21st September, The Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer of 2020———————————————
Today is the last day of Summer and I am sure it would have been very different for all of us. In Chicago summer is only of 90 days. This summer would be the first one where we have not been to any place. Well, still on a brighter side lot of things got accomplished on personal and professional level. Everyone one of us will remember if asked longest you have stayed in one place without going anywhere would be the home. 
I have a faith this time will go away and the world will be opening for each other soon. People who have to travel should absolutely do it and people don’t can help the local economy. 
Take care and keep praying as prayer has power. 
How would you describe your summer? Before I hear from you my friends mine would be 

1. Superb as I had PR on my Half Marathon

2. Unique as I worked on my goal

3.Managed family time. 

4. Miles on bicycle more than on car. 

5. Enjoyed  reading/writing.

 6. Role model for some. 

Can we go for walking today?

This is a millionaire dollar question if some one ask me…I will drop everything and make time – to walk with them.

Here is why once upon a time walking was integrated in our life and now convenience takes precedence.

One should walk because…it’s –

  1. Wealth to you and your body and mind.
  2. Align your mind and body.
  3. Lighten your life.
  4. Kills the boredom.
  5. Invite positivism.
  6. New energy in you.
  7. Great for your heart.

    Today as a family we walked 4.58 and we had close to 2 hours for us.

18 Things You Should Know on 18 and by 18

If I have to go on Time Machine and today I would go at 18 and write this! 
1. Its on our hand to be safe till vaccine is found…wash your hand, don’t touch your mouth, ear, and nose. wear masks and avoid crowded places

2. If you know something and results show on you probably you will be asked about it. 

3. Salt is mineral. 

4. We earn money for 4 reasons and 1 of 4 is …to have a ceiling on our head, food in our plates, and clothes on our skin. 

5. No 2 of 4 to feed our family.

6. No 3 for kids educations 

7. No 4 of 4 for our future and retired life.

8. There will be all kinds of people in your life you got to learn to deal with them. 

9. Planning means you are putting thought before actions. Chances it may not work sometime and most of the time it will work and you will feel less effort. 

10. I think hacking is not new…we get hacked from the present moment by thinking about past or future.

11. If you think you have enough time that is a myth. 

12. Folks will discourage you, pause and hear them out and find out way out from it. 

13. Being selfish without harming others is good.

14. Write your future being at 18 and keep the same rigor of any age when you need to be successful all the time. The best brain keeps growing until 24 and beyond. 

15. Don’t just read the headlines and make an opinion. Read the content and if not satisfied research about it. Then you got the right to make one.

16. When it comes to exercise one form will not help. Here you have to make a portfolio of cardio, strength, isometrics, stretching, breathing, and meditations. The outcome and output would be inside out. 

17.I am not saying no to meat but know your greens. You should indulge in a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. 

18. Develop one X -Factor…it could be music, writing, singing, acting, dancing.

That’s all from 18 on 18 by then 18! What’s yours? I am listening! 

17th September… A Vishwakarma Puja – What do you need to know about?

If you are born in Ranchi or some industrial town you will grow up with the following [ 1. Saraswati Puja ( Goddess of Knowledge) 2. Holi (Festival of color) 3. Vishwakarma Puja 4. Durga Puja (Goddess of Power), 5. Diwali (Festival of Light) (Goddess of Wealth), and 6. Chhath Puja (Sun God)] as a family and friends. There are many other which is more personal than public. The intent is to keep those private. 
Today to go back in memory instead of the regular 5K I enjoyed 10K…well that was planned one – now to the topic. Vishwakarma Jayanti is a day of celebration for Vishwakarma, a Hindu god, the divine architect. Its also celebrated after Diwali in some part of the country or by country folks. 
1. Its a Holiday no matter what day of the week it is since its always 17th September to celebrate the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma 

2. Rain or Shine you make time to visit all places. It was more like a tour of those giant factories or plants. There were prizes for the best decorated and always goodies for the visitors and devotees. 

3. You get to meet colleagues of your Dad and their kids. The brief talk about would be mainly what you are doing and what you intend to do next. 

4. The compliment and courage from fellow Uncle and Aunt were always… very proud of your results or sports or growing tall or yes can do it were always musical to ears year on year.

5. Locally many artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers will invite us to their shops/stores and share sweets.

6. The common aspiration is to pray for a better future, the smooth functioning of various machines safe working conditions, and, above all, success in their respective fields. 
Wishing those who celebrate a very Happy Vishwakarma Puja! 

I will try to see if I have done 16 things on 16 or not

1. The best thing I was asked does I still do Plank which I started as a 30 days challenge last year from the company. The answer is affirmative. 1-minute front and 30 seconds for each side. This all started like 115 days back! 

2. The early morning run of 5k took 26.26. Can you tell me the pace?

3. Blue tooth for calls. For short calls like an hour, its good or else start bothering. The speakerphone is the best.

4. Watched TED How to succeed, get more sleep. Do you know our organ sleep from 11 PM to 3 AM. whether we sleep or not? 

5. Work

6. Lunch Break. These days this one is very important and the best thing to avoid taking lunch at your work table. 

7. Ice cream socials at the kid’s school. All the teachers were there waving and we did not have to get down from the car. It was the best part to see everyone. Real-time is actual-time.

8. Lawn mowing. Summer is coming to end and we did not have much growth of grass as it was dry August. 

9. Taking helps of kids for car and bicycle wash. 

10. Asking kids and taking their help to fold laundry. How online we go certain things we have to do no matter what? What do you say?

 11. Reading

12. Looking at memories. On this day!

13. Researching more on news on why Tesla stocks would go higher as they have coming up with a million miles battery. Do you think in our lifetime we can do something like a million miles like walking/bicycling/running or ____

14. Discarding or recycling old stuff.

15. Listening to folks. 

16. Based on point no 15 for some of their points telling them if you want to feel bad start comparing yourself with others especially on what electronics they have. Gadgets have importance but they are not everything. This is more like I have to keep self reminding me and them. 

Bonus Breathing!

Tuesday The Fifteen Takeaways

1. Teeth is as important as any part of your body. Floss it. 

2. Emissions Test of your car is important unless you are driving electric car.

3. Getting rid of extra stuff which you don’t need is the right thing to do.

 4.  Instead of getting angry and telling things not to do to your kids. Say we don’t do things way in our family or otherwise. 

5. Once upon a time watch was for time and now see how many things you can watch from your mini messages, notifications, reminder to move, heart rate, volumes of oxygen in your body/blood. The list of functionality goes on. Are you ready to have one or upgrade to new ones? 

What’s your giveaway for today?

Monday, Oh Yes!

There were so many things in the calendar planned for today many many months and Monday ago. There were no ways to cancel or reschedule it. The good thing all got accomplished. 
Bottom line and Takeaways! 
1. If you plan it and put in the calendar chances of happening are more than otherwise. 2. Instead of complaining, we can think of how to make it happen it will happen. 3. Prioritize according to what is important. Make it dynamic. 4. Take a break come back with a resetting yourself. 5. Look at the outcome and output. 
Do you have a similar story to share? 

13 March to 13 September – 6 months

13th March to 13 September – 6 Months——————————————————-
What 6 Common Things we all must have done During COVID-19? 
1. Prayed for this to come to an end along with successfully coming up with the vaccines. 2. Attended Zoom Party with friends and families. 3.  Not able to fly or go some places for vacations. 4.  Driveways Party. 5.  Online classes or WFH. 6.  Stopped over ordering stuff the way we would have done in the beginning. 
Now what one thing you picked up during this time?  My short answer: I did not pick anything new and must say whatever I have been doing …do it more religiously – it has great outcomes

No Green Time

It rained all morning and most of the days as forecast. There is no Green Time planned for the day. All inside taking care of things which are important, playing indoor games, reading, and watching movies  All this was possible as I have kept my phone in the drawer for the whole day. Let me tell you not looking at things made all things possible without interruptions. 
Green Time is what I learned yesterday in one of the wellness class which my company has organized for all of us to attend. I do it you do it we all do it but did not know that it has a noun. It is a time when we spend outside walking, running, hiking watch those green around us. Got Green Time? 
One thing which we surprised me from a fellow blogger and I have asked her how part and till I get please read on what it is…The Swiss love chocolate. They eat over 11 kilos of chocolate per person each year. Yet they have the least obese population in the whole of Europe, Do you know how that is possible?