Long time ago

LONG TIME AGO MY GRANDMA told me about Food and two of which comes to my writing are:
1. Always appreciate the maker of the food and if it’s served hot it’s like win-win situations. I would say in the US both are a luxury. Maybe in some part of the World too as we are getting more preoccupied with many other things which are taking the essence from our life.
2. If you workout or come from work the food tastes a lot better and one understands the value of it lot better. Not all of us are blessed to have a food on our plate.
3. If you pray while cooking or serving the food not only become soulful but also a flavorful. Remember the mantra of food is to enable the person. Try for yourself.

There were few items which I still remember she used to make in festivals and otherwise had a unique taste which is now in memory only…hence I say to people enjoy the flavor and be full of it.

There were three festive she used to always make special food and they were a. Holi ( Festival of Colors). b. Diwali ( Festival of Lights), and c. Chhat Puja( This one is Thanking Sun for providing all the energy on earth which helps in getting our food from the mother earth).




7 thoughts on “Long time ago

  1. Amazing on many levels. From my ancestors- if you are the one who prepares the meal you must think of strength, speak only good thoughts, and wish great things for those who consume the meal. Every time I cook I try my best to remember this. If I cook and think sad angry thoughts those who eat my food become sad and unhappy. Have you every ate a meal and instantly felt something/ either sad, tired, happy, angry after?

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