Then and Now

Once upon in a biology class, Simi’s teacher asked her class what are the five main organs out of 12 in a human being?
She was the one who answered it all correct and this came as a visceral memory as if all the organs took her to the past – today the same question her daughter answered the final question in one of school Quiz Show and got the medal. Truly, a proud past and present for both a Mom and Daughter.

The supplement question was for her from one of the Guru sitting next to the Quiz Master.
This priceless question for Simi goes like:
Q: How do you stop being visceral reactionary?
A: By feeding our five organs right and she added here is how

  • Brain: Read and Write!
  • Heart: Love all!
  • Lungs: Breath right!
  • Livers: If you then drink moderately!
  • Kidneys: Drink a good amount of water!

Everyone clapped as some of them were leaving with a fresh knowledge, some refreshed, and some did learn!

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