It made me think…

…. once upon a time we inherited steps and did not count much as we were always in the move- now they say below 5000 steps is a Sedentary lifestyle.

Is steps a new currency?

The short answer in today’s world is: Yes.

How rich you are depending on your new currency?

A. 5001 to 7500: Low

B. 7502 to 10,000: Above Low

C. 10,001 to 12,000: Rich

D: 12,001+: Super Rich.

It is now up to us how rich we want to be…are you ready – 2020 is!


Roads to 2020

Most of us in America travel or love to travel by road as we have much freedom to load as much our vehicles can have and we can stop and start based on our choice.

Talking of choice what are some of the things you mapped for 2020. Let’s talk about the universal Roads to 2020.

  1. Every one of us deserve good nutritional food. Help those who don’t have it.
  2. Every one of us deserve good sanitation. Help those who don’t have it.
  3. Every one of us should have lights at night. Help those who don’t have it.
  4. Every one of us should have clothes. Help those who don’t have it.
  5. Every one of us should have ceilings in the night aka a place to stay which one call home. Help those who don’t have it.
  6. Every one of us deserve basic education. Help those who don’t have it.
  7. Our global Forest Management system in place. One country should help others to grow green.
  8. The waterbody is connected. Preserving should be everyone’s responsibility.
  9. There should be more people in the commonplace. The TV which came in 1965 kind of made folks not moving out from their home in the evening.
  10. Nowadays countries are going digital. We should have a balance between digital and analog.
  11. Do things keeping family in mind.
  12. Explore the World. We have more here than going to Space.
  13. Cut on food that has shelf-life/freezer life of 7 years. Fresh is our friend.
  14. Drink from your glass and cups.
  15. We should have more maintenance jobs or companies to work on broken things rather replacing it.
  16. Things should pass from one generation to another.
  17. Stay connected a real one… not 24/7.
  18. Life is not a race. Slow down!
  19. Motivate each other.
  20. Forget what you just read. Create your own Roads to 2020 and if not you make 1 or multiple or all choice from 2020.

What’s your Road to 2020?

31 out of 31

2019 has been a year that I want to sum up in 31 and here is why?

  1. Vacation is key and it shows you how much there is to see in this World. Take more!
  2. Your parents or parent need you in their old age as much you needed them at your younger age. Find the time as their time may be limited. No one knows whose time is when but as we age it seems there is a logical end in the aging parent(s). Spend some quality time with them.
  3. Festival reminds us life is colorful.
  4. As we age we forget to smile. I think we forget to smile so we age.
  5. Keep trying if have not got something in the first place. Be prepared and opportunity will knock upon you.
  6. Taking challenges individually is good and if you make more people part of it. It has more recognizations. Plank challenge of 30 days taught me!
  7. Upgrade of self or home is important. Take professional help for example for basement flooring I took help and the outcome is much better.
  8. Some books you need to read more than one time. Some time read at different times or places and see if you are getting deeper in comprehending what the writer is trying to tell us.
  9. Strength exercise is very important. Keep doing it.
  10. They say if you can manage your all eating in 10 hours and 14 hours of no eating. It will reflect on you and your body in a very positive way.
  11. If your thoughts and words are aligned when you speak you would be best!
  12. Eat right we all know and still forget, so keep reminding yourself.
  13. Fruits and Vegetables are equally important.
  14. Grow some of no 13 in your backyard or rent a place.
  15. Chose a word for 40 days and work on or upon it. For example Passion. Be passionate about what you do for those 40 days and it will become your habit.
  16. There is power in shutting off our mind and its called meditations. Do it!
  17. Don’t filter people with their power or rank and you will speak the truth.
  18. Respect everyone.
  19. Shut down the noise.
  20. Listen to music. They say in Chinese they spell both music and medicine in a very similar way.
  21. Learning mind age slowly. I am working on it the learning part.
  22. Find out how things were done when we did not have so much of amenity.
  23. We have damage more to our mother earth in the Industrial age than in billions of years. Reuse not all is recycled.
  24. Move and move more. Head is for the past and legs and hands are for the future.
  25. Transplant which we get done in our body has a life span of 20 years.
  26. Get the second opinion. Expert is a relative word.
  27. There are some vegetables which grow in winter too. The land you have can be utilized all year round. Garlic, Onion, Lettuce are for winter.
  28. There is no makeup to the sleep we lose. Sleep well every day!
  29. Think your me-time as four legs of the chair. The first one is to move (exercise), the second one is to meditate/yoga, the third one is to diet (energy), and the forth was massage/sleep. If any of the legs is misaligned the chair becomes wobbly.
  30. Manage your budget, investment, interest, family, hobby!
  31. If things are not happening write it down in a piece of paper. Thank GOD for every time for everything and ask for directions. Prayer has power.

17.38 on 29

Today the temperature was winter perfect.

I had no run planned then the weather was so welcoming I did not want to miss it.

After doing my morning work went out for a quick run. The miles timing was improving as I get closer to the end. A thought came why stop after 4 miles.

If I would have run I would have not accomplished much so came home and took my bicycle. The initial plan was to do another 5 miles. When I completed I thought I can do much more and that turned out to be 13.18.

I dedicate these miles totally to the weather perfect!

29 things to do with passions

If you do the following 29 things with passions it would never look different and you will enjoy it. What are you thinking…think later – next time you do, do it with joy there will be no extra effort!

  1. Make your bed first thing in the morning. When you go to bed at night it is very welcoming.
  2. Drink Hot Water with Lemon. You get Vitamin C and cleansing as well.
  3. Get some exercise. 15 or 30 or 45 or 60 minutes whichever suits you.
  4. Take a bath! Cold or Hot or Try alternative!!
  5. Thank the ALMIGHTY for today and so far and ask for the directions.
  6. Eat fruit first in the breakfast.
  7. Eat breakfast. In Morning Yogurt helps.
  8. Drink your black coffee or tea. If it is an Indian tea make sure it has ginger in it.
  9. Write down what do you want to get accomplished for the day. Either mental or in a piece of paper or digital. Whatever suits you and where you can go and cross-reference it.
  10. Over the phone talking to someone be very welcoming. This should be natural even if you are upset.
  11. Keep sipping water.
  12. At Lunch make sure you have Fat, Carbs, and Protein. I learned recently we have to take protein daily as the body does not retain, unlike Fat or Carbs.
  13. Get back to work!
  14. At 3:00 PM drink black Coffee.
  15. Take some dark chocolate along with no 14.  They say the cocoa in dark chocolate kills the bad bacteria in your mouth.
  16. In the evening while going home if time permits and stores on your way do pick some groceries.
  17. Weather permits play with you kids and family
  18. If point no 17 is not possible to do some board game or TV watching.
  19. This one meal with the family on a weekday is very important and it called Dinner.
  20. The dishes should be cleaned or put in the dishwasher. You want to see cleanness in the morning.
  21. The dining table should be also cleaned.
  22. The bottom line after dinner the family room and kitchen should be all cleaned and in place.
  23. Drink hot milk with a pinch of turmeric. For those allergic to milk, this is not advisable.
  24. Take some books to read before going to bed.
  25. Put your smartphones into Do not disturb mode.
  26. Talk to yourself how you did the day go physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.
  27. Thank the Almighty for everything. Gratitude is everything.
  28. See what you want the next day to be.
  29. Remember to be Passionate.

What do you think? Does the list has everything or is there something missing you would like to add?




28 Sports/ Games for some life long

Q: What’s your favorite sports/game?

Mine the short answer: Tennis.

Q: What 28 sports/games we can play and some for life long?

28 Long Answer is as follows:

  1. Chess. A very strategic one
  2. Carrom. The best you can play with four
  3. Cards. This a classic one and there is so many permutation and combinations.
  4. Cricket. This is very popular in the rest of the World.
  5. Badminton. Both Indoor and Outdoor
  6. Basketball.
  7. Baseball
  8. Rugby. Not in the US
  9. Soccer and some call it Football
  10. Football…You can watch for life long.
  11. Board Games
  12. Dance Games
  13. Musical Chair
  14. Quizzical
  15. Ping Pong
  16. Gymnastic
  17. Frisbee
  18. Throwball
  19. Swimming
  20. Hockey
  21. Skating – Roller and Ice
  22. I Spy
  23. Gilli Danda a typical India Game
  24. Volleyball
  25. Horse Racing
  26. Wrestling
  27. Bicycle, Running, Walking
  28. Fishing

I want to end this…George Bernard Shaw Quotes – We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Let’s make the right choice to grow old or start playing more!





27 Compliments

Do you remember how many compliments you have got or you have given to others? Well, I know the number twenty-seven looks higher side but here is my list which I have received.

  1. You are tall
  2. Your wardrobe has good collections
  3. You eat well
  4. Your neighborhood is very green
  5. You travel light
  6. You bring youth ness in others
  7. You sing nice.
  8. Your energy level is high
  9. Your viewpoint is good.
  10. Your ear is big
  11. You are a nice person
  12. You are a good listener
  13. You are optimistic
  14. You were an obedient student
  15. You are kind
  16. You are self-confident.
  17. You are cool
  18. You are optimistic
  19. You are motivating
  20. You are peaceful
  21. You are loveable
  22. You are interesting
  23. You are magnanimous
  24. You are empathic
  25. You are a nature lover
  26. You are a teacher
  27. You are a very social person

That’s my 27 on 27. What’s the best compliment you have heard and given? Thank you in advance for sharing.



26 reasons to love your life

There could be many…for today that is on 26th December – let’s go with those 26 reasons to love your life. Are you ready?  I see a pause in you… the reason the number seems to be on a higher side. If someone asks us spontaneously… we could go into a thought mode and answer just a few. Well, that’s the power of writing, it gets registered.

  1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. This is the name of the Hindi Bollywood Movie made in 2011. If you translate the name in English its, “You won’t get a second chance in life”. So, we got to love our life.
  2. Youth is the most important part of our life and it seems to come late and goes pretty fast. The good thing is you can maintain your youth-ness all life long. Remember to do what you did then in the prime time for the rest of your life.
  3. X-Ray helps us to see us inside.
  4. Wonders of World made my our ancestor to see and they are The Great Wall of China (China) 700 BCE. Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro) 1931 CE.Machu Picchu (Peru) 1450 CE.Chichen Itza (Mexico) 600 CE. The Roman Colosseum (Rome) 80 CE.Taj Mahal (Agra, India) 1643 CE.Petra (Jordan) 312 BCE.Great Pyramid of Giza ( Egypt) 2560 BCE.
  5. Vacations…we all have it from the day we start school to work.  Plan it well to do the no 3 on the list.
  6. Unique, we are… believe it or not!
  7. Time…is the same for Thin or Thick – Twenty Fours Hour a day.  How we manage is up to us?
  8. Social, we are born and now the ask is to be more in this electronics age!
  9. Read, we are the only ones who can do it.
  10. Question…we do not have to know all but just ask the right question!
  11. Play, outdoor physical sports or play instruments.
  12. Old age is a gift. Keep this in mind and you will always be no 2. See for yourself no 2.
  13. Near or Far we are all connected.
  14. Music which we have for us really makes things magical.
  15. Laugh, they say its a medicine. Laugh more!
  16. Kiss, more it burns calories.
  17. Jokes, a good one gives us good no 15.
  18. Imagination…it takes us from one place to another.
  19. Home, there is no place like it.
  20. Genius, we have our own way to measure it and its called IQ. We need to master the other 3 as well  EQ( Emotional Quotient), CQ (Creative Quotient), and AQ( Adverse Quotient).
  21. Faith, Have!
  22. Eat, Exercise, Enjoy!
  23. Dance, they say as if no one is watching you. I want to add you need to practice as well. Do it once a week.  See point no 14.
  24. Creative Quotient. Increase it!
  25. Beautiful, yes we all are!  See Point no 6.
  26. Age is just a number we all keep hearing and as a matter of fact, at any age, our energy is going to keep us agnostic of age.

That’s all my 26 reasons to love myself! What’s your yes those 26?