Monday the thirteenth

Monday and the thirteenth sounds interesting isn’t it. Today,

  1. I dared to run in below zero or 30 F. The path was slippery still managed 1.21 Miles.
  2. The village shut down our water…hence has to get lunch from outside. We all ate in one lunch special chicken biryani.
  3. Got an upgraded rental car.
  4. Got an upgraded accommodations.
  5. Someone mentioned life is not challenging at work. I told practice for Marathon. The person mentioned not bad…I like it.
  6. The person in front of me with three kids with lots of item and coupons. I had no problem but everyone else. I requested for them to open a new line.
  7. Too much traffic. I enjoyed my time in the rental upgrade.
  8. I ordered breakfast menu at dinner time. Eat light. Not bad.
  9. I tipped 20% and it was appreciated.
  10. I told kids to pick their dress from the chest. They liked it.
  11. I heard on the radio in one of the channels…GOD loves all!
  12. Instead of coffee, I took smoothie for a change.
  13. Utilized few minutes of Yoga, Plank, and Push-ups.

All you have to do is ask for it. If you don’t ask it is sure you would not get it…even if you ask – you may or may not get it. At least you tried is the satisfaction you will get.


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