Nine Things about my Sister on her Birthday

Today is ninth December and it is my eldest sister birthday. On her birthday these are nine things about her and/or what I have learned:

  1. My mother is not strict but her daughter aka my sister is which helped in keeping all her brother in the discipline.
  2. She used to do a very good painting and she learned with dedications. After marriage, she left and focused on her higher educations in two Masters ( in Arts and Educations) and became a History Teacher for a High School. She could have been a great painting teacher as well.
  3. She speaks her mind. What is right is right the person in front of her may not like but the fact is fact.
  4. It could be her son in class or any one of the students if they do not listen…they will hear out loud from her and get punished.
  5. She does fasting and has been very regular follower once a week.
  6. Not much of a tourist or a person who would like to see places but yes once a year she cannot say No to it. After all, travel is also learning.
  7. She loves pets and her favorite is Dog and Parrot. Initially, she kept Parrot and when everyone else in the home was able to take care of the Dog. She allowed it.
  8. The only time she is not talking or speaking when watching TV and I believe that’s her me time.
  9. She wants certain things in a certain way…at home, or school – sometimes it is not easy but she does not give up easily. Make sure it happens as it benefits all.
Painting by my sister Neena




Is 7 Special?

Is 7 special? It depends who you ask. If you ask me I would say I like this no for some 7 reasons.

  1. There are 7 days in a week. I think we all would have remembered this in our kindergarten. Some of us would be confused also why we have to go only 5 days and there is no school for two days. Don’t we all love those two days – Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. There is saying in Yoga there are 7 Chakras and if you awaken all its blessing.
  3. When I came to US first time they told you are going Sath Samundar ( 7 Sea) aways.
  4. There are 7 continents in the World.
  5. There are 7 musical notes (swaras) Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni. I want to be musical and I believe who has a good voice are really blessed.
  6. They ( University studies) say we get new skin every 7 days.
  7. They ( University studies) say we get new cell every 7 years.

This 7 also brings back a memory when one of the Priests in the temple told one of the parents’…your kids listen to you and believe you till 7 years of age everything you say the reason that’s how GOD has tuned them. After that, they (may) develop logic, environment plays a role etc!

I also read some time back every 7 years we will also see a change in our Life -Karma, Faith, Believe – it is up to us to take it to the next 7 Levels.

What’s the 7 thing you are proud of or lucky of or blessed of or want to achieve? Let me make it easy…you can combine all for in the comment sections?


6 or Half a Dozen

This is a story not long ago about a question which was once asked to me from my kids. Who do you love a most was the question I was asked?

I told (then) a younger one I like you 6 and elder one …half a dozen. One did understand and one felt good hearing based on their age at that point in time, day, and year. What would you say or answer if you are asked that question? You think about it and meanwhile here is my 6 or Half a Dozen of today’s mental note:

  1. This time of the year we put lights reason the days get darker soon. Light helps people mood and keep us out from the darkness. Put lights around your house.
  2. There is some part of the body which will thank you for doing Yoga. Find out and acknowledge it.
  3. Stay away from the stress or anything which causes its. It is not your friend.
  4. Plan for all the constraints you may get. If you do not get it it is your blessing.
  5. Do not wait for Gas or Petrol to be at E. Fill it if not full at least to point it gives you the confidence you will reach your destination without straining your eyes looking at how many miles the car will go. And
  6. Slow down and come back to your breath.

Winter Running Dress Code

If you ask me what is the best therapy place and my answer along with many more will be unanimous… The Mother Nature.

I have been telling a lot of people when they ask me what are you doing in this cold weather. I said I have self-signed for a 5K run for 50 days. Today it has been the 38 days. 12 more days to go just like we say 12 days of Christmas. We will come to this point later…now for what is your winter Running Dress Code?

The simple answer is…layers and depending if the temperature is below 32F then cover the face reason the dry air may weaken the teeth.

When I showed them the photo…they were surprised as I looked more like a Running Theif or A thief who is looking for 30 minutes to be out everyday. Me – 30!

5 Runaways:

  1. Love what you do. It’s time!
  2. Make it happen by looking at your choice. It’s not an option.
  3. Pair your life and work. Me 30 minutes a Day for 30 plus days will show up the result.
  4. The Perfect word is in dictionary and then comes in real life with practice what we preach.
  5. Layers is the answer. A soft one.

In Photo after 5 K on 5th December

Show the End

Few of my colleagues were going out for lunch and I stopped them by saying there is going to be a dessert in the office. They understood that one of the teams who is having a workshop is ordering food and there is a chance there is always extra food if its Indian. I did not offer them lunch but they had lunch proper lunch along with the desserts.

Four Takeaways:

  1. Show the End.
  2. Share something which you think is going to be ample. Many of us do not eat sweet because of the current lifestyle.
  3. Share food its never going to be less.
  4. Say Thank You to who ordered enough in the same amount.

7 Daily Habits

(If ) I ask you a question what are your 7 Daily Habits? List it down privately, publically or tell me what and why this question in the first place?

I am not going to list what I have but the one I observed 7 Daily Digital Habits in my Friends, Family, or Acquaintance:

Habit 7: People are reading more on screen than on Papers. DIGITIZED.

Habit 6: People commenting more on Stock markets in general than in any particular. GENERAL COMMENTS.

Habit 5: Looking at their phone the last thing before going to bed. PHONE ADDICT

Habit 4: Do not have time for things which is critical. NO PRIORITIZATION.

Habit 3: Keep saying I used to do when I was young. PASSIONATE ABOUT PAST.

Habit 2: Not able to say NO to food. EATING FOOD or FOOD EATING US.

Habit 1: Instead of morning gratitude, the phone comes into their hand as the first thing. PHONE FIRST.

Some of us are 100% of all the above 7 Habits, some of us are 70%, some of us are 50%, some of us are 30%, some of us 10%, and some of us 0%.

Where do we stand is what we have to find us on our own?

My 2nd Year Blog Anniversary

Today 2nd December is my 2nd Year Blog Anniversary. This is a very proud moment for me for many reasons. I have learned so much from the different part of the World…their writing, their culture, their interest and at the same time they have given me – their valuable time by reading mine, meaningful comments, and encouragement.

Without you 1115 followers of my blog…my, 903 posts in the last two years would have not reached 35,000 comments.

Thank You All for making me write every day.


This story is about what I have known about him…born DECEMBER ONE – turning 11 today!

Dada and Dadi…You got the reading habit which is like your Dadaji. You can read anywhere just like your Dada. From Dadi, you got the charisma to talk to anyone and meet and make friends.

English is something I did not make you learn as our Schaumburg neighbors Mr. Patel told me to talk to you in Hindi. English you learned on his own.

Chacha- Chachi, and Cousins( both Dad and Mom sides) you want to meet more often but at the same time you want them to visit you in Chicago then you going to Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Faridabad, and Rañchi.

Every weekend either someone should visit our home or you want to visit someone’s house. Socializing is what you love.

Mama- Mami, Mausi – Mausa: You are one of their favorite and they are yours. You have been wanting them to visit you. One day all of them can come to one of the summers.

Bhindi (Okhra) ka Bhunjiya is your favorite cooked only by your Mommy.

Eleven is what you turn today. This year celebration with friends at 12 midnight was a real surprise and fun for you.

Rañchi is one place you and your younger brother know from an early age because of your parents, grandparents, and DHONI’s house is in between on the way to two grandparents house.

Observing how folks did 50 push-ups in the store helped us to win the fastest prize with the bonus.

Nana and Naniji is your favorite grandparents as they played with you when you were young and still does when you visit them.

Energy save mode by switching off the electricity, closing the tap, taking off the charger when not in use is your mantra to save the Earth for all future generations.

….this is what comes to my writing today. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my son. Seeking everyone’s blessing on your DECEMBER ONE!

_ _ _ember

Fill up the blanks _ _ _ember?

For me, it is Y E S E M B E R. What is yours? Today the month N O V E M B E R is ending. Here is what I have already shared with you and you all cheered to it.

  • Yard work is done…all Fall leaves racked and put in the curb to be vacuumed by the city.
  • Enjoyed the festivity – Diwali, Chaath Puja, and Thanksgiving.
  • Shopping where I did 50 push-ups and so did my son. I got 50 dollars and the manager topped it with another 50. The fastest money earned in 50 seconds.
  • Engaged in a meaningful conversation with people on their me time by showing them what and how I am accomplishing it.
  • Meditate more and often. Its magical to self-talk.
  • Bought a mattress based on the review and it is being liked. What are good people will write from their heart? Right!
  • Electrify people with a smile. That’s my mantra.
  • Run 5 K for 50 days. Today was the 33rd day and so far I get 35 minutes rain, snow, or shine. I have paid to run indoor in the track and also found free where City allows the resident certain time of the day. Where is there is a run there is a track.

31 days to 2018. What one thing you would like to do it?

Cultivate Present

There were few new words I heard today in the Yoga Class and one of them was Cultivate Present. This kept me thinking every time I was diverting from the Present. Not my words the mind likes to be in the past or the future.

When it comes to knowing we all know the ‘What’ part and ‘How’ part is unknown or not known fully.  There are three ways to How is:

  1. Park your thoughts.
  2. Pay attention to your breath
  3. And breath

Are you cultivating present?