Proud Moment

One of my colleague who I have worked for or worked with was in our main office. We exchanged our Hi, Smiles, and What’s going on in general. Once this was over I was asked,” Can you guide me what to do as I am running my first 5K?”

I write more about run than I actually run. Run is my hobby but it seems it has become my identity.

Well before I answer colleague question and I had to start with another set of rapid questions…

  1. Are you active or some kind of movement? ( The answer did not seem very positive)
  2. What kind of sports did you play in your schools? ( The sports I did not like playing then)
  3. Do you feed your mind with nutritional food or calories food? ( Calories Food)
  4. Do you sleep enough or as recommended? ( Blame the global worktime)
  5. Do you meditate or you think the worst side of doing meditation in the evening is loosing your 15 minutes of sitcom time. ( No)

Here is my final answer and I did say if I would be you …I would do all the above five and following 5 things for my first 5K.

  1. Register for 5K and announce about it.
  2. Buy nice running shoes, Dry Fit (shorts, T-Shirt, and Cap).
  3. Follow eight weeks of training( 3 days of running, 1 day of cross-training, 1 day of Yoga or stretch, 1 day of rest)
  4. Eat 40% of Protein, 40% of Carbs and 20% of Fat in each three meal of the day.
  5. On the race day…run with confidence and touch the finish line happy and healthy.

Bonus Point: Take a photo with a medal and post in the Social Media.


The 1400 Foot View

4 things for 14th October and it’s a 1400-foot view and I am going to research more and write about it coming days or a month. If you have any input please feel to share:

  1. How to make Life efficient?. Life is like a boat in the sea. They say ,”You steer the boat when necessary and let the wind and waves do most of the work”.
  2. Why change? Put time and effort to understand more and it will help you motivating in change.
  3. What brain requires more…nutrition or calories? They say if you give nutrition to your brain it won’t search for calories. Eat more brain food.
  4. What is the side effects of Meditations in the evening? You will miss 15 minutes of sitcom serial on the TV.

What I am doing or going to do:

  • Research, Read and Recapture.
  • Write,  Review, and Rewrite.
  • Publish, Share, and Incorporate

What else should I do?

Outside Temperature 39

Today is the first day for us to have Heater On nearly after six months. We did not have so many A/C days as you all know I live in Chicago. The money saved during those months from A/C will be used to pay the Heat bills for all Fallinter ( Fall and Winter).

The things which surprised me today not the Heat or Cold morning but when some of them asked me:

  1. Did you run the Chicago Marathon? Did you really?
  2. Do you write every day…what do you write every day?
  3. Why would people buy an air space between two buildings? Well, this did not surprise me the reason I have read about it a long time. Let me write about it…for example, there is a land for three buildings – A, B, and C. Yours is B. Building A and Building C is 10 floors each. You pay 1 M to each of A and C not to build beyond 10th floor and it is yours. You also can not build anything on top of A and C. You start building B to 100 floors and people after 10th floor pay you, a premium as they have open space or view. That’s how you make more money.

Now to point no. 1 and 2. Why did people ask me may be:

  • I do not look runodynamics( well I made up this word)… a runner like body. I am still working on it or they think for themselves that’s impossible for them to run 26.2 miles. Hence the question!
  • What can one write every day? There has to be a topic which would be an engaging enough for readers to come and read. Some day I go with an observation, interpret it, and write in my own way.

Final question for you: What inspires you to do like writing or singing?

R = 3R

Before I go anywhere or take you I want you to answer two questions:

  1. What do you first thing in the morning?
  2. What do you do the last thing in the night?

Well, for me the first thing after doing all my daily task would be the first R and its Run. The last thing I do is write in the WordPress. Now, it is your turn.

This morning the very first runs after the Chicago Marathon on Thursday morning of October 11 at 43F…feeling Recovered, Revamped, and Refreshed – the magic of one R leads to 3R’s.

Hence, R = 3R

10 out of 10

10 days in October or OCTOBER TEN and it’s been full of:

  1. Opportunity to learn especially from people who have experienced it before by reading their books.
  2. Communicate with people when they are ready to listen or by making them ready first.
  3. Tennis with Kids who are learning this year. One day hoping they love this sports as this can be played and enjoyed lifelong.
  4. Office Yoga, Stretch, and Chair Massage are benefiting a lot of colleagues. This should be made mandatory or our sedentary life would make life more difficult.
  5. Billionaire list is out and the no 1 in the list has started from scratch. Don’t you ever have the excuse that your parents or grandparents did not give or leave any money to you?
  6. Economics of time and happiness is in our hand. Don’t let it slip?
  7. Run a mile or two it will clear your thoughts.
  8. Talent is born or made. If you are not born then make one!
  9. Eat right and it will magically help in over wellness.
  10. Nature is the best therapy and Fall/Autumns is the right seasons. Make time to walk in the afternoon.

5 of Ten Nine Eighteen

Few 5 things on 10.09.18

  1. Today the new thing I learned about a problem… if the company has a creative solution-they are called Genius Company. Create one!
  2. Book reading stimulates creativity in an individual. Read on!
  3. Your Heart muscles are the most worked. Listen to it!
  4. Weight Loss is one thing but overall Wellness counts. Be Well!
  5. Words are important, make it a meaningful sentence using them. Learn more!

fall is here.jpg



This Marathon for me a Successful Failure

The 26.2 miles is a long mile in any day of running and the way I personally run by splitting into 4 groups…5K, Half Marathon, 20 Mile, and The Finish Line.

I am calling it a successful failure reason there was a slow down split introduced because of my legs muscle got into a locked mode and then I missed a Biogen Freeze station thinking there would be a next one and there was none. As they say, fill your gas before its half empty and I kind of missed the boat and a very slow down period took a toll on me for overall time but the last two miles I talked to my mind this is it we ( mind and body) got to run and improved on my overall pace. The self-talk did help.

Below is break up as they say to improve on for the next time beyond passion one requires DIKW. ( Data –>Information –>Knowledge –>Wisdom):

  1. If its only 5K its a different story but on a long run covering in less than 30 minutes is good.[min/mile- 9:37]. My PR 24:03 for O’HARE runway!
  2. Similarly 13.2 Miles aka Half Marathon in 2 Hour and 15 minutes I will give a pat on my back [min/mile-11:41]. My PR 2:04:00 for Naperville HM.
  3. This 20 miles took over all longer by 25 minutes and completed in 4 Hours [min/mile: 14.36]My PR 3:50:00 for a Training for 20milers.
  4. Between 20 and 24 miles a very Slow down Period. I was running unlike walking but running was slower than walk. [min/mile-18:10 ]
  5. The last mile plus I picked up the pace and touched the Finished Line in 5Hours and 40minutes and the pace was just better than the break I had earlier in the point no 4. [min/mile-15:07] My PR: 4:44:04 for a Naperville Marathon.

Before I share my three takeaways…few remarks from the fellow runners, volunteer, stretcher, and family members:

  • Fellow Runner, “Touching the Finish Line happy and healthy is more important”
  • A Volunteer, “I want to run next year like you and spend on track rather than standing here”.
  • I don’t know about hours but what you accomplished I would not able to run. ( A stretcher from CARA VIP)
  • My Dad, “Five hours plus is a lot of time. Do your analysis from this Marathon and more important keep your passion for running and try to touch the Finish Line like your previous Marathons under 5 or even better”
  • It seems you made it like a Yoga Marathon. You really slowed down this time. ( My Wife)
  • It was one of your worst Marathon. Make it the last one in this category. ( My Elder son)
  • My Younger son, “Love you for touching the Finishing Line”.

Now the three takeaways from my successful failure Chicago Marathon of 7 October 2018:

  1. Movement and Muscles which helps is the key. Work on it.
  2. Fuel and Food which retains in the body for a longer duration is key. Find out what will provide the push after 20 Miles.
  3. Restoration of not only Mind, Body, and Spirit…also Faith – Yes I can touch the Finish Line.

see you






They observe

Today in the Parent Teacher meeting while waiting for our turn I saw this drawing and its about:

Fall is here! I look out my window and what do I see!
I see my Dad racking leaves.

I really loved this poster which Aryash made and was hanged in front of their classroom which reflects they observe our actions may not some time our words.

Final Thoughts: Be parents with an example as they are observing you!