Lincoln Town car

Q: What was the most touching moment on November 3,2015?

A: When we saw our front neighbor driving his first Lincoln Town Car to Tow truck to donate it to the charity. He was full of emotions, smiles, and happy when he captured the last glimpse of his 20 plus years of his loyal car.

What does it teach me?

  1. Love your possession and even if you have to donate it …the care you have taken will give long-term benefits to other.
  2. Others will keep talking about your gift for many years.
  3. Years after year people will bless you for the action.
  4. An action is long lasting.
  5. Long lasting should be the mantra.

8 thoughts on “Lincoln Town car

  1. You always have a way of finding the simplest things that are so wonderful for the human spirit. Today this translates to me…. Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. The smiles will perpetuate for a lot longer then the life of that Lincoln. 😇

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