5 on 5

During our lunch, I came to know about a person who eats only twice a day. The person wakes up at 3: 30 AM…takes his first food at 4:00 AM and then the second and last meal is at 8:00 AM. This person has surely stopped his aging. That’s my 1 of 5!

Choir singing brings students together and the opportunity to perform in front of their parents which provides them confidence. We attended one today and it was music to ears and happiness to our eyes.  That’s 2 of 5!

IF you make the food fresh and with your heart. It is going to taste delicious. I had to go out for lunch and I gave my lunch box to one of my colleagues and it was thoroughly enjoyed. That’s 3 of 5!

If you listen attentively. The answer will be in the question itself. Most of us know what part and missing the How part. That’s 4 of 5!  AND

The move is new mantra and if you have to have in your wrist the smartwatch to see how much you have moved. Give one to each of your family members and see the outcome. Today at the end of the day some of us were 12K steps. That’s our 5 of 5!





4 on 4

Sometimes, you have to change the sequence to get urgent work before the important work. Today, I plunge the toilet before they woke up and took a bath and then did my light exercise. That’s my no 1 for today.

If you listen attentively you will look prepared when you respond to them. Your thoughts and words are seamless.  That’s my no 2 as I learned so much about the place and people by listening.

If you say 30% of our resources are women …it may sound low and if you say 150K workforce are women – sounds like many companies on its own. Use %  and or number in the right context is my no 3. AND

The numero uno is…What you committed for a day or in a week do it for sure – it will give you satisfaction and others not to say anything!

That’s my 4 on 4! What do you think and have to say?



3 Highlights of 3rd Dec

If you are in a restaurant business create an experience for the folks coming to eat at your place. Remember they have many choices when it comes to food but only a good experience will bring them again and again. (Source: Two colleagues sharing why we go where we go).

Apply anyway even though you know there are many like you who would be doing it. This is the only way you would know if you are lucky or someone else is luckier than you. ( Source: Today our company sent an email to all the team members)

There is no substitute for exercise. What you got to do you must do it. (Source: One of the friends who ate 2nd dinner with us reason he could not resist the food and said he would do extra exercise)


3 Things on my 3rd Anniversary

WordPress reminded me today December 2, 2019, is my 3rd anniversary of blogging. Three things I want to say is about Observations,  Interpretations, and Expressions.


Once upon a time not long ago…when you are a newbie in blogging you are also thinking about how to get more followers. My kiddos then would always ask how many followers you have today…1, 10, 100, 1000- every one counted and still counts. Today, I have 1400+ and they still ask. Thank you very much to who I follow and who follows me.


In the era of social media and shorter screens to hold interest is key. You have to find your target audience who you want to follow and who should be following you. Sometimes you also have to try something new from some new part of the World. Today, my blog could be seen in 33 countries. Also, I read from bloggers as far as Japan to Jordan, Egypt to Europe, India to Indonesia, America to Argentina. Learning about the culture, their beliefs keep me preoccupied within my social media time. If you want to find more interesting stuff other than FB, Whatsapp…this is the place – to be!


Every culture has a different way of expression for the same thing. Some are direct, some are polite, some are respectful. In India we will directly ask the age, In Russia, we will ask how many springs you have seen, and In Japan 65 years is still consider Youth. Talking of youth I am still a baby when it comes to writing!


  1. A word becomes a sentence, sentence a paragraph, paragraph a story. 1150 published till day!
  2. 1 Follower, 10 Followers…Follow them and their followers. 1404 Followers
  3. Write, Read, Publish, Read, Like, Comment. Repeat!  25 + Countries!!




12 Thoughts on Your 12th Birthday 

Day: Sunday, 1st December 2019. 
1. I am excited for the possibility of the technology you and the coming generations will live in…still be connected to the – roots. 
2. How advance we become, but first the principle  of life will be the same…breath and – breathe deep. 
3. The world has come closer and we human are getting away. Bring folks closer to each other hearts. 
4. The foundation is the key …for (almost) – anything. 
5.  We got to maintain good habits be it …physical, mental, and spiritual – yes all three. 
6. Anchor to The Almighty
7. Try to automate some mandate work and sometime do it on your own. 
8. Online shopping is good and once in a week do it in person. See, Touch, and smell the freshness of those stuffs. 
9. The daily mantra …be thankful and show your gratitude to known and unknowns faces. 
10.  Protect your rights, values, and ideas. 
11. Raise awareness of Goodness. And 
12. Decode Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishad. 
With this Wishing a very happy Birthday to my child and insightful year ahead!

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.” Swami Vivekananda

5 things I am thankful on this Thanksgiving

I think there could be more and I am keeping it short and five.

  1. Able to read you folks and write.
  2. I did my Thanksgiving 5K which started 5 years ago. I do weather permitting or not.
  3. I have been depending on some one to rack leaves. Today I did with 8 bags full.
  4. Reset my button by relaxing in the evening.
  5. Read newspaper about all the BlackFriday deals. I just want to make sure folks buy what they need not they want.

This Thanksgiving…

…I am thankful and thanking all my

  • Teachers
  • Handyman
  • Aircraft Pilot
  • Nutritionist
  • Keenness shown by colleagues
  • Scientist
  • Government
  • Infrastructure Professionals
  • Volunteers for CSR
  • Investment Banker
  • Network Global Partners
  • GOD.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may you have the best!


A month from now is Christmas

Today its November 25 and a month from now is a December 25 and it would be that time of the year where everything would be magical. Before we go there we are on a Thanksgiving week and it is one of the big family events for America. Let us talk about it:

  1. It’s more about Family and so we should Thank GOD first to provide us with it and also us being part of it.
  2. Food is ample when you share among the family
  3. There is always leftover.
  4. Thanksgiving has become agnostic of religion and most of us who have become part of this country have started part of this tradition.
  5. There are different ways of Thanksgiving in a different tradition and one which comes to my mind is thanking The SUN. It is called Chhaath Puja where folks doing this festival thank the sunset, and the sunrise

Once Thanksgiving is over…the very next day which is Black Friday gives the opportunity to buy lots of gifts for Christmas to share with one’s loved one. The only thing which comes to my mind…buy a gift which is meaningful for others. Buy a time for them or give time to them and to do this would be a gift card for two for a movie or a diner.


Is it warm or just me?

When you say or someone say is it warm inside the room what first things come to your mind?

Well I will wait for others. In winter we have heat on all the time and few years back I read heat creates more pollution than air conditioner. Fact aside…most of us in home will be dressed in Bermuda’s and keep heat as if we are not in Midwest but somewhere down south.

Personally, I would keep the heat down at 65F and dress like its winter. Now if I do that and others wants the temp to be 72F it sure will feel warm.

Bottom line : Dressed for the seasons