9 [Questions on ]11

Today is about you so please read on and share your answer for all or one for whatever time permits. I will answer only question no. 9.

1. Where were you on 11th September in 2001? 

2. What memories you have from that day or moment when you heard or saw the news?

3. What part of you on shock or not able to believe in the first place?

4. When any flights you saw in the air that day what was your thought?

5. Where you glued to the news if yes which one?

6. Did you get an email or phone call or text to check up on or did you make phone calls?

7. Did someone help you during a tough time if any you encountered or did you help someone in those difficult times?

 8. How these tragedies can be avoided? 

9. Why you can’t forget this day? I lost my friend.  

2 and 3 Takeaways

The 2 takeaways from 10 points write up that a daughter learned from her mother who is retiring after 39 years from a very promising career in India. 
1. Plan you Day and Meal:  Always plan your day, week, month, or year. Also, plan your next meal as well.  The right kind of meal will enable the formal.

 2. Professional and Personal Life is Connected: You can not ignore it over others. They compliment each other. 

The 3 takeaways from my 10K  Jitiya Vrat run. 
1. It was cold in the morning and raining forecast from early evening. I wanted to do run and dedicate as my Mother used to do Jitiya Vrat for all of us siblings. Jitiya Vrat, is a significant fasting day in the Hindu religion in which mothers observe Nirjala vrat throughout the day and night for the well-being of their children. I am sure she has done enough for us for our lifetime.

 2. If you missing a smile go for a mile or six you will always have people smile with you.  3. If you got an hour do it 5 minutes less so that you have time to reciprocate.

9 Things I made aware of

9. To make one pair of Jeans it takes 1500 gallons of water. Have less and save more on water.

 8. One of the bloggers wants to quit writing reason there are not enough likes or comments. My advice writes even if one person reads and has takeaways…its a success – I am going to read all mine later part of my life. 

7. The iGen have 11 hours of exposure to electronics. It means close to 50% of the day goes in some form of watching, reading, buying, selling, commenting, liking, etc of one’s life. Have the power to say No to your device and the easiest Rx is going for a run.

6. Appreciate folks who appreciate others without any filter. What good goes comes back to you!

5. Don’t use any apps to enhance to filter to one’s selfie. The mirror is your critic, not the selfie. 

4. Don’t judge by the likes or comments. You should be content from inside out. 

3. Algorithms in social media polarization of views more so of negativity than positivity.

Research if you want to know more. 

2. Let people introduce themselves and you would probably know more about them. 

1. There are some sites which makes jeans which just take 10 gallons of water. Go and buy it from them! 

That’s my 9 out of 9!

Run with Asha’s song on her 87th Birthday

I went running today evening as it was raining all morning and I wanted to listen to these three songs of Asha Bhosle, an Indian Singer who is celebrating her 87 years today (8th September 2020). I came to know about her Birthday when my Dad told me she was invited for an interview in Business India to talk about her active lifestyle. She mentioned what keep her going is a). still, practice singing and b). her second hobby of cooking has let her into a restaurant business as well. She suggested to eat right not very hot or very cold. 

To pay tribute to the living legend in this gloomy weather out here and to lift the mood up or otherwise, I would have chosen these songs not in any particular order. 

1. Dum Maro Dum ~ Hare Krishna Hare Ram (6:20)
2.Don – Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Deewana Deewana Deewana Pyar Ka – Asha Bhonsle (4:06) 
3. Piya Tu Ab To Aaja Helen Caravan Asha Bhosle R D Burman (5:29) 

Which one song comes to you when you think of Asha Bhosle? 

Labor Day Weekend

This used to be one of the weekends where people would travel before the Fall Starts and a sign of the end of summer. This year every one of us either did stay cations or traveled by car to nearby locations. 
For Folks from the USA…what did you do? 
For this year my note to self this Labor Day would be the saying from Lebanon, ” If the camel saw his hump, he would fall and break his neck. ( Focusing on your own imperfection can keep you from chasing your potentials) 
For us, it revolved more locally be it a backyard, biking, basketball or running, reading, and relaxing! 

Every day has something today is

1. When someone says everything is alright maybe things may not be…they would be just avoiding it but then you so should not shy away from asking – you may have to find out the detail. That is your intelligence. Put the ego ahead and spend real time. 
2. You don’t walk away from the problem…you have to look for solutions – if you don’t know, please ask for help. Put your ego away. 
3. Listen from the person and you will learn from them. If they are telling you they would have not done that it does not you will be doing exactly like them. Keep your reason and put your ego away. 
4. Dance with your thoughts and let the positive come in and negative go away. 
5. Challenge your self. For example, today things which I used to do in two parts I tried to do at 1 and I was successful. Push yourself! 
6. Find the right ground. Level up things 

What was for you today?

Happy Teachers Day and It does Feel Like a Teachers Day Everyday!

For those who want to know why we celebrate Teachers Day on 5th September…to mark the birthday of the country’s former President, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna awardee – Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on this day in 1888. 

For me, I wanted to reflect on Teachers and on Teachers Day. It feels like Teacher’s Day Everyday and this is what comes after my  10 K run and here it comes:

1. On Teacher: They are like Sun and makes us like looks brighter.

2. On Parents: They are the first teacher and we keep learning from them. I still remember how my Dad taught me to read aloud early in very early age and he also taught me how to reverse the car reason when I was 17 years old and the reason he said everyone can drive front. My mother believed in the value which we get by doing things. The value is the dividend which we keep with ourselves. 

3. On Siblings: They shape our future by being there always and giving an indicator of what should be done from time to time. 

4. On Friends: I am so grateful to them from Kindergarten till now – they bring a plethora of blessings.

5. On Books: They help date anyone’s brain without being with them. 

6. On Travel: Places teach us without opening the book. 

7. On Exercise: What book is to your mind exercise is to your body.

 8: On Food: The right food may not taste good but they enable you.

 9. On Marriage:  We learn when we get married from our spouse and each others in real-time reason there is no manual. 

10: On Kids: They make you Parent(s) when they are born and then you learn so many things from them. 

Happy Teachers Day and It does Feel Like a Teachers Day Everyday! 

FB set a goal for my morning run and here is how?

Some Fridays’ I may run or may not and today when I looked at the FB On This Day I was surprised again by my 5 K of last year which stated 26 minutes and 01 second(26:01). The best I have done in O’Hare Airport 5 K runway in 2017 is 24:03 on a flat surface with a village of people and those folks created a liveliness just like a flight which requires momentum to fly and in my case for my Personal Best so far. 

Today when I started I did have good 15 minutes of warm-up exercise which I thought would be necessary to meet or beat the last year’s record. 

The thought which I ran with is actually empty or promise to self to make it devoid if something pops-up.

My secondary goal to reach the primary one could be only possible to  Focus on 1. Good Form Running (GFR) 2. Breath 3. Pacing 4. Acknowledge any or if pain area 5. Listen to point no 4 and rectify it. and 6. Be able to share on Runner Group, Blog, and Facebook to remind me again next year. 

In essence, write your own success or failure or observations story it may inspire others now and you in the coming years. 

By numbers: My running 3.1 miles, 25.07, and Pace 8:04

5 Miles in 2018 and 2020…Speed and Scenario Different

When I looked at my end part of the run I felt happy with the result reason on the same day in 2018 it took me close to 9 minutes long to run the same distance.

Well, we all know every run is different and so I tried to get into the detail. Thank GOD I wrote about it that day just like I am writing today. The note from then say I made time to run as the day was busy with an event we attended, I also fasted a day before, and I made time to run in the evening for the time I had, and then it rained. 

Most of the time we just read the headlines and makes our assumptions. The story I am trying to say is going into detail always provide you the right answer.

I picked up 5 topics to go through during my run! 1. What should be content in my Thursday LinkedIn to mark my presence digitally I am present! 2. How I am going to run my day in terms of prioritizing?3. Thinking on investment as a faith vs will power. 4. How to seize today’s nice weather with kids playing basketball, walking, and bicycling?5. Eat right brain food! 

At the time of writing this after dinner…I would say my grade would be 8:55 out of 10 – the lower it is the better! 

How’s your Thursday?

Running with 3 Frame of Mind

Frame 1: Have you encountered I am sure you have…people turn left or right without giving indicators in their vehicles- it’s not they do not know where there are going to turn may be some time they do not or sometimes they rely on GPS or it could be just their habit.

Now over to you, what would you tell about that person or describe in one sentence and why?

I would say they only look forward and do not know what is coming to them or rather care. They would be full of themselves and unpredictable.

Frame 2: If you miss an opportunity like Zoom Share/Stocks which had grown 500% in the last one year more in 6 months because of the lockdown. What will you do…not to miss another one? Will you buy a Zoom at the current price or you will venture to find what would be next boom in a zoom like?

This one would be it depends. If you got and looking for a short term ride yes hop into zoom and if you do not have enough to invest you will find and do your studies.

Frame 3: Would focus on strengthening your strength or work on weakness?

It’s good to know and identify what one’s weakness but then it’s not giving you the outcome then I would say strengthen your strength.

What’s your school of thought?