12th Player 

Manpreet Kaur was on a mission to co-create a national team for soccer. She wanted to start small and one time she was watching a final from two neighboring states and an idea sprouts on her mind to infuse all the 12th player of the team to form a new team. 

Manpreet went on her mission to find all the 12th  player from 12 different teams . She recorded the whole game and watched multiple times. Meantime, she collected all the data for 12th players from various team she think could make the best for team. 

She connected with all 12 players and worked to join her team with a promise in each game all 12 will play. 

Her team played with rest of the states, won many medals and declared a Champion. 

Lot of journalists were trying to get hold of Manpreet to find out what different she did to get this name and fame. After many attempts one of sports reporter from US got hold of her and reported her findings. 

Manpreet did followings:

  • Involve everyone equally even the 12 player. 
  • Nutrition right at BMI ( Body, Mind, and Intellectual)
  • Failure is not an option 
  • Upkeep the technique, energy,team work. 
  • Success speaks 
  • Evolve with each failure and success. 

The infuse of player 12 from each team did very well for Manpreet is what everyone is saying. I say you help the weaker or so called labeled 12th player and make a champion out of them as they have Fire in their belly which infuse to Goal. 


Memory Lane: When I watched the movie Independence Day in fall of 1996 – the first thing which I fall for or came to my mind or rather impressed me Jeff Goldblum riding a bike to his office. It’s kind of strange many would be impressed by the car and here I am aspiring to have a good bicycle to go everyday to office.

I wanted to do it for long and either weather did not permit or the distance or combination of all did not help me to make my wish come true. Living in Midwest is different from staying on West Coast.

Fast Forward: Summer is here and so for four Friday’s one of our team has to come not on his own car. We are doing something different for the cause to save money and donate to charity.My part was easy riding on a bicycle …well except for the backpack with the laptop.

Today, being the Friday and a day before Memorial Day weather being perfect I decided on riding a bike. The distance in any days would be a six miles from my Garage to the Parking lot but 2 more miles to be added for a bike reason some part of the road does not have sidewalk or bike ride and it betters take a longer route than sharing the ride when most of us are not prepared.
The thing which I was not ready or estimated the laptop bag but everything else worked as per plan.

On my way, few things came into my mind and its kind of cyclic:
1. To do this everyday or at least five days, you have to have a spring like weather. The comfort zone 68F to 86F.( Give or take -5F). It’s not possible in Midwest.
2. The distance from office to work should be 6 miles reason…it will take 30 minutes. I will take 1 or 2 miles more if it’s a straight line.
3. Showers in the office or at least change dress. The reason the body sweat.

The best part many cars did stop longer on STOP sign for me to cross and we waved and smiled.

Solar Energy 

Why all of us can not have electricity in our home is the question a 5th grader named Sarkar in Jhumritaliya asked the scientist Bijli who was visiting their school. 

Scientist Bijli said to make it available here we need government sponsorship and it takes time. 

For which the 5 grader Sarkar said till the Goverment comes to us can you help by doing research and involve us to build a solar panel roof. 

The idea was well received, worked as a project and within 9 months all 1008 of villagers has electricity and the village is reprived temporary or may be for ever of once living in darkness. 

Some days 

Some days are Slow

Some days are Fast

Some days it’s Easy

Some days it’s Difficult 

It’s on us to see if I can still do it 

Today was one of those difficult days 

My mind telling me Not to go

I convinced will walk not run

When I started walking convinced my mind to run

Let’s do interval run – walk and run

The mind said Yes 

Once the mind started running 

The finish line was touched. 

Pic: Friday Morning 5K 

Help Enough 

via Daily Prompt: Survive

The big question is : How much we have to help?

The bigger question is : Who are we helping?

Well, answer to my first question is – If the help is towards the survival, we must help enough that they thrive.  There is a way to measure it which I learned yesterday- the packed food eliminates malnutrition and helps in the growth of body and mind. 

The answer to second question is who are we helping anyone who has education in mind and aspires to go to school and college. Once they are on track – every one of us is helped in this World. 

Hence, my pledge is help those who will transform themselves from survive to thrive and we have to provide the right food for their body, education for their mind and rest is a good surprise. 

He Survived by 2 seconds 

via Daily Prompt: Survive

 John was getting late for his train to go to NYC on 11th September 2001. His little daughter that morning wanted more attention and thus he got late for his scheduled train. 

He was feeling very upset about the whole morning household thing on his way to work on the later train. They heard an announcement in Edison , this train can not go NYC as there has been a plane crash in the WTC – the building John worked. 

Every one offboarded the train and then the train returned back to Princeton with all the passengers. 

John was thinking or still thinks – was the morning thing what his daughter did or GOD made her do. 

John teenager daughter is ready for college this year. 

After Work

Today, the evening was for CSR ( Community Service Round) and we decided this a month back to pack food for Feed the Starving Children.

Since it’s after work family was also part of this good deed.

My kids got an idea

  • We are blessed to have food on our table.
  • Not waste food as there are many people without proper meals.
  • The right mix ( Wheat, Soy, and Potatoes)is required to be packed in the packet for the kids.
  • They funneled in the packet, weight, and sealed.
  • This kind of work really made them tired as they continuously did for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Few photos:


No matter what World tells you and it’s your smile, yes every smile is the first and last impression is what I am going to say. Some are born with following, some achieve, and some act upon it. 

Sparking Smile

Magical Smile

Illuminating Smile

Lovely Smile

Electrifying Smile

What’s your type? I known what you are thinking – Heard of Blood Type now reading about smiles…you can have one and all. 

Keep smiling.


First Date 

Mar and Atis ( mirror image of Ram and Sita) were on their first date on a revolving rooftop restaurant called Parikrama with city views. 

It’s been many years now they are happily married with kids. 

Today, when looking back to their questions it’s nothing but …read it yourself.  

  1. What’s your Interest?
  2. What Motivates you?
  3. What Plan you have?
  4. What Relationship means?
  5. What Excite you?
  6. What Song you like?
  7. What makes you Sad?
  8. What’s your source for Income?
  9. What does the word One means to you? 
  10. How will you Nurture a kid or two?  

It’s not what questions a date throws at you, it’s how you answer is all about making the first IMPRESSION for ever.