Nine Different Activity

Today I could negotiate 30 minutes of me time at 6:56 PM. The Sun would set at 7:26 PM so the best thing would to do is go for a quick 5K. I could have done a little longer but did not want to miss the basketball. Today the outside looked a normal evening of April 9 before 2020. Here is my 9 observation and it’s in the same order unless someone challenge me.

  1. Lots of people walking.
  2. Soccers practice both boys and girl team.
  3. Baseball game.
  4. Basketball
  5. Bicycling
  6. Swing
  7. Playing in sand
  8. People talking on phones.
  9. Running.

Me Hour

In this Me Hour, I did not do any multitasking. Whenever my thoughts drifted I tried to anchor them back with my breathe. Was it easy the simple answer is no but as they say everything comes to perfection with practices.

Here is my 8 on 8:

  1. We have more greens. Spring is here.
  2. Some of us forgot to check the weather and I did see them drenching in rain.
  3. A new rule: The school does not allow them to talk inside the class. Speak less and spread less or when required!
  4. They will have vaccinations for everyone above 16 from coming 19.
  5. Gardening is the next thing and some folks are looking forward to it.
  6. Mask is mandatory till May for sure! Some of us are also keeping a backup in our bag.
  7. I took some chips from them before giving them and explained this is an example of tax.
  8. Research shows walking is the most effective exercise. To believe the research and see the outcome you have to walk.

3 Hair Cuts and A bagful of donations of kids cloth

Do you remember when you had your last haircut? For us, it’s been a while and this while is more than a year. 

While getting hair cuts the best thing I was told that business is picking up just the way the hair has been growing during the pandemic. The good thing even though we did not talk for a year so but it did not seem so long. For some, you are connected instantly even if you do not talk so often. 


  1. There are few things which we should leave to the experts and hairdressing is one of them. 
  2. When you donate things you always feel you have more and vice versa. 
  3. Travel would be the next big thing once we all are vaccinated. The only thing one should continue the best practice of cleaning hands, watching distance, and wearing masks even in good times. 

3 Very Short Stories

3 Very Short Stories for 3rd April 2021, here you go!

Yoga Instructor Protocol Class:

The classes I am part of is very demanding as it requires two hours every Saturday and Sunday. Today, they told us to spend half an hour 3 times a week reading theory. Each of the teachers has a plethora of knowledge and the only thing we students have to be attentive and give undivided attention.

Car Detailing:

Today, I had taken my car for detailing but the place asked me to come on Monday and I can understand the reason in 3 hours they would earn much volume from different types of car wash people will bring their cars being nice weather. I just got one of those which just took 7 minutes and served the purpose.

Mandatory Outdoor Activities:

They had to play soccer in the backyard and basketball in the front yard. Weather is a limited resource a perfect outdoor one in a year to us so utilize it to the maximum is the mantra and for everything else thanks to Microsoft for X-Box. Talking of e-games it is easy to start but hard to master. Today, I heard from one of them about going from level 65 to 95. That’s a 46% jump.

Bonus Story: They told me you got 30 minutes for yourself before Sunset…how do you want to spend – my quick answer I will take one selfie and go for a 5K run. Why selfie was a follow-up question? I said it will remind me what and how was the weather on this day and what did I do.

2 Things motivated my 1st Run of April

Two things motivated me today 1. My colleagues posting 10 K runs in our running group and 2. My wife gifted me shoes which I wanted to try even though the temperature was only 39F.
Takeaway: They say we have to keep changing running shoes every certain mile or keep more than one pair of shoes, and alternative change while going for runs. Another thing the running shoes should be one size bigger than our formal shoes.

90 Days Debited and 275 Days Credited for 2021

I am sure we all have something to look behind in 90 days and plan for the rest of 275 days.

The first thing which comes to my mind is why not read what we wrote every day when we are trying to write in the coming days.

I have also enrolled in Yoga Instructor Class which is every 2 hours on weekends morning for another 2 months. A lot of reading and practice would go for it to make it a success.

Final Word: Keep Focus on your goal and work towards it.

Those 2 Words to Describe Someone You met 1st Time

Have you met someone for the first time and you got so impressed and there are two words which you would use to define them to someone. What that would be? Here is A to Z examples. Also, tell me if you have to pick one for you what that would be? 

  1. Alert and Active
  2. Brave and Beautiful
  3. Cute and Courageous 
  4. Dynamic and Doer 
  5. Energetic and Evolutionary 
  6. Friendly and Futuristics
  7. Gentle and Go-getter
  8. Humble and Hardworking
  9. Integral and Involved. 
  10. Jolly and Jubilant
  11. Kind and Key Player 
  12. Laugh and Learner 
  13. Mindful and Millionaire 
  14. Natural and Noble 
  15. Obsess and Obstacle 
  16. Pure and Problem Solver 
  17. Quite and Quick Thinker
  18. Responsible and Resourceful 
  19. Simple and Story Teller 
  20. Truthful and Transformer 
  21. Unilateral and Undertaker 
  22. Vigilant and Visionary 
  23. Wise and Workmanship  
  24. Xenagogue and Xenial 
  25. Yes and Youthful  
  26. Zeal and Zigzagger ‘

What are your two words which describe you? 

100 KM of Bicycle

When I clicked I thought 100 KM would be a piece of cake and it would have been but for activities planned during the week plus unpredictable weather had created slight doubts in my mind. All said and done sense of accomplishment has more weightage than any thoughts or constraints which had come in the way but for that, you have to breathe right which helps to control the wandering mind.


1. Work towards your commitment and it will take you closer to the goal.

2. Give priority to important things and don’t take your sight from other things you want to do.

3. Write and Share your experience as it will not only help you for next time and may help others.