Gene or Zip



In the bottom of the Mountains
Manu unzip Sandhya’s
Sandhya unzip Manu’s
Manu and Sandhya both helped in unzipping Eachother
When they were totally Unzipped
The mountain air made them felt cold
That’s called for a warm hug till they got their Zip lining suits
Manu zip His
Sandhya’s zip Hers
And now both of them were in the Zip lining suits.
Ready and reached the top of the Mountain by Helicopter
Coming down was Fast and Furious
In the bottom of the Mountains
Manu unzip Sandhya’s
Sandhya unzip Manu’s
The mountain air made them felt cold
That’s called for a warm hug

That’s the Fact
Talking of Fact
It’s NOT
What Gene Code one is Born
What Zip Code one is Born and Raised
Or/ And
What Zip Code you finally MOVE!
Your Health, Wealth, and Spirituality!!!


Hot Zip

via Daily Prompt: Zip

This time of the year it is very hot in some part of the World, mainly in the continent like Asia and Africa.

Today in conversation with my Dad, I learned few Zip Codes in those continents has reached 123F and what surprised him and eventually me. Out of those 15 places, 13 is in India.

Thankfully, there are many tropical fruits like Watermelon, Coconut Water, and simply water will work as internal air conditioning to the body. Also, avoiding fry foods will ease up. The last part would be difficult for some days as its a Marriage Season also with lots of receptions parties.

Answers to all the warm and hot weathers are to plant more trees. As Chinese say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

What is Common Between? 

What is common between today’s richest and successful people like Warren B, Bill G, Mark C, Mark Z, and  Elon Musk?

They are an avid reader.

1.  Bill Gates read 50 books every year. This means one book per week and 2 weeks of vacation ( The last part I made it, the story of 2 weeks vacation).

2. Warren Buffet reads a lot, maybe 200/300 pages.

3. Mark Cuban says he spends 3 hours in reading every day.

4. Mark Zuckerberg’s 2017 resolution is to read – The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation by Jon Gertner.


5. Once upon a child, Elon Musk used to read many books at the same time. From his childhood bookshelves which have shaped him is ‘Lord of the Ring’, ‘Einstein’ etc. In recent time, when asked about how he has learned to build rockets. He has a simple answer: “I read books”.

Being an avid reader is a common thing between all the above and many other successful people.

Are you an avid reader?

sunday avid.jpg

In an avid conversation with William Shakespeare

via Daily Prompt: Avid

How do you know someone is Avid ____? [ Fill Up the Blanks and choice could be from Art therapists, Biomedical scientists, Communications managers, Doctor, Finance managers, Gardeners, Hunter, Information Technologies, Janitor, King, Librarian, Mathematician, Neurologist, Orthodontist, Ping pong player, Queen, Runner, Skier, Tracker, Under Secretary, Vigilant Officier, Writer, X-ray technician, Zoo Keeper].

Part 1 of 4 is they Add. To be an avid skier, William Shakespeare suggests to go to the slope every weekend and practice there for few hours and then keep adding hours.

Part 2 of 4 is they Visualize. To be an avid writer, William Shakespeare suggests meditating to bring your creativity inside out. Let your imagination traverse.

Part 3 of 4 is they Improve. To be an avid runner, William Shakespeare suggests doing interval running like 1-minute walk and 1-minute run for a total time of 30 minutes.

Part 4 of 4 is they Demonstrate. To be an avid President, William Shakespeare suggests you show the Results. Let results speaks and silence the noise around.


sunday 1.jpg

”All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.’
(As You Like it Act 2, Scene 7)


Smart Phone 

I have a smartphone bed and my phone sleeps for 8 hours. Mathematically, if my phone has a life span of 99 years it sleeps for 33 years.

Why I am telling you all about my smartphone bed?

This lets me sleep in my bed. Man and machine in harmony.

What if you wake up early or in middle of the night? Will you check on it?

The short answer is No.  Like this Saturday morning, I woke up an hour early. I started reading a book and after few pages  went to bed again. This reminded me of back to basic days. Woke up very fresh and days are in harmony.

To make things in harmony – what few things come to your mind?

Well, it’s listening to your Heart, take Action, show Results, be Mindful, Organize your life health, wealth and spirituality, Never give up and say Yes to all good things.

Well, it is a time of the night and my smartphone has worked hard and ready for the smartphone bed.

Isn’t it smart?





via Daily Prompt: Harmony

Once upon a Village, there was a Ynomrah in a beautiful mountain on a down south with ample amount of The Sunshine throughout the year with all four seasons. People also were friendly as the place itself. There was a beautiful river, farmers growing enough to sustain the whole populations and export. There were an Agriculture universities where scholars came to do research to optimize farming to eradicate property by growing plant-based proteins, carbs, and natural fat.

People were generally healthy, still, as a process, they got one ambulance for their hospital. We all know an ambulance is written-as-ecnalubma. The new Director added the name of the village Ynomrah which seemed like an excellent idea.

One day, when a Priest of the other village came to meet the folks, he saw two words in the rear view mirror of his Ford Model T. It read Ambulance Harmony.

He requested Priest of the Village to spell the name of the Village backward.

How on earth we did not realize our Village spelled backward is Harmony? Everyone said unionmously who were gathered to celebrate the EarthDay.

Both, the name of the Village Harmony and EarthDay was announced on 22nd April of 1970.

People celebrate every year on the 22nd April – Earthday and a Harmony day said the GrandPa of Harry And Manny to the whole crowd gathered on the Town Square. We still have the river, the Universities, and everything in our Harmony.



The two words Practice and Action maketh  the title of my today’s story. 

The word Spike took me to the pledge I had for my self to make by Family Pack into Eight Pack. I am sure many of you would ask why not six Pack well that I will leave it for our wood stars ( Hollywood and Bollywood). 

This all started with Practice and Action towards my goal. Adding few miles to miles on it with some weight resistance and self body resistance excercise – a 5K runner spiked to 10K to 13.2 and finally to Full Marathon. 

Adding bit by bit and in good time miles, muscle and mindefulness spike on the graphical representation. 

More on Miles, Muscles, and Mindfulness on Part 2 of Praction. 

Let your smiles spike

via Daily Prompt: Spike

The rate of Smile starts decreasing exponentially as we go through different phases of life. Here, I am requesting everyone of us to spike smiles as we enter into a different phase of life through my poem called – Let your smiles spike.

Let your smiles spike as you turn from Prebirth to Birth
Let your smiles spike as you turn from Birth to Infancy
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Infancy to Early Childhood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Early Childhood to Middle Childhood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Middle Childhood to Late Childhood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Late Childhood to Adolescence
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Adolescence to Early Adulthood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Early Adulthood to Midlife
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Midlife to Mature Adulthood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Mature Adulthood to Late Adulthood
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Late Adulthood to Death and Dying
Let your smiles spike as your turn from Death and Dying to New Life


Spike in Human Loss

via Daily Prompt: Spike

[ 7000 miles apart on our ( Dad and I ) regular call. We normally talk day in a life and some interesting things. Today, while watching  TV my Dad heard the word ‘Toothless Lion’ for a Cricket Team which were not performing well in the IPL game. This word traversed him to two places instantly 1. An article which he read a long time back, and 2. Chicago Field Museum. When I heard him, thought this could be a good story to share with my fellow WordPress Readers (new and old), and Writers (budding and professional)].

Spike in Human Loss, is what comes to my mind. `

Once upon in a 19th century, many Indians were brought to Kenya to help in building railroads. This was one of the hardest jobs, long hours, harsh weather conditions, new places, and not good hygiene or medical conditions.  One common thing many workers were killed in the whole process. They built 600 plus miles and every mile if one calculates its like 3 to 4 people died. I do not have the exact number but during those time in between, there was a spike in Human Loss. This spike created an alert, and they found there was two toothless lion who prey on hard working and tired human being. After many deaths of human beings, the toothless lions was hunted down by one of the Colonel.

The Lion skin sold and bought many times from then, research was done why those lions lost the tooth and why after loosing became Man-eater and hunted many tired workers who worked many hours to build the railroad.

The question, I have was hunting down necessary maybe then they were in not in the extinct category.  Their population is gone done in recent time and hoping in the controlled environment if not spike at least remain the same. What do you all say?