5 things from Icecream Social

Today we had two ice-cream social and following things I learned – of course, I had to come early to be part of the both event.

5. Summer is the most beautiful time in Midwest for people to be out – it does elevate one’s mood.

4. Ice cream does have few good things for our body – Calcium, Potassium, and Energy.

3. Good time to meet fellow parents to know what their plans for the 78 days when school closes.

2. There are summer programs in school which they promote today – like parent volunteering, watering plants and grass during summer time.

1. In this digital world – the phone does come handy to update the ice-cream social to social media.

Now, something I heard from kids, and kids young at heart…are as follows:

  • It’s cool to be nice. 
  • You need to Practice More
  • Connect with Teacher and Thank them
  • One thing is common in my house – every one loves Florida and hence we go 7 times in an year and every time it’s different experience.  




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