3 Things About Tuesday

I learned

  1. Battery powered bushes trimmer is as powerful as the battery. You can’t do much once the battery drains down even if you have time to trim bushes.
  2. Singing songs enhances many human organs and also slow down aging. You don’t have believe me do your research and let me know.
  3. It’s better to stop some extra time on your vehicle to drop off the stress of work or home once you reach the respective place.

Tales of Run and Walk to make it 3.1

Between the 2 siblings called Run and Walk, if I may call, there was a gap of 16 hours.

I did run early morning around 6 AM and could only do 2 miles. Well, it did serve the purpose in terms of clarity of mind plus felt fresh to start the day called Monday.

Fast forward when I looked at my achievements of the day yes late in the evening we did the bike, played 15 minutes of basketball, etc but when I looked at fitness it said I only had 2 miles still short by 1.1 miles. As promised to me after dinner I did go for a walk of 1.10 miles. This total is 3.1 miles which I have for 15 days.

The key takeaway

What you got to do, get it done.

When you forget someone’s name

You may know someone but forget their name.

What do you do first?

1. Ask their name first saying sorry I forgot your name and then talk

2. Talk about everything and then while saying bye you ask their name.

3. Or just not ask anything and rely on your memory that you will remember.

Before I hear from you and I am more of option 2.

This morning after my run I was cooling down on my driveway and saw a familiar face whom I have not seen for many months. This person in summer walks 15000 steps outside and in winter walks inside home 10000 steps. Please note we have long winters. That also makes other reasons who we see in the park or trailer or walkway are only seen during the good weather days unless they have a dog. The dog needs to get a walk whether you want it or not.

Now coming back to the 15,000 steppers person. The takeaway is

1. There is no substitute for walking. You got to do to be mobile.

2. Music will reduce your boredom.

3. Fresh air gives you additional 5000 steps.

How well is your plan A, have plan B as well


Today I wanted to go for a long run and I did plan and plot how to go about it the night before. They say if you plan it’s easier to achieve.

When I woke up after Thanking God I saw the weather and it said it was going to rain at 8:00 AM.

When I got ready and started I knew it would be only possible to do 5K. I ran in and around my house so that I could run to my garage in case of heavy rain.

I felt accomplished but I had extra hours left from the run I could not do. The best way to utilize indoors and do yoga.

I am glad I have a portfolio* when it comes to exercise and it’s very diversified. The quote

/saying from Buddha is, “when you can’t go outside go inside”.

My Yoga started with Shuksvayma ( Micro Yoga which helps warm up muscles and Joints) Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutations and which can be either endurance, flexibility, or breathing. It’s complete in itself ), Asanas, Pranayama, and Yog Nidra).

The best part of Yoga stops the negative emotions like jealousy, stress, dislikes, and unnecessary thoughts from coming to one’s mind. What we just read is a prerequisite to positive thinking. In other words, if one has jealousy, dislikes, or such emotions positive thinking is not going to help.

24 Hours Vs Energy

We all have _______


We all don’t have the same _____ level.


Because we are all different.


We all think differently and act upon it


Can hours and energy be the same?

When we don’t let our energy drain out unnecessary.

Which activities let our energy disappear?

Unnecessary Thinking about past which leads to depression

Unnecessary Thinking about future which leads to anxiety.

Who are past and future?

The one who steals the present.

Got present is whose question?

Did I utilize my 24 hours with the same energy level on 24?

Yes, today I did walk and talk as it was more of listening mode, folks felt tired because of the heat and humidity so we switched to badminton from the basketball as long as we are playing a game that involves strategy, thinking, and move I am okay with it.

Our Team has a 15 days Challenge

…and we have 15 things to pick from and the best will get an award. They have to have a digital proof plus a photo of day 0 and day 16. The best loser will become the winner. Are you ready here are the options

  1. Avoid sugar for 15 days
  2. Avoid processed food for 15 days.
  3. Avoid eating outside for 15 days.
  4. Walk 5K for 15 days
  5. Run 5K for 15 days.
  6. Bike 10K for 15 days.
  7. Balance for 1 minute in Vrikshasanas ( Tree Pose) for 15 days
  8. Do 12 Suryanamaskar for 15 days.
  9. Do 108 pushups for 15 days
  10. Do sukshma ( Micro yoga) for 15 minutes for 15 days
  11. Do pranayama for 10 minutes for 15 days
  12. Eat your dinner before 7 PM for 15 days.
  13. Sit in Vajrasana ( thunderbolt positions ) for 15 minutes for 15 days.
  14. Dance for 10 minutes for 15 days.
  15. Keep your smartphone notification off, don’t disturb mode at the night, and don’t check your phone every 10 seconds as if it’s one of your important organs for 15 days.

Folks what would you pick out of 15…you can pick 1 or more – make sure you do with for 15 days.

5 Things for an outcome

Finally, last night on Tuesday I went grocery. One of the shops was about to close and I was there at 8:18 PM. The person who checks your card looked at the watch first and then my Chicago Marathon Cap. I could see his face turning from not so happy to happy. I had only 12 minutes. ( Once you are in they let you shop but I don’t feel right).

Well, I was on the fast track and picked everything that I was supposed to and I was out by 8:30 PM. I think the first time I got all the needed groceries, my wallet was happy ( if you go to this store many of you will agree we buy most of the time what they want to sell us), and especially the store clerk who looked at the watch was happy too seeing touching the exit gate on time.

I prefer to choose a store or a route where I could also stop for one or more on my way without spending extra on gas. Well, I stopped at a store where I wanted to pick some vegetable plants for my backyard. 21st June is the 1st day of summer and I know this year I am late and the comment on my earlier post also reflects but as long as we have 5 things I am sure I will have an outcome and yes those 5 things are a piece of land, vegetables or seeds, Sunlight, water, and patience.

Acing Mountaineering through Yoga

Today’s story is about Premlata Agrawal and Hemant Gupta who aces Mountaineering through Yoga.

I met them over Microsoft Team early morning of 21st June on International Yoga Day.

Meet Mrs. Premlata Agrawal, born in 1963. She narrated her story, of how Yoga helped her to get rid of Knee pain, yes you read correctly and also helped her climb Mt. Everest at the age of 48.

They both are employees of Tata steel, Tatanagar, and were invited to talk about how Yoga has helped them to achieve climb Mount Everest and many more.

The first name is Premlata Agrawal. She has been a housewife then and at age 36 she just participated in outdoor climbing and she thought she found her passion. At 48, on May 20, 2011, she climbed Mount Everest( 29029 feet). Then the oldest woman to achieve and after that, she has done all climbs on the seven continents.

My second name is Mr. Hemant Gupta, Metallurgical Engineer from IIT Mumbai and an employee of Tata Steels, Jamshedpur. He is also heading TSAF which helps in outdoor adventure sports and team building. He climbed Mt Evervest in 2017. Hemant is young and ready to climb both the corporate ladder and many more mountains and he teaches youngsters about outdoor leadership.

In last, she made us do 10 minutes of Chair Yoga. It was like the best return gift.

Megawatt Smile

Megawatt Smile

Naperville is a huge village. Just to give you in winter when it snows the snowplow truck has to do 1500 miles to clean the roads. You get the picture!

Today in the evening we played basketball and still, there was enough time before the sunset as we are just a day before the longest day which is tomorrow June 21st.

Every one of us said it was a hot day and time to be inside. To me, it sounded more like a punishment and I thought let’s ride my bike. The best was there were so many folks trying to beat the Monday by walking, fishing, running, or biking. I was passing a smile to everyone who seemed to be tired on their bike or running and one best compliment I got you got a megawatt smile as it forced me to smile as well and I feel so light even biking so many miles.

Got smile?

11 miles in an hour.

Upgrade in progress

It’s the 3rd Sunday of June, America has this as Father’s Day. Some parts of the world also started following this as Father’s Day.

When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful handwritten card. In today’s digital world I call that the best gift I could have asked for.

Now, coming back to the topic upgrade in progress and this is purely for my run. This year I have done only 3.1 miles for all my runs ( good, bad, or ugly)and today I wanted to go beyond that mark. I promised 5 miles and one-dimensional thought that I will cover this mile irrespective of timing. Well, I did and the timing was north of 50 minutes. Here are my 5 takeaways!

1. When you commit, it becomes easier to achieve.

2. You have to work on your weaker points for example why it’s slowing you down. It could be as simple as running form. You have to acknowledge and correct it.

3. You are your critic but don’t overdo it.

4. These runs are not a race so make sure it’s done well and it’s up to one’s satisfaction. You have to keep running.

5. Check if energy is flowing in you and the best and easy way is to breathe deep and long.

That’s all from the 3rd Sunday of June. Hope you all had a great Sunday celebrating Father’s Day!