kept from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM and it worked out good for all of us. Two of the quest who came three had their PR in Chicago Marathon. We could not bring the weather like Hawaii but we did bring the spirit by dressing, making food, sing, and dance.


  • If you have planned and committed…you can make it happen – above 6 is a proof.
  • You dress accordingly even though you may have to change three to four times in a day.
  • There will be may be a point in time you would talk to yourself…why I am doing it – the best would be to shut down the mind.

I am sure just by reading one would feel exhausted but sounds sleep on Sunday made my Monday morning 5K possible!

81 days left in 2019

If you are reading on Friday 10/11/19 then there are 81 days left in 2019. How do you feel about it and if you have to list 10 things which you have already accomplished and 1 more which you would like to do in these coming days what it would be?

Well, let me tell you what would be my 11 thing?

I want to be more clutter free both in my mind and home. None of them are easy and reading some of you I think the best solutions for the former would be:

  • Connect with your breath
  • Read and there are so many intelligent folks to surprise you with their content
  • Exercise…this is must – they say for 5 days in a week you will look 9 years younger
  • Spiritual…if you do not believe in any one – they say some believe in SUN who provide green grass which our cow feed and provides us milk and we get byproducts for milk to survive. ( This is just a metaphor)
  • Sleep a sound one!

Now, coming back to home. Thing before buying…I am going to use/consume/throw it. You have to spend time on it. Clean house welcomes all!

My List of 10 things accomplished:

  1. Finished the project of flooring the basement
  2. Enjoyed the summer to the fullest
  3. Read few books on Investment
  4. Self 18 weeks of training
  5. Seminar to understand what is latest
  6. Got into Leadership with a purpose program
  7. Got started working more on my Why?
  8. Plank for 30 days was great and lot of people did because of me
  9. Continuing no 8 for another 120 days
  10. Back to weight resistance for 2 days in a week



Missing Something

My mind was wandering a lot these days and today I found what’s has been missing and its:

  • Why I have not been able to do the things I used to do?
  • Reading but not enough.
  • Is the Internet using me or I am using the Internet?
  • Talking more and listening less!
  • Investment is sidetracked.
  • No to things even before giving my 100%
  • Gratitude for things I have or blessed with.

The best thing when you start writing…the time you have had missed – travels with you and you feel on track.




End of September, the 30th

Today’s news Forever 21 has filed for bankruptcy. This tells (again) nothing is forever. Well, companies come and go so is everything and today its end of September. If I reciprocate, following 30 comes into my writing.

  1. relevant, be
  2. listen to your target audience
  3. the dress is not everything, you got to exercise to make sure that dress makes you look good
  4. sleep sound or enough, the reason we keep this aside whenever we get into something new
  5. nutritions is key, look at your plate
  6. the slower/deeper you breathe the longer you live
  7. let people talk and if they repeat stop them
  8. they say its never too late to dance
  9. the walk can be an exercise or not you do it anyways
  10. my younger one who is 7 said over dinner I can not stand wrong so I correct them
  11. your body gets accustomed to rice or wheat depending on if you live in that land which grows it
  12. nature heals…you just have to -connect with it
  13. things are not good nor bad sometimes it is just the way it should be…work on it to make it the way you want it to be
  14. reset yourself more and often
  15. invest in your relationship, make it healthier
  16. tell other people which would make them think
  17. observe more, in other words, be ___
  18. talk to the source
  19. don’t say sorry if it is coming out of quilt-like if you are going to a restroom and someone coming at the same time  (sometime both parties will say sorry… it is not required – say something else) or just smile
  20. stop people who keep saying I do not care…one of my friends’ daughter upon asking what she wants for lunch…she says I do not care — how about Dog’s food said the Dad
  21. things which you do not require give it to someone.
  22. make sure your giveaways go to the right place
  23. read…there is nothing like it – if you get the right writer
  24. music helps…find out your five and listen to those to upbeat yourself
  25. in an investment, they say just like exit criteria there is an entry criterion…I have to learn
  26. balance yourself
  27. follow the norms
  28. pause
  29. question yourself
  30. getting bore, take up the challenge to the boredom!

Hope you all had a good September, Have a meaningful, memorable, and mindful October! Share some of the things which you have planned for it.



26 Pairs

Today I donated 26 pairs of footwears reason some of them we would have purchased reason we got in sale, some would not fit them as they have grown up, some would have been old fashion.

Whatever, the story we in America buy a lot and waste.

Bottom line: Rich is a soul who knows what they need!

Some of us sometime…

seriously add no value on some occasions and on the top of it – drain out the work which has already been done.

PS: I re-realized when took my family to a property where they just found negativity and also demanded to have dinner from the outside.

Three takeways:

  1. Avoid them in the first place in the beginning if they are not going to add anything.
  2. Going with them wasted all our time. They could have done something else.
  3. Eating outside food… I farther don’t see any positivity -everyone is irritated including me.

Moral: Things, where people are not adding value, don’t ask them…just informed them when required.