Blame The Society 

Basanti had a very good life and she was content with the life except for one day when there was none except her.

Everyone started taking advantage of her in many ways and then she stood for herself.

Basanti trained herself and made a team called Pink Basanti where all members where the girls and women who were deprived of their rights.

They occupied a Fort and started running their own private government. They used to loot rich and help poor. They really created a havoc everywhere, for example, it became a famous dialogue for Dad and it goes like – When kids used to not give up their digital device, father used to say keep it down or else Basanti will come.

Many innocent people were killed in the name of Basanti Pink even though no one did from their gang. This created a bad vibe for the Basanti Pink.

After many years of the lookout, the chief of Basanti Pink was caught and brought to the Court.

The judge ordered a death sentence for her but she asked for time so that she can complete her story, ” Blame the Society”. Judge was impressed by her appeal and granted her a time of 9 months and Mac.

At the end of 9 months – “Blame the Society” was published and became instant hit and the best seller in the Chambal Ki Publication.

Every reader of the book appealed to the Judge to take the decision back and grant freedom to Basanti. A biopic movie was made and that was a super hit for one of the longest time.

Power of Pen or keyboard in Basanti ‘s new world proved better than the sword in  the society.

Basanti is back on track and has a new family life and is part of real government.

Once a notorious is not always a notorious. Every one deserves a second chance.


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