Mark and Peter

The story of two friends who were born and brought up in the mountain surrounded by the plateaus. A very picturesque place, rough terrain, valley and hill. This kind of landscape can teach, prepare, and provide a lesson to self which one can utilize to be on the summit of a Precipice called Life.

Mark and Peter had same educations and learning but one used the right tool and is heading a corporate World and the company has been rated as the no.1 place to work.

Here is their word story in Q & A and if you connect from the bottom to top, it’s PRECIPICE.

Q: What comes to your mind if you hear the alphabet (WCTYMIYHTA) E?
Mark: Energy – It’s one of the core things to have for being physical, mentally, and emotionally strong and be prepared.
Peter: Elixir – I am looking for elixir in a bottle for guaranteed success.

Mark: Collaboration – To co-create you have to collaborate with self ( body, mind, and intellectual aka BMI should be aligned) and others.
Peter: Chance – There is a shortcut like buying a lottery ticket and becoming a quick rich.

Mark: Integrity – It’s like even if no one is with you, keep working on your dream.
Peter: Ignore – Refuse to listen to those questions which needed immediate attentions. By ignoring mole it became the mountain and thus difficult to do anything about it.

Mark: Plan – Plan ahead, plan often, and plan.
Peter: Pull – Withdraw was something the second nature of Peter.

Mark: Improvise- Plan ahead, plan often, and plan.
Peter: Immature – Withdraw was something the second nature of Peter.


Mark: Champion- Help the cause so it becomes from good to better to best.
Peter: Complain- If you do it more often it becomes your second nature.


Mark: Empower – Enables other and they give you a buoyant force to push you up.
Peter: Errant- Staying away from the course of action and always getting diverted.


Mark: Risk Taker – Always trying new things and getting awarded.
Peter: Repetitive – Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. That does not happen.


Peace – After all day work, if I get a peaceful sleep, is what all counts said Mark. 

Procrastinate – With so many things to do and a phone in hand loaded with so many apps and notifications keeps Peter busy…in his own small world. 

This examination paper was found in the recycle center and caught an attention of a writer to publish an article about Mark and Peter – one is on the top of the precipice of a corporate world and other no need to repeat.

Mark is the founder of the company which keeps Rest of the World Busy for socializing including Peter.


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